Reply Updates: Booking Appointments, Webhooks, New Tasks Experience, and More

Reply Updates: Booking Appointments, Webhooks, New Tasks Experience, and More

Things are heating up ???? here at Reply (and not just because it’s finally summer)! 

We’ve been sort of quiet for a couple of months (except for our AI Email Assistant launch on ProductHunt), getting ready to bring you even more product updates and exciting features.

Today, we’re happy to showcase the updates we’ve been working on, including:

  • Appointment booking
  • Recruiter integration
  • Webhooks
  • Revamped Tasks experience
  • And a bunch of Extension improvements

Grab your swimmies and let’s dive right in to explore some fresh new Reply features!

Appointment Booking in Google Calendar

A much-anticipated addition to the Reply platform, appointment booking with Google Calendar, is now available in Beta! ????

Now, you can book meetings with prospects directly from Reply in three easy steps:

  1. Connect your Google account with calendar permissions.
  2. Set your time zone and availability, add the calendar title and description, and indicate the default meeting duration and custom delays in the Settings.
  3. Copy the meeting link to share with your prospects or click the Meeting button in the Reply editor to add the link as a variable to your emails.

To reduce the friction, all prospects receiving an email with the meeting link will have their email and name pre-populated during the booking experience.

Once the prospect has booked a meeting, the new status “Meeting Booked” will appear on the People page next to the other sequence statuses. Reply will pause the sequence for such contacts and create the Meeting task that you can later complete within the Chrome Extension task flow.

You and your prospect will receive a confirmation email with all the details of the upcoming meeting, as well as a reminder 15 minutes before the appointment. 

You can review and analyze all booked meetings and meeting conversion rates for the whole team and each SDR specifically in the Team Performance dashboard.

To get started with appointment booking in Reply, make sure Beta mode is enabled for your account, and go to the Settings page -> Calendar tab to connect your Google account. 

Read more about appointment booking in Reply here.

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Recruiter support in Chrome extension

Another exciting news flash is that the Reply Chrome extension now supports Recruiter!

That means that all the Reply features that were possible before with public profiles and Sales Navigator are now also available with Recruiter, including:

  • Single profile sync
  • Bulk email search
  • Task execution

So now you can work in a familiar environment and use complex filters (including location which is not available on public profiles) to quickly find new candidates and add them to your sequences or execute social tasks using our Chrome extension.

You can also enrich the existing contacts with the Recruiter URL along with the public social media URL.

To get started, make sure you have the Reply Chrome Extension installed.

Read more about bulk and individual email search on Recruiter here.

Reply webhooks

Today, we’re also happy to introduce webhooks in Reply ????

Webhooks are one of the ways web applications can communicate with each other. This introduces another layer of automation to your sales stack, allowing you to

  • integrate with third-party tools by calling their APIs in response to the events in Reply.
  • receive real-time notifications about events that occurred in Reply.
  • replace Zapier integrations to cut down the expenses.

To start using webhooks with your Reply integration, obtain the API key located under Settings -> API Key in your Reply account.

Read more about Reply webhooks here or explore our API docs for a deeper dive into the feature.

New Tasks page and enhanced Tasks experience

With this update, we’re bringing back the new and improved Tasks page (available in Beta or by request starting today). 

Tasks page is a unified and convenient place to manage your day-to-day task activities, i.e.,

  • creating new tasks and assigning them to your Team members and
  • selecting, editing, or deleting tasks (one by one or in bulk).

In addition to that, the new Tasks page now supports the Team edition for effortless collaboration on tasks (with shared visibility for TE Public/TE Private).

Along with the new Tasks page, we’re also introducing an enhanced experience for Task execution in Reply Chrome Extension

Now, you can also bulk execute tasks in Reply Chrome Extension. Just filter out and select tasks on the Tasks page on the platform, click the Launch button and these selected tasks will be opened in the execution mode in Chrome extension.

Learn more about the new Tasks page – its purpose, layout, available actions, filters, and more – here.

Reply Chrome extension updates

Aside from the Task execution mentioned above, we’ve added a bunch of other features to Reply Extension. Here’s a quick overview of the most significant ones:

  • Task filters – Reply Chrome Extension now allows you to filter your tasks by interval (today, today and forward, this week, last week, due tasks), sequence, and task type (to do, call, meeting, SMS) so that you can see all the pending tasks at a glance and customize your workflow better. Read more here.
  • Bulk delete – you can select multiple tasks and delete them in a single click. The prospects will be automatically moved to the next step of the sequence. Find more info here.
  • Create a follow-up task after completing a call – this will improve the experience of setting up further actions based on the call resolution. After logging a call, select an option to create a follow-up task (the task creation window will be opened with the respective contact). See how it works here.
  • Add a note to the contact in extension – easily write down important info as notes while working in Reply Chrome extension.
  • Execute manual email tasks in extension – now manual email tasks created by hand on the platform will be available for execution in Chrome extension. The layout is the same as the current sequence-generated manual email task, except you can now select the email account to send the email from.

Pass “Meeting booked” status from Reply to your CRMs (Salesforce and HubSpot) – we’ve updated our integrations so you can map “Meeting booked” status with the respective status on the CRM side to keep your data in sync across your stack.

  • Show that the contact does not have a profile URL while completing a social task — if a contact doesn’t have a valid profile URL, the action button for social tasks will be shown as “Look for social profile” (so you don’t waste your time on the tasks with contacts that don’t have the URL).

More updates coming your way soon!

There you go — a fresh dose of Reply updates to power up your prospecting efforts and streamline your daily tasks.

Make sure to check out the new Tasks page, try the appointment booking feature, and play around with the updated Extension (in case you haven’t installed it yet, get it in the Chrome store — it’s free and it’s awesome ????).

In case you’ve missed our messages, there’s also a couple of new integrations, including Integromat, an affordable and powerful Zapier alternative, and Okta, a leading identity management platform. 

We hope you enjoy using the newly added features as much we enjoyed building them for you. Stay tuned for more Reply updates.

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