July 13, 11 am EST

Cold email deep dive

A virtual event for SDRs looking to master the art of cold emailing (in 2023 and beyond)

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Send cold emails that make a splash!

About the event

Send cold emails that make a splash!

Join us for the Cold Email Deep Dive to learn the secrets of crafting irresistible outreach emails. With trending tactics, data-backed insights, and real-life examples from top sales professionals, this is the perfect opportunity to take your cold emailing skills to the next level.

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From subject lines to call-to-actions, we’ll go through every step of the process to level up your outreach game and make meaningful connections with your target audience.


The state of cold emailing in 2023: What’s hot and what’s not

Panel discussion
Marcus Chan, Nick Persico, Eric Nowoslawski
Sales coach, Director of Sales & Marketing at Close, Growth @ Clay | Founder Growth Engine X

Data-backed insights on effective cold emails

Vlad Oleksiienko, VP of Growth @ Reply

Cold email teardown

Collin Mitchell, VP of Sales @ Leadium


Collin Mitchell

VP of Sales @ Leadium

Nick Persico

Director of Sales & Marketing at Close

Eric Nowoslawski

Growth @ Clay | Founder Growth Engine X

Marcus A. Chan

Sales Coach

Vlad Oleksiienko

VP of Growth @ Reply

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