New in Reply: Email Warm-Up and Other Tools to Up Your Email Game

New in Reply: Email Warm-Up and Other Tools to Up Your Email Game


Work hard, play hard” is our team's unofficial motto for this summer! 

We finally get to enjoy our post-pandemic summer to the fullest with a 4-day work week (If you’re following our SDRs on LinkedIn, you’ve heard about this experiment. If you’re not, you definitely should! 😉). 

Well-rested and full of enthusiasm, we’ve been working hard as ever to bring you even more amazing features. This time around, we’ve put 100% of our effort into giving you more tools to take your email outreach to the next level, including:

  1. Email Warm-Up Tool for effortless and swift deliverability boost
  2. Multiple Email Accounts per Sequence (along with the ability to change email accounts in the sequence) for better flexibility within the team
  3. Improved Email Reporting to help you make sense of the data
  4. Meeting Intent Inbox Category to  make the meeting booking flow simple and scalable
  5. Email Inbox Sync to access all sent and received emails from connected inboxes directly in Reply
  6. Calls and Tasks Sync to Hubspot

Grab some iced coffee, sit back, and let us walk you through these long-anticipated updates (plus a couple more improvements).

Introducing Reply’s Email Warm-Up Tool

Even the best cold emails might end up in SPAM, especially if you’re just getting started with outreach or using a newly created email account. That is why we have in-house deliverability experts to help Reply users get their accounts ready for outreach. Yet, the process itself is still pretty tedious and time-consuming.

But it’s about to change now! With this update, we’re introducing our new Email Warm-Up Tool (currently available in Beta) 🎉 

No need to worry about your emails landing in SPAM, no wasting your time sending emails to your friends, colleagues, and family to build your domain reputation and sender score or use any third-party tools. 

Reply's Email Warm-Up Tool is a built-in feature that relies on a network of trusted accounts — real people, i.e., other users who have signed up for the email warm-up. However, all interactions between the accounts (email sending, opens, replies, etc.) are completely automated imitating human behavior in order to be considered "trustworthy" by your email provider.

This allows you to prepare your account for effective outreach with little to no effort by eliminating the routine, manual work associated with the warm-up process, while making it more predictable and transparent.

How does the Email Warm-Up Tool work? 

  1. Connect the email account(s) you'd like to warm up to your Reply account.
  2. Reply will automatically send emails to the other users. As soon as your email reaches the inbox, the system will open, reply to, and mark it as important. If your email lands in the spam folder, the service will move it to the inbox, mark it as important, and reply in different proportions.
  3. We will gradually increase the number of emails sent daily over a certain period of time to warm up your email and help protect your domain and IP reputation. 
  4. Track your results in the email warm-up progress chart or check the detailed report in the settings so you know when to troubleshoot or when your email accounts are ready to use.

Why use Reply’s Email Warm-Up Tool:

  • No need for third-party services or tools
  • Affordable pricing (currently free to use, once out of beta, the price will be $29 per email account per month)
  • Peer-to-peer sending only, no free email accounts used during the warm-up
  • Several warm-up profiles depending on your needs, e.g., warm up a new account, protect or repair the damage to your reputation
  • Professional support from our deliverability experts (Olga and Angelina 💙)

So, go ahead and give it a try! Reply’s Email Warm-Up feature is now available free by request in beta, at a monthly cost of $29 per email account once it’s out of beta. 

Learn more about Email Warm-up here.

Please, note: Only Gsuite and Office 365 accounts are currently supported.

🔥 Join a Live Training to learn more about Email Warm-Up and other Reply updates.

August 19, 1 pm ET

Multiple Email Accounts per Sequence

With this update, we’re giving you the ability to send emails from multiple email accounts within a single sequence (currently in beta).

This means you can now increase the number of emails sent while minimizing routine work. No need to create multiple sequences with identical settings and steps — add multiple email accounts to a single sequence.

The contacts added to the sequence (whether manually, from a CSV file, through API, or an integration) will be automatically allocated among the given email accounts based on the round-robin logic. 

If your sequence has several email steps, all the emails to the particular contact will be sent from the same account as the first one, unless you delete this account.

That said, you can now also change email accounts within the sequence without the need to stop the sequence and create a new one. Easily replace one email with another and still have the messages sent within the same thread starting from the next step.

To start sending emails from multiple email accounts within the same sequence, add those email accounts to the sequence first. You can do this in the Sequence Wizard during the initial sequence setup or from the Sequence page (read more about that here).

Please, note: Currently, you can add only your own email accounts to sequences, even if you are part of a Team in Reply. 

👉 To get started, sign in to your account or create a new one, go to the Sequences tab and create a new sequence. Make sure Beta mode is enabled for your account.

Improved Email Reporting

Data is the key to a successful outreach strategy. That is why we’ve been so invested in building the most comprehensive Reports experience for you to make sense of each aspect of your sales engagement efforts — be it Calls, Tasks, or Team activity.

Today, it’s time to unveil our updated Emails dashboard.

The Emails dashboard (a part of the Reports section) allows you to monitor the overall performance of email steps within your sequences by certain metrics. The key improvements include:

  1. New filters
    Use Filters to sort through the reports by one or more of the given parameters: Emails, Sequences, Members, and Time.

    • The Emails filter allows you to see the data by all email accounts, a particular email account, or any combination of email accounts.
    • The Sequences filter can be used to see the data by all sequences, a particular sequence, or any combination of sequences.
    • The Members filter available in the Team Edition aggregates the performance data throughout your team, by a specific member, or any combination of members.
    • The Time filter allows you to select the time period for displaying the statistics. You can select from All time, Last Week, Last Month, Last
    • Year, or set a custom date range.
  2. Top 10 Detailed Breakdown section
    This section of the Emails dashboard features 4 tabs — Team, Sequences, Templates, and Email accounts. These provide the performance data on your top team members, sequences, templates, and email accounts accordingly. You can use them in combination with filters and sort the information by any column for better visibility and convenience. 

You can use them in combination with filters and sort the information by any column for better visibility and convenience. 

Read more about the Emails dashboard here

Ready to explore the new Reply features? Sign in to your account or create a new one

Meeting Intent Inbox Category

Another exciting addition to Reply platform, the Meeting Intent Inbox Category can help you save hours of manual work per week and make the meeting booking flow simple and scalable.

No need to sort through your inbox looking for Interested replies where prospects agreed to book a call with you and sent back the link for a meeting. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Reply will automatically detect the meeting intent in your incoming emails and categorize them accordingly.

What’s more, you can set up an automated flow for sending an email with a calendar link to the prospect using Triggers. So, once Reply detects the meeting intent in an email, it can move the corresponding contact to a separate sequence or even a specific step in the same sequence.

Learn more about Meeting Intent Inbox Category here. 

👉Check out the Meeting category in the Inbox tab of your sequence. Sign in to your Reply account or create a new one.

Email Inbox Sync to Reply

Another notable addition to the email outreach experience in Reply is the ability to automatically sync sent and received emails from email inboxes connected to Reply.

Previously, we only synced data and replies to emails from sequences and direct emails sent from within Reply. From now on, all emails, even the ones sent or received outside of Reply, will be synced to the contact activity in Reply and can be viewed by other members of the Team to provide better visibility for the whole SDR and Sales teams.

The data will be synced for all contacts in the organization database from the moment they received the first email from Reply.

Please, note: the email data for the previous 20 days will be synced to your Reply account once you enable this feature.

Learn more about Email Inbox Sync here.

Calls and Tasks Sync to Hubspot

Wrapping up, there’s one more helpful feature — calls and tasks sync to HubSpot.

Our HubSpot integration now allows you to synchronize your calls and tasks data between Reply and HubSpot accounts in a few easy steps. This means you can have the history of completed calls and tasks from Reply recorded automatically in HubSpot. 

For more information on the integration between Reply and HubSpot, see this article.

👉To get started, sign in to your Reply account or create a new one, go to the Integrations tab and configure your Reply <> Hubspot integration.

We hope you will put all the listed features to good use. Feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions.

We will be in touch soon with more exciting updates, so stay tuned  😉 

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