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Dmitry Chervonyi

Dmitry Chervonyi


Belkins is the most in-depth way to accelerate Outbound Sales. We deliver a Predictable Sales Funnel Solution and support it with a detailed campaign statistic.


Dmitry Chervonyi Dmitry Chervonyi

I help companies increase revenue with growth marketing and sales development

I’m Dmitry Chervonyi and I’m the CMO at Belkins. I’m in charge of all their marketing and PR. We help small to midsize companies with limited resources increase their revenue by outsourcing their lead generation to us.

We cover absolutely everything to do with lead generation. That means database research, crafting email sequences, setting up domains for outbound email campaigns, crafting templates, monitoring sending schedules and recovering emails trapped by spam folders. We follow up and qualify leads, and even set appointments.

It’s a lot of work, but by providing that arsenal of services we’re able to dig into the data pools and deliver leads other lead generation companies claim are impossible to procure.

We invest all our revenue into team development, and pay extra close attention to the quality of our services and any ways we can improve customer satisfaction—you could say that being client-oriented and proactive is our superpower. As a result, we’ve been generating profit from day one.

How we help our clients

We find our clients through outbound marketing and our re-sellers among US-based marketing agencies. We also get lots of new clients through our loyal customers’ referrals—the latter is particularly important to us because we value trust above everything else.

We have to know what kind of leads our clients are looking for before we can get started, so our first step is to establish our clients’ Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). To do this, all our clients create their own unique profile by filling out our ICP form.

Once we have the ICP, our research teams start looking for contacts that fit the profile.

Every contact is hand-curated; we don’t use ready-made lists or contacts that we picked for other clients from the same vertical

For the next step, all leads go through manual and automated verification; this step brought us an increase in deliverability of up to 98-99%. At the same time, we create new mailboxes, set up the domain, write the templates and launch A|B testing. Within 5 days of a client submitting their ICP, we launch their first campaigns and find out which subject line and body email gets the best results.

During this stage, we gain initial statistical data, which we then compare with our average industry qualifiers and see if our efforts are meeting the ICP requirements.

Our clients then have access to all the campaign data on Google Drive, along with with the mailboxes we made for them, their lead lists, etc. They also receive weekly reports that outline all the current metrics and can reach our AMs on Slack, Skype for Business and even WhatsApp.

Producing high-quality work

Since we represent our clients when we reach their prospects, we are responsible for the clients’ business image. That’s a duty we don’t take lightly.

To make sure we’re representing our clients in the best way possible, staff training is a priority. We grow and nurture new team members as scrupulously as we nurture our leads.

All new SDRs are first assigned to working on internal outreach campaigns. This is where they sink their teeth into our working rhythm, learn to write templates and follow-ups, work with negative responses, and close deals.

Once they master all of these, they are tested by our US-based team. If the test results are positive, only then are they officially approved and allowed to work with our clients’ leads.

We have the same attitude to the strategies we use. To secure high conversion rates and avoid setbacks, we will personally test each and every strategy before we introduce it to our clients.

Recently, we added the rating feature to the reviews on our Clutch profile. Our average rating is 5/5—a very motivating result—and we intend to keep it that way.

Why we use Reply

About four years ago, before I started working at Belkins, I was working at a SaaS company when we were tasked with helping the company enter the Western Europe and North America markets. To do this, we needed lots of high-value appointments. Since cold calls perform quite poorly for specialized industries, we chose cold email outreach as our promotion tool. That’s when we discovered Reply.

We chose them because:

  • They offer the best value for money along with the most convenient packages,
  • They have fast and proactive support that leaves no client hanging,
  • They provide swift onboarding with lots of integration options.

We still use Reply today as our main tool for targeted outreach. We can quickly add lots of mailboxes and instantly switch between our clients—using just one account we can process between 10 and 20 clients. Reply’s business model is also very convenient for user growth, with pricing plans that suit your current situation and future growth.

When it comes to improving and measuring a campaign’s performance, Reply helps in two important ways. First, it provides simple and powerful features for outbound email campaigns. Second, it includes transparent and comprehensible campaign analytics, so our SDRs can easily manage the process of driving leads through the sales pipeline straight to the appointment-setting stage.

Reply provides simple and powerful features for outbound email campaigns and comprehensible analytics, so our SDRs can easily manage the process of driving leads.

Dmitry Chervonyi, CMO
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To make all that valuable data we uncover more accessible to our clients, we’re currently developing a User Cabinet that would add all relevant data and send alerts to the client’s email. Lots of that data will be based on Reply stats (so we’re planning on discussing API with their teams soon).

Sending effective cold emails

While other companies use a marketing approach towards emails, we focus on building trust. We don’t use marketing slang, vague sentences, or flashy phrases.
It’s better to keep things short and simple. The success of a sales email depends on how well it shows your understanding of the client’s problem and how clear it describes the ways and steps of solving that problem.

When it comes to automating your email outreach, 200 emails from one mailbox per day is, in our experience, the limit. Going above that threshold may send you to a spam folder.

Also, while the default delay between emails in Reply is 65 seconds, we suggest increasing the delay for 200 emails to 200 seconds, to lower the chance your email will be labeled as spam. We also don’t go beyond 3-4 email waves. The more waves you send, the higher your spam rate grows.

Finally, just because a mailbox is bouncing, that doesn’t mean it’s invalid. Most of the time, it usually just needs the details checked and manually corrected. That usually fixes any delivery issues.

What a winning campaign looks like

Our gold star campaign is one we ran for Shelby Williams, a manufacturer of premium furniture for country and golf clubs.

Here are the templates we used:





The results? Across the campaign, we achieved an open rate of 87%, with a reply rate of 56%, far exceeding industry standards.

Reply hasn’t just helped our clients though. Outbound email campaigns in Reply account for almost half of our sales, which gives us a deep understanding of the market and the trends across niches and audiences. That level of understanding has meant we’re able to grow by 20-30%, every single month.

To find out how Belkins can help you improve your lead generation with their tailored services, head to their site and sign up for a free consultation.

If you’re interested to see how Reply can help you optimize your next email campaign, sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

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