Introducing Reply and TexAu integration

Introducing Reply and TexAu integration


The two consecutive steps of any sales process, lead generation and engagement are closely connected. 

First of all, what’s the point in getting those leads if you don’t proactively engage them with personalized, tailored outreach? 

Secondly, targeting relevant, pre-qualified leads will make your outreach much more effective.

The problem here is that no business can rely on a single source of leads to fill their pipeline. There are thousands of great opportunities you can find on Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, or any dedicated lead generation platform you might be using. How do you get all of them directly into your SEP?

This is where tools like TexAu come in handy.

Lead generation made easy

TexAu is a powerful lead generation tool that helps you automate a wide variety of manual tasks on social media and, as a result, generate high-quality leads faster.

Using a simple and easy to use drag-and-drop interface, you can build custom workflows to automate some of your routine tasks:

  • Extract data from any social media platform including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, etc.
  • Perform actions like sending messages, sending connection requests, and perform cross-platform drip campaigns.

On top of that, TexAu perfectly fits into your sales stack, offering 1000+ integrations via Zapier as well as a number of native integrations - which now include Reply.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can make the two work together to further optimize your lead generation process.

Getting started with Reply and TexAu integration

The native integration allows you to push data directly from TexAu to your Reply account and put it to use with multichannel outreach campaigns.

Getting started with the integration is easy - it only takes 3 steps:

Get the API key

To obtain the Reply API key, go to the Settings tab -> API Key in your account and copy the existing key or generate a new one. 

Add the API key to you TexAu account

Go to your TexAu account -> Variables -> New variable to create a global variable for the Reply API key to avoid copying and pasting it in every Recipe you create later.

Create TexAu Recipes

Once you add the API key, TexAu will dynamically fetch the available sequences. To get started, just select the required campaign by clicking on the insert variable button. 

You can now map the email field from the Spices you have used to automatically add the leads to your sequence. Just run your Recipe to see the results.

Please note: Since the email is a mandatory field, the integration will only work with the Recipe where you are getting emails in the results of any Spice. 



How to make the most of Reply and TexAu integration

To help you understand the potential benefits of this integration, let’s consider some of its practical use cases. Namely, here are three Recipe ideas to level up your lead generation and engagement with the TexAu and Reply integration.

1. Reach out to prospects from a list of companies

If you have a list of company names in a certain domain or location, you can easily convert them into a targeted emailing list to engage with a cold outreach campaign using TexAu and Reply in 4 easy steps.

  1. Find websites by the list of company names (using Company Name to Domain Spice).
  2. Extract prospect emails from each website on your list (using Extract Emails From Website Spice).
  3. Enrich the contacts by sourcing data from their LinkedIn profiles (using Scrape A LinkedIn Profile Spice).
  4. Import those leads to a Reply sequence (using Add a Lead in Campaign on Spice)

2. Send emails to LinkedIn group members

You can also source the list of targeted leads from a relevant group on LinkedIn and engage them with a personalized sequence. Here’s how:

  1. Extract the list of LinkedIn group members - 8,000 maximum (using Linkedin Group Members Spice)
  2. Find emails for each lead on the list (using Find Email Using LinkedIn Profile Spice)
  3. Import the contacts list into a Reply sequence (using Add a Lead in Campaign on Spice)


3. Engage Quora profile followers with personal email outreach

Quora is another area of opportunity for B2B lead generation. Using the TexAu and Reply integration you can identify and engage your (or your competitor’s) followers:

  1. Save the list of profile followers - 5,000 maximum (using Extract Quora Profile Followers Spice) 
  2. Dig a little deeper by extracting all the details from those Quora profiles (using Scrape A Quora Profile Spice)
  3. Find email addresses of each lead on your list (using Find An Email Address Spice)
  4. Add leads into Reply sequence (using Add a Lead in Campaign on Spice)

Ready to take it for a spin?

Lead generation and sales engagement are extremely effortful and time-consuming tasks that however are fundamental to any sales process. 

By putting those mundane tasks on autopilot with tools like TexAu and Reply, you will be able to focus more on interacting with the engaged, warm leads and closing the deals. 

What’s more, having all of your automation tools work as a unified system, seamlessly syncing the data and triggering actions across your stack, can help you make your sales process even more efficient.

So don’t hesitate to start your TexAu trial today and see your pipeline filling up with targeted, warm leads right away!

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