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Drive Proactive Candidate Sourcing

  • Automatically source the candidates from GitHub & LinkedIn, search in Clearbit or import .csv lists to Reply.
  • Benefit from Reply’s free Chrome plugin to source candidates from any web-pages and add them to a Reply sequence.
Andrew Stetsenko Founder

Reply helps us to strengthen client relationships due to the personal nature of the messages.

Accelerate Client and Candidate Engagement

  • Automate communication with candidates, and never miss a follow-up if candidates forget to reply.
  • Reach out to potential clients by sending personalized drip campaigns.
  • Create segmented lists of prospects based on their roles, seniority, location, etc.
  • Keep people engaged by sending relevant content, news and vacancies.
  • Track the results of your recruiting efforts. See how your Reply sequences are performing, test different messages and drive up your response rates, leading to more/better hires.
Dave Rietsema Founder and CEO

Reply helped us automate our sales process and close 10% more leads.

Increase Conversion to Booked Meetings

  • Explore best practice email templates to help you launch communication faster and maximize response rates.
  • Jump on a call with potential candidates using Cloud calls in Reply.
  • Make sure your talent doesn’t slip away by automating personalized emails to update them on their progress.
  • Sync contact updates with your ATS.
Dave Rietsema Founder and CEO

Reply helped us automate our sales process and close 10% more leads.

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Adrian Tan Co-founder
Using Reply our open rate is 94 percent and the reply rate is 66 percent.
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94 Open rate
66 Response rate

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Recruitment automation and automated hiring

Businesses are only as good as the workers they hire to run the day-to-day operations. But with hundreds of candidates for each job opening, it’s no surprise that companies simply can’t afford to assess and engage each applicant one-by-one.

Luckily, they don’t have to do that with dedicated recruitment automation software like Reply. Frankly, it’s impossible to imagine a modern business creating a new hire process without some form of recruitment automation. 

Modern businesses are always on the lookout for ways to automate repetitive tasks for the sake of efficiency of productivity, and automated hiring is no exception.

What is recruiting automation

Automation in recruitment covers the entire hiring process, from candidate sourcing to booking meetings with the most qualified candidates. Whether it’s using the hiring software to analyze the received resumes or to help proactively source candidates on platforms such as LinkedIn, hirees can find the best applicants much better and faster. 

On top of that, the top recruitment automation platforms also accelerate candidate engagement by automating outreach and follow-ups with personalized drip campaigns. These engagement campaigns are tailored for each unique candidate segment based on the job position, location, seniority level, etc. If you’re thinking: “It’s as if I’m using my sales process to hire employees.” – you’re absolutely correct.

Recruitment marketing automation software

Another challenge of the hiring process for companies is ensuring that their vacancies will be seen by the relevant candidates, in other words – marketing them. For this very reason, automated hiring systems have built-in marketing automation recruitment features to help hiring managers attract the best candidates. 

Marketing automation for recruiters removes the tedious process of manually posting open vacancies on various job boards and social channels with traditional marketing techniques like capturing banners, landing pages, and content. 

Not only does recruitment technology using marketing features help companies get their vacancies across a larger, more relevant group of people, but it also creates a pleasurable candidate journey for their future employees.   

Benefits of automating the hiring process

The benefits of HR recruitment automation are hard to understate. 

With dedicated recruitment process automation software like Reply, businesses can automate hiring steps with a peace of mind that the best candidates will be attracted or found, properly engaged, and efficiently converted into new team members. 

What’s more, the automation of the recruitment process allows you to stay competitive in the job market, which is full of companies that automate the hiring process with AI to lock down top talents and provide an exclusive candidate journey. 

How to automate the recruitment process

Automated recruiting is no trivial process – it could very well make or break the future team running your firm. Efficient recruitment process automation requires a trustworthy tool by your side to do the heavy lifting. Once you set them up according to your hiring needs, these tools become the new automation recruiters of your HR team.