A Week of Reply Improvements #3

A Week of Reply Improvements #3


At Reply, our ultimate goal is to create the best sales automation and prospecting tool ever! That means that apart from adding the new features, we’re polishing and fine tuning the existing ones.

Every time you share insights or suggest improvements, we’re listening to you carefully and filling out our backlog with the most sought after requests and tasks.

Ready to learn about the updates we’ve prepared for you this time?

Check out the new Live Tasks use case, 'Skip existing prospects' option for .CSV file import, clickable links at the Contact’s sidebar, the new filtering rules for two-way Reply - CRM integrations – well, we’ve only started. The #3 batch of Reply improvements is here now!


The New Live Tasks Use Case: ‘Prospects Viewed Email Several Times’

Reach out to those prospects, who are likely to be more interested than others - Reply’s Live Tasks functionality got has a new use case that improves prospect flow by targeting essential prospects based on the number of email views, and automatically generating task suggestions.

Set up the number of email views in the Settings tab / Tools section:

Setting up the number of email views

Once the number for email views is set, Reply monitors your initial outreach campaigns and creates task suggestions on a daily basis, so you don’t need to check Opens and Views in each of your campaigns.

Follow Live Tasks suggestions to move them to the next prospecting step (campaign).

Live Tasks suggestions

This new Live Tasks use case works best when paired with the Triggered calls feature to improve your conversion rates as you can move the prospects to the new campaign but also set up call trigger to follow-up your email.


Timezone UI Setup Improvements

The next improvement refers to Timezone setup in Campaign schedules.

From now on, timezones are no longer located in the Advanced Settings tab but can be seen and changed right from the top of the Schedule tab. Just another handy feature update to work with contacts around the globe, while sending emails at the very right time.

Timezone setup in Campaign schedules


‘Skip Existing Prospects' Option for .CSV File Import

We have added the flexible ability to manage which prospects are updated during importing contacts from a .CSV file.

The 'Skip existing prospects' toggle allows you to only load only new contacts into Reply, while making multiple loads and corrections of the same .CSV file much easier.


‘Move to Campaign’ New UI

We’ve redesigned the 'Move to campaign' flow on the People page and in the contact sidebar to make it smooth and more user friendly. Now there is only one action left - 'Move to campaign' to move the selected contacts directly in a particular step of the campaign.

Moreover, we’ve added an additional option to enable or disable a delay before the target step

The new 'Move to campaign' flow on the People page


The “Validate Emails’ New UI

Validate your emails right in one click right from your list of contacts.

We moved the 'Validate email' action to the top menu (it appears when you select contacts from the list) in order to create a single click experience for this highly used feature.

'Validate email' action now at the top menu

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Clickable Links at the Contact’s Sidebar

Another useful improvement was rolled out for the contact sidebar - now you can add clickable links to a standard or custom fields.

Add the link (without any extra text) in the relevant field, such as a LinkedIn account, Company website, etc., and open it using the ‘CTRL + Click’ on Windows or ‘CMD + Click’ on Mac.

Add clickable links to the fields in the Contact sidebar


The New UI for Campaigns Analytics

We’ve received so many requests to change the UI for Campaign analytics at the Reports page...

We did it by completely changing the logic which the Campaigns are shown - you’ll no longer see the top 10 campaigns (as before), but all campaigns are loaded in batches by 20 with more campaigns available by scrolling down the page.


The Improved Filtering Rules for Two-Way Integrations

Reply integrations with CRMs (Salesforce and Prosperworks) were good, but not perfect… until now!

To make full-fledged, two-way integrations, we’ve added filters, which you can use from the People page to select the data to be synced.

For instance, when you send contacts from Reply to contacts in Salesforce - the system uses the filters you created at the People page and adds into the particular integration step (here - ‘Reply Contacts to SF Contacts’).

Setting up filtering rules for two-way integrations

Please note, that in order to create or change the filtering rules, you need to do so in the People page. The same logic can be applied to any integrations step syncing data from Reply to your CRM, like Lead statuses, Emails sync, etc.

Setting up filtering rules for two-way integrations


Prospects Linking Between Reply and Your CRM

Now it is easier to work with contacts synced from a CRM. We have added the 'CRM link' feature to the new Salesforce and Prosperworks integrations.

Every contact synced from a CRM into Reply has a link to a corresponding profile in the CRM. You can open in the link in a browser tab just by clicking on it. This feature lets users access the data from both systems much easier.

Also, the 'CRM link' field can be used in the People page filters to quickly identify all the contacts synced from another system in order to manage them or identify any issues.

Every contact synced from a CRM into Reply has a link to a corresponding profile in the CRM


Business Subscription Upgrades

From now on, you can upgrade your plan to a Business subscription (with lots of valuable options) right at the Billing page - move from Trial and Individual subscriptions to Business subscriptions and vice versa.

Moreover, we’ve simplified the upgrade process - just a couple of clicks and you’re at the right plan.

Upgrade your plan to a Business subscription right at the Billing page

Nice job, right? Oh yes, we’ve also added additional bug fixes in performance, billing, UI, etc.
Check it out!

Oleg Campbell

Founder @ Reply

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