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“Thanks for this wonderful presentation Vlad. We are trialing Reply now and really hoping we sign on with y’all“

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“Hi Vlad, I love your content and it’s really helping me a lot:) P.S: Keep up the great work!“

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“You’re officially my new favourite person on Linkedln, loving these PLG and SaaS trend posts“

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Hi Vlad, loved your sales content.

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Who is behind the sales pulse?

Who is behind the sales pulse?

My name is Vlad ????
With 7+ years of experience in the field, I was in charge of the entire sales development machine at prospecting, new tools and playbooks, creative outreach strategies, and personalization at scale.
Although I’m leading the growth team now, I’m still passionate about outbound and prospecting.
So every week I spend dozens of hours curating the best resources to put them into a 5-minute newsletter for you to enjoy.
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Email Templates

Email Templates

Email Templates
7-step checklist to get started with your cold outreach

7-step checklist to get started with your cold outreach

7-step checklist to get started with your cold outreach
Cold Email Whitepaper

Cold Email Whitepaper

Cold Email Whitepaper