New in Reply: Inbox Updates, Enhanced Chrome Extension for Contact Search, and More

New in Reply: Inbox Updates, Enhanced Chrome Extension for Contact Search, and More

It’s been a while since we last shared product updates with you. But don’t you think that we’ve been chilling by the pool for the past two months! 

Despite the usual 4-day workweeks during the summer, we’ve been working hard on a number of major improvements for the platform, right in time for business to go back in full swing. And we’re thrilled to announce a part of those updates today! ????

Let’s unwrap the latest Reply product news, including a valuable addition to our Consolidated Inbox and a major revamp of our Chrome extension.

Social activity in Consolidated Inbox (Beta) 

The public release of the Consolidated Inbox earlier this year has been a major milestone for the whole team as well as a huge improvement for all Reply users. This unified space to manage prospect email conversations helped hundreds of sales professionals save time and facilitate collaboration in handling replies.

However, as a part of the multichannel sales engagement platform, it lacked one important element — the ability to manage sales conversations that happen outside of email, specifically on social media. But that changes today!

With our latest release, we’re adding the ability to manage your professional network communication in the Consolidated Inbox (currently in Beta).

The Inbox in Reply is seamlessly integrated with your social media account so you can effortlessly manage and respond to all your incoming messages from a single, unified hub. Whether you’re a solo user or a team, you can now view threads, reply to messages, and sort the most important chats directly in the Inbox.

This should drastically reduce the time to handle replies from social media touchpoints in your sequences. Moreover, being able to collaborate with your teammates on those replies can speed up the process even more. 

So if your team already uses Reply’s Consolidated Inbox, you can now use it for your professional network messages as well. 

To make your experience with Reply’s Inbox even smoother and more enjoyable, you can choose the layout you prefer — a standard option (showing the list of all threads) and a half-opened view (displaying the list of threads and the panel with an opened thread).

Learn more about the social media messages in Consolidated Inbox here. 

Easily monitor Connection State and Sending Account for selected prospects in your professional network

As you might know, the social touchpoints you can use with Reply aren’t limited to direct messages only. You can also send connection requests to extend your professional network and build personal relationships with your prospects at scale.

For this reason, we’re adding the ability to track the progress of these contact requests for each prospect within a sequence.

This should help you stay informed about the progress of your connection requests, allowing you to instantly see when each request is accepted. As a result, you can easily understand the outcome of each interaction with your professional network.

To check the connection request state, open the People page from the top menu and navigate to the Contacts tab. You can also access the same tab by opening a particular sequence and navigating to the People grid. Here, you will see three additional columns with the profile you sent the connection request to, the status of the request, and the account the request was sent from.

Please note: If the columns are not shown in the grid, click on the three horizontal dots in the right corner of the grid and then check the corresponding columns to make them visible.

For more details about connection states see this article.

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Announcing Findy — revamped Chrome extension for enhanced contact search

As a sales engagement platform, we’ve always strived to offer our users the best experience value for money with a versatile toolset — from sequences and deliverability features to various data sources for prospecting. The latter resulted in our own Data product (which we’ve significantly improved over the past few months, doubling the number of available valid emails).

Moreover, you might already know about and use our Chrome extension. It’s been around for a while helping thousands of SDRs find and engage with prospects on the go.

We understand the pivotal role that efficient data search plays in the daily tasks of SDRs and recruiters, and our mission is to consistently enhance our tool to cater to your evolving needs. So with this update, we’re excited to introduce the latest iteration of our Chrome extension, designed to elevate your prospecting experience

What’s new in our Chrome extension?

  1. Safer and faster contact search. We’ve optimized our extension to seamlessly integrate with these platforms, ensuring you get the most accurate results in record time.
  2. Accounts enrichment. Our revamped data search feature will help you not only retrieve essential contact details but also enrich your accounts, providing a holistic view of your prospects.
  3. Reimagined user experience and design that is not just visually appealing but also intuitive, ensuring that even the most complex tasks feel effortless.



With features tailored for email and phone number search and the ability to save data directly to Reply, we’ve ensured that every aspect of our extension adds value to your workflow.

How to get started with the Findy extension?

The updated version of our extension hasn’t been uploaded to the Chrome store yet, but you can already install and use it in just a few easy steps. 

  • Download the extension zip file here.
  • Right-click on the downloaded zip file and choose Extract All option. Select a convenient file destination, somewhere it won’t be moved from after the installation.
  • Enable Developer Mode in Chrome — go to the Extensions page in your Chrome, in the top right corner of your browser click More > More tools > Extensions or just paste chrome://extensions/ into your address bar. Then, turn on the Developer mode switch in the top right corner.
  • Load extension into Chrome — locate the unzipped extension folder named li-prospect-finder that contains the manifest.json file. Drag and drop it anywhere onto the Extensions Chrome page to install.
  • Click the extension puzzle icon next to the address bar and pin the extension for quick access whenever you need to use it.

Read more about Findy and get more detailed installation guide here.

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More product updates

With a more powerful Inbox and revamped contact finder extension, the presented product updates can already give you a head start getting ready for the busy season. But there are more changes to explore. Here are just some of the highlights to be aware of.

  • Changing the order of columns on the People and Accounts pages. You can now easily rearrange the basic columns on the People and Accounts pages for your convenience using drag and drop. This option is available for everyone.
  • Contact stages and stages conditions in triggers. You can manually set contact stages, keeping your communications organized and improving your sales effectiveness. You can also automate actions with the new Account created trigger condition for New stage account automation as well as leverage contact and account stages as Then conditions to automate actions based on specific stages. Learn more here.

And there are two more exciting features that are now out of Beta and available to everyone.

  • The ability to pull contacts from Reply Data directly into the Sequence Wizard for seamless setup flow. No need to import your list or connect external data sources — easily find the right contacts and add them to the sequence in a few clicks.
  • Autosaving Magic sequences. Never lose your progress while creating a sequence with Jason AI. With our auto-save feature, your sequence draft will be saved as soon as there’s at least one step in the Sequence Wizard. 

To be continued…

These are the major product updates in Reply so far. We hope you enjoy the extended Inbox capabilities and take our updated Chrome extension for a spin. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions, require any assistance, or run into any issues.

And stay tuned for more updates and product news coming your way soon! ????

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