Email quality check

AI-backed assistant to help you create actionable emails,
which are more likely to be opened and replied to.

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Maximize reply rates

Create better emails and make sure your text is actionable and perfect before hitting ‘Send’ button

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Get instant feedback

Check an email text in real time using 5 key parameters which will affect open and reply rates

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AI-backed algorithm

We’ve configured the AI ‘brain’ with 10M emails for accurate improvement suggestions

Create better emails with instant text quality scoring

Keep subject lines short and personal. More often, emails are opened on mobile devices where long subject lines can get cut off. Overall, subject lines with 3-7 words show better results than longer ones.

Make sure your email body is up to 125 words - these are +20% more likely to be replied to compared with longer ones of 150+ words. Long advertising or sales copies rarely get read and are usually ignored.

Make your email actionable. Ask a recipient a question to answer; two questions in the email tend to provide +20% RR (reply rate) compared with emails that don't have questions at all.

Always check if your text is easy to read. Surprisingly, emails written at a third grade reading level are most likely to get a response.

Positivity defines how positive, neutral, or negative the context of your email is. The highest response rate(s) come from emails that are positive in tone.

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