Reply Updates: Introducing Jason AI, Data Product out of Beta, and More

Reply Updates: Introducing Jason AI, Data Product out of Beta, and More

Along with the first spring flowers comes a new batch of product updates from our team at Reply.

We teased some of the upcoming features in our last announcement back in December. Now, just some 2 months later, we’re ready to take the first step into the future of sales development with the first B2B sales assistant powered by ChatGPT – Jason AI – and other important updates.

Meet Jason AI – the first B2B sales assistant powered by ChatGPT

Like many of you, we’ve been blown away by ChatGPT – its power and all the new opportunities it brings to the table. It has already helped us level up a ton of our internal processes and tasks. But we’ve felt like we’ve only scratched the surface of its capabilities.

What started as a fun experiment, soon turned into a game-changing pivot for the whole product.

And today we’re thrilled to introduce Jason AI – the first B2B sales assistant powered by ChatGPT, built into our core product.

Jason AI combines all the AI-powered features available in Reply, both old and new, offering the best B2B email experience ever and making it an intelligent everyday assistant for SDRs.

At its core, Jason AI brings to the table three key capabilities:

  • Generates unique emails from a prompt
  • Generates tailored sequences for any business use case containing multiple steps and touchpoints 
  • Generates answers to the incoming emails on your behalf

Simply put, Jason AI relies on advanced AI capabilities of ChatGPT to create unique emails and outreach sequences from scratch (a capability that we’ve previously announced as the Magic Sequence experience). So, instead of coming up with new templates, A/B testing different options, and picking the right channels, you can have Jason do it all for you using the power of AI and insights from millions of top-performing templates sent through Reply.

Most importantly, Jason AI can also handle the incoming replies on your behalf. This feature relies on our established categorization system and ChatGPT capabilities for text generation to automatically create a suitable response based on the email content. This includes the following common scenarios:

  1. Booking meetings – Jason will include your calendar link when replying to emails with the corresponding intent.
  2. Providing more details – if a prospect asks for more information about your product or service, Jason will instantly provide them with the details they need.
  3. Handling “Not now” – Jason AI will respond with a proposition to talk later and inquire about a more suitable time.
  4. “Not interested” replies – Jason AI can help you address the most common objection and provide counteroffers.
  5. Forwarding requests. If it turns out that you’ve reached out to the wrong person, Jason AI will inquire about the appropriate contact.
  6. “How are you different?” – Jason AI can provide your prospects with a detailed explanation of how you differ from competitors.
  7. Reschedule a meeting – Jason AI seamlessly handles your prospect’s request to reschedule or cancel a meeting.

And that’s not all! Jason AI can handle various types of responses, almost like a real human.

Generate sales emails, sequences, and handle replies without lifting a finger

Get started

Try Jason AI for free with our 14-day trial

Each generated response will be saved as a draft or sent immediately based on your settings (so don’t worry, you’ll still have full control of the process). This way Jason AI can make sure that all of your incoming emails are handled in a timely manner and not a single opportunity falls through the cracks.

Still scared of the AI takeover? Our proofreaders will double-check the generated (anonymized) texts to ensure the best quality of the results, avoid any mistakes, and train our model. 

Another important note here is that Jason can write emails in any style in 50+ languages (or translate your existing templates to the recipient’s native language) to help your team members reach out to anyone in the world. If you have prompt-creating skills, you can use Jason to improve, rewrite, change a tone, and create your perfect email!

Besides the listed capabilities, Jason has also adopted a bunch of existing AI features in Reply, including:

  • Inbox sorting (by intent)
  • Email scoring 
  • Improving email copy

As you can imagine, the business value Jason AI can offer is hard to overestimate. It can skyrocket your efficiency in daily tasks and save a ton of time – exactly what we’ve always strived to do at Reply! So we’re excited to see you use it.

Coming soon to Jason AI

In the coming weeks, we will be adding integration of data search for audiences and contacts into the AI-generated sequence experience (expected to release by the end of March). This will tie Jason AI and our Data product into a single – even more powerful – tool to automate your prospecting from A to Z. So stay tuned 😉

Reply Data available to everyone

We’ve always been looking for ways to make prospecting easier. From sharing hands-on tips on  how to find business leads to building Name2Email and Email Finder extensions, we’ve come a long way to now officially launch our own B2B contact database – Reply Data.

Reply Data is a brand new addition to our platform that allows salespeople, SDRs, founders, marketers, and recruiters to easily find and connect with leads, candidates, and partners. In a nutshell, it is a B2B database containing over 140M contacts with exhaustive information, like email, phone number, location, industry, company, revenue, etc. 

But the best part is that Reply Data is now available to everyone – free of charge!

How to use Reply Data

  • Find the right audience – sift through the database using 10+ filters, including Industry, Company Size, Company Location, Job Title, Department, etc. You can save search history and use the same filters with a new search.
  • Save the contacts – add them to a list in Reply, export via CSV, or move to a CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive or any other tool you prefer (using Zapier, Make, Integrately).
  • Start engaging right away – you can move the saved contacts to a suitable sequence in Reply and connect with them through multiple channels.

Read more about this feature here.

Build laser-focused prospect lists for free with Reply Data

Try it now

New bounce handling rules (in Beta)

One more important update concerns the new rules for bounce handling, aimed at both keeping our users’ deliverability high and making it easy to manage sequences with high bounce rates.

From now on, instead of suspending a sequence indefinitely if it hits 15% all-time bounce rate, Reply will monitor bounce rates on a daily basis. When a sequence reaches an 8% bounce rate for any 24-hour window, sending first-step emails will be temporarily suspended. This limit will be automatically lifted after 24 hours, the bounce count will be reset, and the sequence sending will resume.

This will prevent your sequences from exceeding an 8% average bounce rate and you will have full control over your sequences without having to migrate data to a new sequence due to high bounce rates.

Wrapping up

Here you go – some new and exciting Reply features to test! Take Jason AI for a spin and dip your toes into our database. We hope you find these additions valuable and can’t wait to show you what else we have in the works;)

As always, your feedback is much appreciated, so let us know what you think.

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