lemlist Review in 2024: The Right Sales Tool for Your Business?

lemlist Review in 2024: The Right Sales Tool for Your Business?

All modern businesses are fueled with different types of software, allowing them to significantly enhance their performance and efficiency. 

Sales automation tools are one of the most crucial additions to every business’s tech stack, so it’s no surprise that there are countless options on the market. They empower sales teams to source potential customers, engage them with personalized outreach at scale, nurture them throughout their buyer journeys, and ultimately—close deals. 

lemlist is one of the top players in this category, and just like other prominent solutions, they have consolidated over the years from a traditional outreach platform into an all-in-one sales automation suite.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at lemlist, outlining its core features, pricing plans, user reviews, and main alternatives to help you decide whether it’s the right option for your business.

What is lemlist? The product overview 

lemlist is a sales outreach and automation platform that, like others, emphasizes automating and personalizing mass outreach to drive efficiency and conversions. 

It’s no secret that generic, automated emails will almost certainly end up in the trash folder, and rightfully so! After all, why would your recipients take the time to read and respond to your email if it’s clear to them that you didn’t take a few minutes to cater to them? 

Sales automation platforms like lemlist (and Reply) take care of this by personalizing all your emails with relevant prospect and/or company data points to make your messages feel more human and one-on-one, even if we’re talking about tens of thousands of emails. 

Additionally, lemlist allows you to add multiple outreach channels to your lead generation campaigns, such as LinkedIn and cloud calls, significantly increasing the success rate of your sales/marketing engagement. 

As previously mentioned, lemlist has become a truly consolidated, all-in-one sales platform that, besides outreach, provides a bunch of other very useful features to elevate your business’s sales performance: a rich lead database, email finder and verification, email warm-up and deliverability (crucial in 2024), a neat Chrome extension, seamless lemlist integrations with your CRM, and the list goes on. 

But let’s start with the fundamentals; features will come a bit later.

How to get started with lemlist?

Creating a lemlist account is very easy—simply fill in your name and email and create a password, or just sign up with your Gmail or Outlook account right on their website. 

After answering a few questions about your company and profession (to provide you with the most relevant user experience), your account is up and running. All new users have a 14-day free trial to check out the platform in action. 

As you create an account, you’re greeted with a very clean and intuitive interface right from the get-go, with onboarding instructions, an onboarding video, and accessible customer support available to remove the learning curve.

lemlist dashboard as a part of lemlist review

As you can see, they provide step-by-step instructions on how to seamlessly set up your new lemlist account, starting with connecting your email and LinkedIn accounts, inviting your fellow team members, and connecting your business’s CRM. 

And truthfully speaking, that’s it! 

Now, it’s time to get familiar with the features tab on the left side of your dashboard, which we will go over in detail in the next part of this article: 

  • Campaigns → create tailored, multichannel outreach campaigns for your sales or marketing prospects 
  • Reports → campaign performance, email and LinkedIn health checks, email deliverability settings 
  • Leads → lemlist’s built-in B2B contact database with numerous search filters 
  • Templates → email, snippet, image, and landing page dynamic templates to simplify your personalization efforts
  • Unsubscribe → email domains you wish to exclude from your future outreach campaigns (to avoid exceeding spam rates and harming your email deliverability) 
  • Tasks → internal tasks assigned to you and your team members to keep track of all deadlines 

Let’s dive into a few of them.

What are the main lemlist features?

Curious about what makes lemlist unique in the world of email marketing? lemlist provides a range of features designed to simplify and enhance your email campaigns. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Lead database 

lemlist states that its lead database has over 450M+ prospects, which is a significant number that surpasses even some standalone B2B contact database providers. 

Its lead database is embedded right in the platform, making it a seamless experience to find targeted prospects and add them to your sales and marketing campaigns in seconds. 

I was quite happy to see the sheer amount of search filters included, empowering B2B teams to target exclusively the most relevant prospects, especially when creating smaller, high-level outreach campaigns.

Lead database in Lemlist as a part of lemlist review

They also include 5 company information filters: company size, name, type, year founded, and location. As the cherry on top—they even have dedicated intent signal filters to help SDRs pinpoint the hottest leads.

filter are great in lemlist and available in all lemlist pricing plans

As far as contact databases go, lemlist has a great one. It allows users to save significant time on prospecting and focus on engaging and nurturing prospects toward a sale. 

Campaign management 

Once you’ve got your prospect lists ready, it’s time to get down to business — creating your outreach campaign. 

After simply clicking ‘Create new campaign’, users are greeted with the following dashboard.

lemlist reviews show that campaign creation is easy

As you can see, you can either create it manually by including your preferred communication channels and touchpoints in any order you like, or you can turn to AI to handle that for you. 

Simply input the information about your business, value proposition, target audience, reason for outreach, and what tone of voice you’d like to use, and AI will take care of the rest.

AI is vital part of lemlist, in lemlist review

Pretty neat, if you ask me! 

From working with our very own AI SDR agent at Reply, I can reassure you that with AI, you can remove the tedious planning and guesswork because it has gigatons of data that help it determine the best sequence for each unique campaign and business objective.

AI personalization 

While it took some time to figure out how lemlist’s AI personalization works, it’s definitely a homerun. 

Besides personalizing email and LinkedIn messages with snippets, icebreakers, and textual variables based on prospect and/or company data (most of which is available directly in their lead database), Lemlsit allows users to generate personalized landing pages and images. 

lack of AI personalization, comparing to alternatives

This is definitely something that sets them apart from most competitors and seems to be a great addition to sales, especially marketing campaigns. 

Although they provide pretty awesome AI personalization, that’s where their AI features end. 

Unlike most of our competitors, at Reply, we have a built-in AI SDR agent that not only generates personalized messages and campaign sequences but also handles responses and books meetings on your behalf, as well as a dedicated AI Chatbot that captures and qualifies warm inbound leads. 

It would definitely be great to see lemlist continue on their path of integrating more AI tech into their platform.

Want to book more meetings easily?

Meet Jason, your AI SDR by Reply.io. Jason automates your sales outreach, finding prospects and handling responses, so you can focus on closing deals.

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lemlist provides really detailed and user-friendly analytics and reports for your outreach campaigns, including email and LinkedIn performance, as well as reports for your email health, in other words, deliverability, and spam rates, to ensure your domain remains strong and avoids getting blacklisted at all times.

lemlist reviews show that reports are great in lemlist

Users can also manage their reports by entering a specific time frame to better track outreach performance on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, as well as a dedicated overview of each unique lead in the pipeline.

In every lemlist pricing plan you can estimate the funnel effectiveness

Chrome extension 

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that lemlist’s neat Chrome extension is designed to generate leads from LinkedIn by capturing users’ emails and enriching their customer profiles with other relevant personal and company information. 

Source: Chrome store 

While the Chrome extension is available to the general public for scraping emails (and soon — phone numbers) from LinkedIn profiles, lemlist users can take it a step further by pushing them into their sales and/or marketing campaigns with a simple click. 

At Reply.io, we have a similar LinkedIn prospecting Chrome extension, Findy, which works in pretty much the same way. 

If you’re neither a user of lemlist nor Reply, I’d highly recommend using multiple LinkedIn scraping tools for your prospecting efforts. Sometimes, one tool will successfully scrape an email for one prospect but fail for another, while a different tool will do the opposite (trust me, I’ve been there). 

Those were the most prominent lemlist features, however, keep in mind that there are more, secondary features that users can enjoy, such as email warmup, deliverability health-check,  multiple integrations, email finder and verifier, and more.

What are the lemlist pricing plans?

When it comes to lemlist’s pricing, they have 4 plans available starting at $39/user/month, though they get cheaper if you choose to commit to a quarterly or yearly subscription. 

lemlist pricing

Now, let’s take a closer look at lemlist’s pricing options: 

“Email Starter” lemlist pricing plan

Super lightweight (at $69/user/month), including only 1 mailbox without email warm-up and deliverability features, as well as no integrations; though. 

On the bright side—users get access to lemlist’s 450M+ contact database, AI-generated sequences and text personalization, and LinkedIn prospecting with their Chrome extension. 

All in all, this plan is probably only suitable for individual users or small teams that don’t rely on mass outreach for their sales or marketing campaigns. 

“Email Pro” lemlist pricing plan

At $69/user/month, we have the Email Pro plan, which is still limited to exclusively email outreach, without additional channels such as LinkedIn and cloud calls. 

On the other hand, users get access to warm-up and deliverability features, ensuring their emails don’t get flagged or end up in spam. They also have CRM integrations for seamless data flow, image and liquid syntax personalization, A/B testing, and 3 dedicated mailboxes. 

Overall, this is the right plan for you if you want to make the most of lemlist without the need for additional outreach channels. 

“Multichannel Expert” lemlist pricing plan

Next in line, at $99/user/month, the Multichannel Expert plan is pretty similar to the Email Pro plan, only with the additional LinkedIn and cloud calls channels. 

This plan shifts lemlist from an email outreach platform to a fully-fledged, multichannel sales engagement platform; with this plan, users can also enjoy 5 dedicated mailboxes, advanced campaign management, personalized landing pages, and premium customer support. 

If you’re looking to fully empower your B2B sales team — this is undoubtedly the right plan. 

“Outreach Scale” lemlist pricing plan

With a whopping $159/user/month price tag, the Outreach Scale plan is for larger sales teams, providing 15 mailboxes, more email finder and verification credits, and a designated account manager provided by lemlist to provide top-quality assistance in running the platform to drive sales. 

The ‘right’ pricing plan for lemlist depends on 2 factors: the size of your sales team, and whether your team would be sufficient with email outreach or if they would need multiple channels in their sales campaigns. 

They also provide pricing/payment options in US dollars, euros, or British pounds, catering to a wider audience, so kudos for that. I also noticed some time ago that there are certain lemlist deals from time to time, so perhaps wait until Black Friday or Christmas before making that big purchase!

What are lemlist reviews by real users?

After taking a look at lemlist’s reviews on the top reputable sites, it’s clear that they live up to their expectations—the vast majority of users are extremely satisfied with the product: 

  • G2 → 4.4 ⭐️/ 5 
  • Capterra → 4.6 ⭐️/ 5 
  • Product Hunt → 4.5 ⭐️/ 5 

The most commonly-mentioned pros and cons after looking through hundreds of lemlist referral reviews include: 

✅User-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface (as mentioned above), and rightfully so — very clean and intuitive;
✅Users emphasize lemlist’s strong email personalization at scale with automated follow-ups;
✅Responsive and friendly customer support, which has become increasingly important for B2B buyers; 

❎Steep learning curve for the more advanced features, such as campaign management, but in their defense — it’s a pretty complex sales process!
❎Occasional technical glitches, just like the one(s) I’ve encountered while reviewing their platform, though we’re talking about 1-2 second lags, nothing too serious;
❎lemlist’s email deliverability features have sparked mixed feedback from mass email users, with some reporting sharp drops in deliverability and open rates in the first few weeks of use. 

And, some real-world reviews:

“lemlist has some awesome features like customized images/memes, personalization, workflows/follow-up, lead segmentation, and super good with deliverability. It also has a stellar UI and easy to use.” 

“lemlist has a great concept for modern-day marketing combining email, with LinkedIn touches, LinkedIn messaging, and cold calling. Based on my selling experience, their selling philosophy is spot on for the current sales environment we are facing as sales professionals.” 

“I used it for a client before, it’s easy to use but the configuration still is a little bit difficult, but we get there! Combining Linkedin and e-mail approaches is really working.”

What are lemlist alternatives?

Choosing a sales automation platform is a serious business decision that will directly impact the success of your sales team, so it’s crucial that you take your time to make an informed decision. 

lemlist competitors

After comparing the top sales automation platforms ourselves, it’s safe to say that lemlist is definitely more effective and better value for money than most lemlist competitors. 

Considering how consolidated it has become over the years with its lead database, AI personalization, and email warm-up features — it’s definitely a great choice for most SMBs in the B2B realm. 

While better than most other sales automation platforms on the market, we invite you to check out Reply.io to see if that would be a better fit for you. In fact, we’ve curated a detailed comparison of the two tools.

Key differences include: 

  • Reply.io comes with a native AI SDR agent that hyper-personalizes your outreach AND handles responses on your behalf (including booking meetings); 
  • Reply.io has a dedicated AI Chatbot with video avatars to capture, qualify, and nurture inbound leads; 
  • With Reply.io, you get more channels for your outreach campaigns (including email, cloud calls, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp) 
  • With Reply’s Google Postmaster and MailToaster integrations, and a dedicated deliverability team at their disposal, users can enjoy enhanced email deliverability for their outreach campaigns;

Cold outreach reimagined. Now with unlimited email mailboxes & warm-ups, AI personalization, LinkedIn integration, unified inbox & more with Reply.io

Start your outreach →
  • While lemlist’s starting price is cheaper, teams looking for multichannel outreach capabilities will enjoy a lower price with Reply.io with unlimited mailboxes and warm-ups inside. 
  • With Reply.io’s Centralized Inbox, manage all your conversations in one place, making it easier to stay organized and respond promptly;
  • Advanced Reporting in Reply.io gives you deeper insights into your campaigns with comprehensive reporting features, helping you make data-driven decisions;
  • Reply.io offers Advanced CRM Integrations to seamlessly connect with your favorite CRM tools, streamlining your workflow and ensuring all your data is connected.
  • Last but not least, Reply.io provides powerful team management features to keep track of sales reps’ performance, tasks, KPIs, etc.

How to choose your sales automation platform?

All in all, lemlist is a great and viable option for B2B sales teams and definitely better than most alternatives on the market. While some tools may be ‘better’ for email outreach, or some lead generation tools may have ‘better’ lead databases, with lemlist, users get to enjoy a true sales automation suite in one platform. 

Once again, we encourage all sales and business leaders to spend some time researching and testing out various sales engagement and automation tools before making a purchase. 

Thankfully, most of them have free plans or 1-2 week trials available exactly for this reason. While on this mission of choosing the right sales tool for your business, give Reply a spin and see for yourself that you can get more for less in terms of value and features. 

In any case, good luck!


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