Introducing Evergreen Sequences and More Reply Updates

Introducing Evergreen Sequences and More Reply Updates

Staying ahead in the ever changing world of digital business requires utilizing the newest technologies created to maximize your reach and boost efficiency.

The most recent upgrades from Reply have been carefully designed with this objective in mind. They are meant to save you time and effort while eventually assisting you in achieving higher conversion rates and more won deals.

Let’s see how you can change your outreach results with each new feature.

Keep your sequence running 24/7 with  Evergreen Sequences

Tailor-made to keep your campaign fresh and engaging, it automatically tops up your outreach list with new, high-quality contacts that perfectly match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This means you’re always reaching out to relevant prospects, keeping the conversation going without the manual work of adding new contacts.

Here’s how easy it is to start:

    • Set your ICP using simple filters in the Data view, and save these settings for your sequence.

    • Once active, your sequence self-refreshes with fresh contacts right before you run low, ensuring a steady flow of engagement.

    • Keep an eye on your data credits to maintain the auto-refill. You can pause or stop this feature anytime, giving you complete control over your campaign.

Why you’ll love Evergreen Sequences:

    • You will  focus on engaging with your leads or conducting interviews while Evergreen takes care of your outreach.

    • Enjoy a continuous stream of tailored prospects without ever having to manually update your list.

    • With a database of validated contacts, you don’t have to worry about quality or risking your domain reputation.

Try Evergreen Sequences and transform your business outreach into an evergreen success

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Streamlined management and comprehensive searches with Reply Data

Dive into a world where finding and managing your prospects is not just intuitive but also incredibly efficient, thanks to a suite of new features designed to streamline your workflows and enhance the precision of your searches.

What’s New:

    • Intuitive Interface: Navigate easily with an enhanced starting screen that showcases the most searched lists, recent searches, and the ability to quickly access saved searches. This immediate overview helps you jump back into your workflow without missing a beat.

    • LinkedIn Integration: A new LinkedIn search filter simplifies adding Professional Social Network steps into your sequences, making it easier to connect on multiple platforms.

    • Updated Contact Data: Enjoy lower bounce rates and higher campaign success rates with freshly updated and verified contact information.

    • Advanced Bulk Search: Add up to 1000 users simultaneously, drastically reducing the time it takes to build your prospect list.

    • Domain Search: Utilize a company’s domain to uncover a comprehensive list of potential contacts, giving you a full view of stakeholders within a target organization.

    • Max People per Company Filter: Refine your outreach efforts with the ability to limit the number of contacts from the same company, minimizing spam risks and enhancing the chance for meaningful engagement.

These upgrades ensure that your search for the perfect ICP is not just simplified but also more detailed, allowing for precise targeting and efficient contact management.

With these new features, Reply Data not only accelerates your prospecting process but also elevates the quality of your outreach campaigns.

Simplify your prospect discovery and management with Reply’s latest updates

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Import contacts without emails in Reply

In an era where multi-channel communication is key, Reply has taken a significant step forward by enabling the import of contacts from CSV files without email addresses.

This enhancement caters to businesses focusing on alternative communication channels like SMS, WhatsApp, calls, and Professional Social Networks, offering unparalleled flexibility in how you connect with your audience.

Now you can:

    • Easily add new contacts to Reply from CSV files, even if they lack email addresses, or choose to skip these contacts for a more email-centric approach.

    • Automatically create contacts in Reply, with non-email contacts being marked accordingly and excluded from email sequences, ensuring your outreach is targeted and efficient.

This feature opens up new avenues for engaging with your prospects across multiple channels, making your communication efforts more inclusive and versatile.

To be continued

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of our users, these updates reflect our commitment to providing tools that not only meet but exceed the demands of the modern business environment. Dive into these features, explore their potential, and join us in redefining the future of business

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