In the world where sales are the headliners of business performance being able to automate your routine workflow is extremely important. Lately I was thinking of different ways to increase my sales and scale my business to the next level and email automation tools were the ones that crossed my mind due to the fact that email was my main channel for prospecting.

I tried several options that were on the SaaS market that time to increase email reply rate, but none of them was enough to satisfy my needs.So I decided to make a team and develop software that would both save my time for routine and increase my engagement with prospects with automatic follow ups.

Why Use Automatic Follow ups in the First Place

I’ve got a lot of people asking me the same question: “Why would I use email automation to reach out to my customers?” Well, I guess, there are several main reasons I would advise to use it for:

Time saving

That wouldn’t be a surprise for you at all, but I bet you couldn’t imagine that with proper automation tool 1 sales rep can do the same volume of work than up to 50 of them would do while emailing manually plus this way you can receive good email marketing response rates.

You are still personal

A lot of people are afraid to use automatic follow ups because they think it will sound robotic to their customers. However, being able to customize every single message resolves this issue at 100%.

Statistical data

We all know that information is the most valuable resource in the world. And using tools for sales email automation lets you gather data and make changes to your pitches, follow ups and strategy in general according to this data.

A/B testing capability

Another advantage of sales automation software is your ability to perform A/B testing with no need for additional tools. Thus, you can eventually pick the perfect template for every category and deal stage of your prospects. That also helps you understand how to improve email reply rate with the right template.

Visible results

Point #3 and #4 lead us to one very important thing: experimenting with your email structure and performing tests you can easily increase your productivity and you will immediately see the results.

How it Worked for Me

So, how exactly I increased my reply rate by 241% using automatic follow ups?

Just two steps that helped me to succeed. I used Reply for sales automation because my team developed this software to feet our needs as well as possible.

First, I picked the right template after carrying out several A/B tests.

Second, I set up automated follow up emails for my prospects and made them follow up my leads up to 4 times (depending on the fact if I had some previous relationship with the person I’m reaching out for).

That’s all, in fact. And before being sceptical about this idea I dare you use the same strategy and experience the power of the perfect template and follow ups with or without automation. After you make sure yourself, the only thing left is actually choosing an automation tool to scale the results and benefit from technology once more!