July 11, 11 am EST

Cold email deep dive

Catch the shifting waves of cold emailing in 2024 in our epic virtual event!

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Send cold emails that make a splash!

About the event

Send cold emails that make a splash!

Join us for the Cold Email Deep Dive to unlock the secrets of crafting impactful outreach emails in 2024. 

With new emerging technology, trending tactics, data-backed insights, and real-life examples from top sales professionals, seize this golden opportunity to level up your cold email outreach like never before.

From harnessing the powers of AI to crafting compelling subject lines and call-to-actions, we’ll cover every aspect of modern cold emailing, empowering you to forge meaningful connections and drive significant sales growth. 

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Cold emailing trends in 2024: what’s hot and what’s not

Panel discussion
Ashleigh Early, Callum Henderson, Michael Benson
Other Side of Sales Consulting, EngageTech, Mailreef

The rise of AI SDRs: redefining cold outreach

Vlad Oleksiienko, VP of Growth @ Reply

How to Use Sales Metrics to Improve Cold Outreach

Kyle Vamvouris, CEO, Vouris


Kyle Vamvouris

CEO, Vouris

Ashleigh Early

CEO, Other Side of Sales Consulting

Callum Henderson

CRO, EngageTech

Vlad Oleksiienko

VP of Growth, Reply

Michael Benson

Founder & CEO, Mailreef

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