New LinkedIn Integration and More Reply Updates [August 2020]

New LinkedIn Integration and More Reply Updates [August 2020]

The summer is in full swing but our team has been hard at work to bring you more amazing features and make Reply even better.

Instead of chilling by the pool (well, sometimes – in between the sunbathing sessions 😎) we’ve added a bunch of amazing new features and made some major improvements to the existing experience. 

And right now we are excited to share them with you!

Introducing our new integration with LinkedIn with four types of sequence steps and semi-automated tasks in the Chrome Extension, along with some other helpful updates.

So, grab your swimsuit and dive right in! 

New LinkedIn experience in the extension and on the web

This update is a part of our effort to expand our Sequences with new outreach and communication channels (next in line are Zapier, SMS, and manual email – so stay tuned).

Here are some details on the revamped LinkedIn experience:

LinkedIn Steps in Sequence

With this update, we’re bringing you the ability to add LinkedIn actions to your sequences as a separate step right from the Sequence setup page (instead of listing them among the rest of Task step options).

When adding a LinkedIn step to your sequence, there are 4 step types you can now choose from

  • Connect
  • Message
  • InMail
  • View Profile

When you add one of these steps to your Reply sequence, the system will automatically generate the corresponding Task for each Step. 

The Tasks can then be managed – edited, duplicated, archived, etc. – and executed from the Tasks page in the Web app or directly within our Chrome Extension (more on that below).

Please note: All current LinkedIn Tasks will be automatically converted to LinkedIn Message tasks once you enable the feature toggle.

LinkedIn Tasks in Reply’s Extension

To make the Task execution flow even easier and more intuitive, we’ve improved the Task page layout by adding the contact details/task/activity info. We’ve also implemented a semi-automated mode for LinkedIn Task execution.

The latter allows you to execute the task in just a few clicks. Here’s an example of the execution flow for the Message Step:

  1. Launch the required Task from the Tasks page in Extension.
  2. On the Message Task page, click the ‘Send Message’ button.
  3. The Reply extension will automatically open the prospect’s profile and paste the message content from the Task details (which you can adjust before sending) to the chat popup.
  4. Just click ‘Send’ in the chat popup window to send your message.
  5. The task in Reply will be completed automatically and the next one will instantly open for execution (only the View Profile tasks need to be finished manually).

Thanks to these updates, we hope to speed up your LinkedIn outreach, helping you reach 60-120 Contacts per hour 🚀

LinkedIn Tasks Create/Edit features

LinkedIn steps of any type can still be created, edited, or managed (completed, deleted, archived, etc.) on the Reply Tasks page – just like the rest of the tasks in the sequence. 

However, there are certain specifics you should keep in mind:

  1. You can only add one contact per task for LinkedIn Tasks. 
  2. The new layout currently supports text-only format with a limited number of characters (corresponding to the LinkedIn limits for certain Task types – i.e. 300 characters for a connection request message).

At the same time, the sequence logic hasn’t changed – the manual completion of a task will automatically move the contact to the next step in your sequence.

You can also create or edit LinkedIn tasks manually in Reply’s Chrome Extension. The same rules of one contact per task, text-only descriptions, and character limits apply here as well. 

In addition, the Tasks page in the extension now includes filters for all LinkedIn tasks or each specific task type. This allows you to execute tasks based on their type (i.e. connect or message  and further streamline your LinkedIn outreach efforts).

Single click Office 365 email connect, sending and receiving

One of the most awaited updates – we’re happy to announce the integration with Office 365 that will allow a single click connection for Office 365 email accounts and sending emails via related API.

This feature will help Reply customers who had previous issues connecting Outlook 365 email accounts. 

Please note: The Outlook API email sending and receiving capabilities are still in beta and being extensively tested on production by our team. But you can request access right now via our Support and Customer Success teams.

Once the email account is connected via Office 365 single click, the sending feature will be available either by SMTP or API with API (as a default option). However, keep in mind the ‘Emails Sent per Minute’ limit for each connected Outlook account (which is enabled by default).

Single click Google sign up in the Extension and on the web

To further simplify the sign-up and sign-in experience for our users, we have added the single click login for Google accounts to both our Chrome Extension and the web app. 

To sign up or sign in to your Reply account in the extension, simply click Continue with Google button on the sign-up or sign-in pages and choose your Google account with your business email. You will be automatically logged in without having to enter your email or password.

Please note: If you want to keep the option to sign in with a password, go to the Reply Web app (Settings → Account) and set a new password for your account by simply changing the current one.

The sign-up and sign-in experiences in our web app now have a similar updated workflow. The only difference is that the users who sign up via the main web app will be asked to provide additional details like Company, Company size, Business phone, etc. to complete the registration process.

New Chrome Extension setup flow

The new version of the Reply Chrome Extension has a completely redesigned setup with improved first-time use experience.

  • From now on, you only need to install the Extension itself (the Name2Email is no longer required for the email search to work). 
  • You can also use email search without registration, right after you install the extension. 

Please note: You will still need to sign up or log in to your Reply account to see the discovered addresses, save/export the data, and add those contacts to your sequences.

See the full guide on how to install and set up Reply’s Chrome Extension.

Branded links

Another much-anticipated update is the Branded Links feature. It allows you to use personal domains to customize links for opt-out, open, and click-tracking while sending emails via Reply. This feature has been finalized and is now fully available to all users.

With the latest release, we’ve updated the workflow for adding a new custom link due to the changes in MS Azure. The workflow now consists of 2 steps:

  1. Select the type of link (Opens, Clicks, Opt-Out) and enter your custom link URL.
  2. Click ‘Check’ to generate the new TXT and CNAME records – you will need to add those records to your DNS management system to be able to use that URL.

After validation, the new link will be added to the customer’s pool.

Here’s a detailed look into the Branded Links feature in Reply.

Other helpful additions to Reply platform

Reply and TexAu integration

A powerful lead generation tool, TexAu helps you automate a wide variety of manual tasks on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, and, as a result, generate high-quality leads faster.  Our native integration allows you to push that data directly from TexAu to your Reply account and put it to use with multichannel outreach campaigns in just a few clicks.

Learn more about the integration here.

Blacklisted filter

With the recent update, we’ve also implemented the Blacklisted filter to sort out the prospects that have the corresponding status. This will allow you to conveniently manage such contacts (i.e. export them in bulk or whitelist altogether).

More info on how to use this filter here.

Shared lists

Last but not least, there’s a handy addition to the Team Edition capabilities – you can now share contact lists with your teammates using Shared lists. The feature is available in the Public mode of Team Edition. 

Find more details here.

Stay tuned for more

All of the listed features are now available to all Reply users. If you have any problems enabling or using them, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team.

We hope you are es excited about the updates as we are. So go ahead and take them for a spin! 

And we will be working to bring more awesome features to you soon 💪

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