Reply Updates: Email Health Checker, Pipedrive Integration, and More

Reply Updates: Email Health Checker, Pipedrive Integration, and More

While it’s said people can get used to almost anything, we can’t let the world get used to hearing horrifying news from Ukraine or get comfortable with what’s happening here.

So we continue to encourage our audience to show support for Ukraine: Protest russian aggression, raise awareness worldwide, donate to relief efforts. Find the latest info plus some of the ways to support Ukraine here.

Aside from that, we at Reply try to focus on what we do best — improving our product and adding amazing new features to help thousands of businesses grow their pipelines and generate more revenue.

So, here’s an update on what the Reply team has been working on.

Email Account’s Health Checker (Beta)

Since the launch of our Email Warm-Up last year, our team at Reply has completely changed the game for thousands of outreachers and SDRs. Using a reliable network of real accounts, we’ve been taking care of their sender reputation and email deliverability.

Right now, we’re happy to announce the newest addition to our deliverability toolset — Reply’s Email Health Checker.

Simply put, this handy tool allows you to double-check your DNS settings and avoid the most common setup mistakes with your email accounts thus increasing deliverability of your cold email campaigns.

Email Health Checker verifies the following settings:

  • SPF
  • DKIM
  • Domain age (ideally, your domain should be at least 2 months old before you start using it for cold email outreach)
  • A record (only for email accounts connected to Reply’s Email Warm-Up)
  • rDNS (only for email accounts connected to Reply’s Email Warm-Up)

All of the listed settings (except for A Record and rDNS) will be performed live once you open the Email Accounts page.

The A Record and rDNS checks are available only as a part of Reply’s Email Warm-Up functionality.

If all check statuses are OK (green), you’re ready to set up or continue your email campaigns! If you see a warning or an error on any of the items, hover over and click the corresponding pop-up. It will open the support chat widget and our team will be more than happy to help you solve any problems.

Check this support article for more details about the Email Health Checker.

Standalone payment plan for Email Warm-Up service

Along with the Health Checker, we’ve finally implemented a convenient flow for users who only need our Warm-Up but not the whole Reply platform. 

Now, when a user signs up to Reply from the Email Warm-Up page (by clicking a special link, e.g.,, their newly created account will have no access to the core Reply feature, only the warm-up functionality. This way, we’re also eliminating the hurdles for our support team with the Freemium plan.

The plan includes 30 free email accounts that could be connected to the Warm-Up service, but not used in Sequences. The user can also upgrade/purchase a regular Reply plan anytime on Plans & Billing page

Reply & Pipedrive integration out of Beta

As you may know, Reply has a number of integrations with some of the top CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Close, and Copper to help our users keep their data in sync across the toolstack and optimize their processes for better productivity. With this release, we’re excited to add Pipedrive to the list. 

The bidirectional native integration between Reply and Pipedrive is officially out of Beta after a few months of testing and tweaking.

This means you can connect the two platforms to sync contacts between them, map default and custom fields, set up filtering rules, and enable triggers for a set of events in Reply that will result in actions with deals (not just contacts) on the Pipedrive side.

pipedrive integration

To put this into perspective, here are some practical use cases you can implement right away:

  • Sync contacts from Pipedrive to Reply and push them to a sequence.
  • Use a custom filter to sync only unbounced contacts from Reply to Pipedrive.
  • Set automation triggers to automatically record activity for the person once the task is completed or create the deal and record activity for the deal if ​​the link has been clicked, etc.

Learn more about how it works in this article.

Emails dashboard filters out of Beta

Another exciting feature that is now available to all Reply users is the Emails Dashboard filters.

This feature allows you to apply different filters to the data in your Emails dashboard so you can better analyze the reports, source meaningful insights, and improve your processes accordingly. 

The available filters include Date, Members, Email Message type (automatic or manual), Email template, Company, Industry, City, State, Country, Title, Sequences, Sequence step, Email accounts.

email dashboard filters

For example, you can filter out the data to see how effective a certain email template is, how your emails perform for any set cohort of prospects (based on their industry, title, location, etc.), or how different message types work throughout the sequence.

You can read more about Email Dashboard filtering here.

Filter prospects by sending email

As you may know, Reply allows you to use multiple email accounts per sequence (up to 20). While this feature is very useful for larger teams or agencies, it might also represent additional challenges if you want to pull the contacts assigned to a particular email account.

The good news is that we’re adding the ability to filter prospects within your sequence by the sender email.

This smart filter will give you more flexibility to view specific contacts based on the sender so you catch up on them specifically. This feature will also come in handy if the user has to change the sending email for several prospects at once (e.g., when taking over a colleague’s prospects) – available with the next release.

More updates to come

We strongly encourage you to check out the listed features and share your feedback with our team. Also, feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions.

We’re working hard to bring you more awesome features and some of the long-anticipated updates in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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