AI Email Personalization Waitlist, Referral Program, and More Reply Updates

AI Email Personalization Waitlist, Referral Program, and More Reply Updates

As the leaves start to turn golden and the scent of cinnamon fills the air, sales teams are gearing up for the busy holiday season.

Just in time to kickstart your Q4 sales, we’re thrilled to share a few exciting updates that have been brewing in our product kitchen.

Cozy up and let’s dive into the latest and greatest Reply updates, including an AI-powered email personalization waitlist, AI email editing, a brand-new referral program, and more exciting product enhancements.

Announcing the AI email personalization waitlist

Ever since we launched Jason AI — our AI sales assistant — earlier this year, we’ve been working to make it more powerful and convenient to use. From improving its capabilities to handle incoming replies for you to integrating our Data product with the Sequence Wizard and auto-saving the sequences, there have been multiple product iterations.

With this update, we’re hitting another major milestone by introducing AI-powered personalization capabilities in Reply.

This means you will be able to generate unique messages for your contacts based on individual recipient’s parameters. As a result, you can make your outreach more relevant and effective, enhancing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

This will help you scale your personalization efforts and generate emails for multiple contacts simultaneously, saving a lot of time and effort. Moreover, the fact that each email you send will be unique can potentially boost deliverability, ensuring your messages stand out and reach the intended recipients effectively.

Important: The AI email personalization is currently available in Closed Beta, so join our waitlist to be among the first to try it out.

Join the waitlist to be among the first to try
AI Personalization in Reply

But there’s more AI magic in the works at Reply. The AI personalization will be released in the coming weeks with the ability to create custom intro lines for each of your prospects at scale. These lines will be personalized based on one of the two data sources:

  • Reply Data with 10+ available data points, including Industry, Company Size, Company Location, Job Title, Department, etc.
  • Social media information, including job changes/promotions, interests, or profile summary.

So be sure to save your spot on the waitlist and stay tuned for more exciting AI features coming to Reply soon!

AI email editing in Reply (Beta)

Another important update related to Reply’s AI functionality is the ability to fine-tune your email content further using additional prompts and a variety of quick commands.

Namely, once you generate your email with AI in Reply, you can also ask Jason to perform any action with it, e.g., refine the text, add more details about your project, etc. You can do that using additional prompts and default commands for text formatting.

To refine your emails with AI, simply highlight the part of the email copy that needs editing and choose the suitable commands from the drop-down list.

Currently, the available commands include:

  • Ask Jason AI: Using the prompt window, provide any suggestions or feedback for improving the text. Then click the “Send” button next to your prompt to get the improved text.
  • Fix Grammar: Instantly correct grammatical errors in your text and make it clearer.
  • Formality: Select your preferred level of formality — Professional, Friendly, Neutral — to better suit your audience.
  • Tone of Voice: Adjust the tone of your text to suit your message; options include confident, persuasive, witty, straightforward, empathetic, or a custom setting of your choice.
  • Translate: Effortlessly translate your text into various languages.
  • Change Length: Adjust the text to make it shorter or longer, depending on your needs.

Learn more about the different ways Jason AI can help refine your emails in this post.

Generate effective emails from scratch using AI in Reply

Try now

Make sure you enable Beta access in your Reply account to be the first to test the newest features.

Introducing Reply’s Referral Program

For all our loyal customers out there, there’s an exciting opportunity to get even more value with Reply. We’re launching our brand-new referral program where you can earn data credits and discounts on your future purchases by inviting people in your network to sign up for Reply.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Invite your friends to join Reply via email ✉️
  2. Once they sign up, you earn 50 recurring data search credits in Reply! ????
  3. Your friends get a 30% discount on their first purchase. ????
  4. If they make the purchase within 30 days, you get an additional 5% off as promotional credits to apply to your future purchases with ????

To learn more about our Referral program and join it to get these perks, visit Refer & Earn in your Reply account menu.

More product updates

Those are the 3 major Reply updates coming to you with the latest product release. But there’s more pumpkin spice to that latte! Here’s a quick walkthrough of other interesting features and improvements we’ve released recently.

1. Missing data handling

To ensure more accurate and reliable data management in Reply, we’ve been implementing a new approach to handling missing prospect data. With this update, we’re adding the ability to handle data gaps on the People and the Sequence Preview tabs.

  • People tab: Know exactly which variable is missing for each contact on your list and promptly add the necessary data points. You can also filter the contacts on your list by a certain missing field to make resolving those issues even quicker and more convenient.
  • Sequence preview tab: Effortlessly identify and fix the missing data fields well in advance of launching your sequence, eliminating potential issues down the road.

2. More automated social media steps in the Sequence 

To make your outreach even more effective, we’re adding more automated social media steps you can use in Reply. 

Now, not only can you send direct messages or connection requests, you can also endorse skills and follow a profile as a touchpoint in your sales engagement sequences. Both new automated steps offer a subtle but powerful way to establish personal connections with your prospects at scale with little to no manual effort.

Aside from the listed new automated touchpoints you can now use in Reply, there’s one more improvement related to our social media outreach functionality. In addition to being able to monitor Connection Statuses for the prospects in your sequence (which we announced a few months back), you can also filter out all contacts with a certain status using our new smart filter.

3. Adding an email account right in the Sequence Wizard

New Reply users can now seamlessly add an email account right within the Sequence Wizard for a smooth and uninterrupted sequence creation flow. No need to go to settings or add your accounts in advance. Simply start setting up your first sequence and add your sending account along the way.

4. Notification about an expired credit card

Once your credit card expires, you will automatically see a notification reminding you to update your payment method information to keep your sequences running. This helps prevent any payment issues and related service interruptions.

5. Booking Link variable

To streamline and simplify email template management for account admins, we’ve added a dynamic variable for the meeting booking link. As a result, each SDR will have their unique booking link automatically added to the template they choose. No need to create separate templates for individual team members, you can save time and effort, ensuring a more efficient team collaboration within Reply.

6. “Contact finished sequence” option in Triggers

One of the most tedious tasks that our users used to do manually — handling contacts that completed all the steps in the sequence — can now be automated with our latest update. Just set a Trigger to remove or move it to another sequence and forget about the manual task.

7. Filter contacts by email provider

You can now also filter contacts on the People page by email provider. This is a great addition to the recently released feature that allows you to match the sender and recipient by the email provider. This can also simplify the analysis of the open/delivery rate for each provider.

To be continued

These are the most important Reply updates to date. We hope you enjoy our AI personalization along with the rest of our minor enhancements. 

Be sure to try out these features and join our referral program to share the love with your network.

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