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Sat Sindhar

Sat Sindhar

Managing Director

People™ is a UK-based company that provides cloud-based HR software for a unique administration system that optimizes the HR procedures within a business.


Sat Sindhar Sat Sindhar

Sat’s core area of expertise honed over the last 25 years has been firmly grounded in the fields of Business Operations and Human Resources.

The Challenge

People™ is a UK based company that provides a cloud-based HR system which grants professionals a smarter workflow and helps grow their careers.

The software created by People™ is a unique administration system that takes creative care of the HR procedures within a business and is made up of all the things HR software has been missing over the years.

We use Reply to build a predictable pipeline and complete both inbound (mostly used by their competitors) and outbound processes.

Reply is used to find prospects that may be interested in our solutions.

The Solution

We decided to use Reply to find the right prospects and offer them an innovative solution in the field of HR. The problem was, many companies that needed our services were either unaware of the fact that something like our product existed or simply didn’t have time to explore possible solutions.

So, the main purpose of Reply for People™ was to get in front of those companies and increase their sales rate significantly due to using both inbound and outbound channels to connect to their leads.

With Reply we set 8-10 appointments per week. This is 10% of all appointments we set in whole company per week.

Sat Sindhar, Managing Director
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The Overview

Before using Reply, we used mass mailing to contact our prospects without the use of email automation software, which was very ineffective and in the end was not working out for us. We also tried to use different kinds of CRM systems, bulk email tools, and email marketing solutions.

However, there was nothing that met all of our needs. Those tools didn’t give us a clear understanding of how to achieve outbound sales.

Reply was the only email automation software we found with the ability to automatically opt-out prospects from a sequence of messages. Because of the high volume of emails sent and the high probability of human error, to opt out replies manually was not a method we wanted to employ.

With 5 salespeople using Reply, we increased engagement and awareness of our solution and were able to reach people we would never reach otherwise.

The Result

We have been using Reply for months now and found it to be very cost-effective for our sales team. The ROI is strong and the cost of acquiring customers is much lower than via advertising channels.

Real statistics was also one of the biggest advantages of Reply, an ability to see what does or does not work for the right away and the ability to make changes on the fly.

Eventually, we came up with two magic rules for outbound sales: having a high-quality list of leads and a great email template. So, we stuck to the combination of a Data Aggregation Tool + Reply. We also benefit from providing tutoring for the sales team and taking Peter O’Donoghue’s Predictable Pipeline course.

With Reply, we were able to generate an extra $15,000 of revenue during the first 3 months using our cold email campaigns and to generate another $5,000 of monthly recurring revenue on software subscriptions.

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