New Reply: Redefining AI in Cold Outreach and Lead Generation

New Reply: Redefining AI in Cold Outreach and Lead Generation is celebrating 10 amazing years in the market! Hooray! We couldn’t have done it without you. Your support, reviews, ideas, and requests have shaped our product into what it is today—one of the top platforms for Cold Outreach.

To celebrate, we’ve got a huge update for you—the new! This sets a new standard in AI-driven lead generation and sales automation.

Our revamped platform now combines outbound sales outreach and inbound lead generation tools to help you maximize your efforts and generate leads from every available channel. With powerful sales outreach tools, an email deliverability suite, AI SDR agents, and AI Chat, you can convert inbound website traffic into qualified sales leads, all in one seamless platform. 

Thanks for being with us on this journey

1. Next-gen cold outreach platform to scale personalized communication

Discover how’s improved cold outreach features, which can help you easily scale personalized communication and boost your connection success with prospects with ease and on autopilot. 

Let’s dive into it!

1.1 Target more prospects at scale with evergreen sequences

Ever feel like keeping your outreach campaign fresh and effective is a never-ending task? 

That’s where evergreen sequences come in. 

This feature is like having a personal assistant who constantly tops up your outreach list with new, high-quality contacts that perfectly match your ICP. Imagine never having to worry about finding new prospects again—our tool does it all for you automatically. 

Just set it up once, and you’re good to go. Your cold outreach keeps running non-stop, always reaching out to fresh leads and giving you more chances to connect and convert.

With Evergreen Sequences, you can focus on what really matters – engaging with your leads or conducting interviews – while our system takes care of the outreach for you. No more manually updating your contact list; you’ll get a continuous stream of tailored prospects. Plus, with our database of validated contacts, you can trust the quality of your outreach and protect your domain reputation.

Getting started is easy: set your ICP with filters in the Data view and save. Your sequence auto-refreshes with new contacts before running low. Monitor data credits to keep auto-refill going, and pause or stop anytime for full control.

For more information, visit our support page

It’s that simple to keep your outreach running smoothly and effectively!

Give Evergreen Sequences a try and watch your business outreach transform into a continuous success story!

Get started →

1.2 Craft sequences in 3 steps with a simplified UI

Our new and improved UI is designed to be simpler and more intuitive for both new and existing users. 

Crafting outreach sequences is now as easy as 1-2-3: add contacts, add steps, and set up. 

This update not only makes it a breeze to create sequences but also allows you to customize them to fit your exact needs. Enjoy the benefits of streamlined workflows, faster setup times, and complete control over your sequences, ensuring they perfectly match your business goals. 

It’s all about making your life easier while boosting your outreach effectiveness.

To start, you should add contacts manually, import CSV files, or use Reply’s B2B database. Use templates to simplify your sequences and personalize messages with Liquid Syntax. Schedule sequences, add mailboxes, and let Jason AI handle the replies.

1.3 Reach a new level of personalization

Personalization in Reply just got a major upgrade with AI-driven features! 

Now, it’s not just about using variables. Our AI Personalization uses contact info from Reply Data, our database, or LinkedIn to craft tailored email content. Jason AI, our AI SDR, writes unique emails based on industry, job title, pain points, interests, and needs, making sure each email feels relevant and personal.

Note: AI Personalization is currently in Beta. Enable Beta features in Settings to try it out.

With AI Personalization, you can:

  • Write messages that truly connect with each contact.
  • Triple your reply rate and double your open rate.
  • Create personalized emails for lots of contacts in one go.
  • Stand out with unique, engaging content.
  • Avoid spam filters and improve your domain reputation.
  • Make your emails look hand-written.

To get started, go to ‘People’, select your contacts, click ‘Generate personalized one-line opener’, find the sequence under ‘Sequence’, review, edit, and launch your campaign.

It’s that simple to make your outreach more personal and effective!

1.4 Use improved LinkedIn integration and contact search

Our upgraded LinkedIn connection is now faster and more accurate, making your LinkedIn outreach on Reply more efficient than ever.

Plus, the Findy Chrome Extension is now fully integrated with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. This means you can easily discover candidates, instantly access their details, and seamlessly add them to your sequences directly from LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

These updates make it a breeze to search for contacts, manage them, and get things done quickly and efficiently.

Take your LinkedIn outreach to the next level with our speedy, super-accurate Findy Chrome Extension and seamless integration.

Let’s do this →

1.5 Experience unlimited mailboxes and warm-ups

To keep up with the latest in outreach, Reply has introduced a new pricing plan with unlimited mailboxes and warm-ups. 

Now, you can boost your daily email-sending capacity by adding extra mailboxes to your account. Also, unlimited warm-ups significantly improve your email deliverability, making sure your messages land in more inboxes, not spam folders.

This means better email deliverability and reaching more prospects effectively. With optimized sending capabilities, you can grow your business without extra costs, making your outreach more efficient and cost-effective.

2. Email deliverability suite: Your message, their inbox

Reply’s enhanced deliverability toolkit makes sure your emails land in the right inbox, staying ahead of the latest Google and Yahoo changes for 2024. 

These updates mean bulk senders need proper email authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), one-click unsubscribe options, and low spam complaint rates. Our advanced features make it easy to meet these standards.

With the dedicated ‘domain health-checker‘ tab, you can keep an eye on your email health and get actionable tips to boost deliverability. helps maintain a strong sender reputation by warming up your emails, ensuring they consistently hit inboxes. Plus, Google Postmaster integration offers real-time dashboards of spam rates, giving you insights into your email performance.

Additional features like Inbox Rotation let you send more emails within a single campaign by using multiple mailboxes. Personalize your emails with up to 50 custom fields and use Spintax to create unique messages for each recipient. Protect your campaigns from high-risk addresses with our constantly updated global block list.

And there’s more on the way! 

Upcoming features like a deliverability dashboard and cold email inbox infrastructure integration will provide even greater insights and efficiency. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!

3. Automate sales from prospecting to scheduling with AI SDR

Meet the new and improved Jason,’s AI SDR. 

Jason handles everything from finding prospects to managing responses, making it easy to set up a sequence in just 5 steps. 

Start by identifying your audience, and Jason AI will take care of the rest: create ideal customer profiles and target audiences with automated, personalized messages. It even manages your calendar and books meetings, so you can focus on showing up and engaging with prospects.

For more information, visit our support page.

The AI to book meetings on autopilot

Automate your sales outreach and book more meetings effortlessly, from finding prospects to handling responses with Jason, you AI SDR!

Try AI SDR now →

4. Your quick path to automate inbound sales with AI Chat

Reply AI Chat is a game-changer for customer engagement, turning website visitors into sales leads. It schedules meetings, starts product trials, and gathers contact info through a personalized interface. 

You can train your chatbots using your company’s knowledge base to boost customer confidence. You can also customize chats for different landing pages and let visitors book demos through Calendly. 

Acting like a 24/7 salesperson, Reply AI Chat guides visitors through your sales funnel, freeing you up to close deals. Integrate it with Reply’s sequences for seamless lead nurturing and monitor interactions in real-time.

Turn your website visitors into leads with Reply AI Chat. Boost your sales now!

Try AI Chat now →

5. Agency Growth Hub: Grow together, earn more

The Agency Growth Hub is here to make life easier for sales and lead generation agencies. It offers tailored solutions that simplify sales outreach and client management.

We’ve added some cool new features, like an updated API that lets agencies easily add Reply sequences to their tools, making workflows smoother and more efficient.

The Agency dashboard makes it a breeze to monitor key metrics for both users and clients, helping you optimize strategies for better results.

Need to add multiple mailboxes? You can do it quickly with a CSV import or direct integration with select providers, saving you time and effort.

Reply also offers a fantastic opportunity to grow your network and income with our Sales Experts Marketplace. It’s now easier than ever to find skilled sales professionals or become one yourself. 

Interested in becoming a part of the Reply ecosystem and grow your revenue with us? Join our affiliate partnership program

And there’s more to come! 

Upcoming enhancements like Clay integration will boost data capabilities, while AI Chat captures inbound leads, so you can focus on closing deals and increasing revenue.

Continue to disrupt the market with the New Reply

With the launch of the new Reply, we’re kicking off a new era of sales automation and lead generation. By combining advanced AI with easy-to-use interfaces and powerful tools, we’re helping businesses streamline their sales processes, engage with prospects more effectively, and boost revenue.

With features designed for all kinds of sales professionals—from personalized outreach sequences to AI-driven chatbots—The New Reply is revolutionizing how sales teams work in today’s fast-paced market. It’s all about making your job easier and driving growth.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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