Women in Sales

Closing Deals in Heels

As the host of Closing Deals in Heels, Kayla is dedicated to empowering women in sales and helping them achieve their goals in the industry. Through insightful interviews with successful female sales professionals, she shares tips, strategies, and experiences that will inspire listeners to take their sales game to the next level.

Elizabeth Yang Show: Social Sales Strategy for Diverse Leaders

The host, Elizabeth Yang, Social Sales Monetization Strategist, will cover topics from how to practice Inclusive Social Selling across genders, races, and cultures to increase happy sales to mindset tips for how diverse leaders can show up online confidently, and more. Her goal is to help you expand your brand online so you can increase your income, invest more in causes and communities you care about, and impact more lives through your work and wealth.

Standing in The Arena

Ready to develop first-class sales skills that will help you grow your business? You landed in the perfect spot. Join high-ticket sales coach and female entrepreneur host, Keeley Hubbard, as she shares her best tips and strategies to help you learn to love sales. Keeley brings 17+ years of sales experience and a track record of over $800M in revenue as a high-level executive.

The Revenue Engine

Each week, Revenue Operations expert Rosalyn Santa Elena shines the spotlight on founders, CEO's and Revenue Leaders from hyper-growth companies and dives deep into the strategies they implement to drive growth and share their learnings through the process. Rosalyn brings you the most inspirational stories from revenue generators, innovators and disruptors, as well as Revenue Leaders in sales, marketing, and, of course, operations.

Selling for Yourself Podcast

Selling for Yourself: a guide for non-sales people, hosted by Renee Hribar, is about making sales easy and fun. Renee Hribar has sold millions of dollars in products and services and trained thousands to sell for the first time. This podcast is specifically designed to help women-owned seed startups with that initial lift to get their business, their offers, and profit margins off the ground and running toward their goals.

Women Making Big Sales

Women Making Big Sales is a show where Melinda Chen shares with you practical sales strategies and tactics to help female business owners land more business clients and close 5 or 6-figure sales. Remember, we sell better, TOGETHER.

Crush It In Sales

Weekly personal development podcast hosted by Melinda Van Fleet that shares tips, tools, stories, and interviews on growing your business and achieving sales success in a way that feels good and you can help others.

Building Online Sales Success

‘Building Online Sales Success’ with UK expert Rachael Howourth, is for the ambitious service-based entrepreneur looking to achieve that freedom, impact, and income you set out for in your quest for living your best life. The show discusses your most profitable business models, growing audience engagement, getting fiercely visible, truths about the online coaching world, and collaborating with fellow experts in their fields, to bring you honest, tried, and tested advice for you and your business.

The $100k Sales Method

The $100k Sales Method was developed by sales expert, Ryann Dowdy. Ryann spent 15 years on the corporate space before deciding to pursue entrepreneurship. Since then, she's successful grown two 7-figure businesses by implementing the proven sales tactics she teaches in the $100k sales method.

Transformed Sales

On The Transformed Sales podcast, you will learn from sales managers just like you who will give you actionable insights and tips on how to develop as a leader and achieve your revenue targets every single month. The guests will give you information and inspiration to ensure that you have actionable insights that you can put into place today.

The Smarter Sales Show

Sales in a numbers game... and a relationship business. Join Merit Kahn and Julie Holmes every Wednesday, for tech and technique solutions to your biggest sales challenges so you can sell more and stress less. If you are an entrepreneurial sales professional always on the hunt to close more and bigger deals, with less effort and time, this is the show for you.

The Inspired Selling Podcast

This is a show for SME’s and Sales People who are selling to bigger businesses (B2B) and want to make more sales by attracting the right clients, with the right message, in the right way. This is a no fluff podcast, with the sole purpose of helping you be the best you can be and at the same time having a positive impact on your clients.

Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead is a podcast for B2B Tech professionals, leaders, and executives who are looking to learn and be inspired. In each episode, Christina Brady interviews top female icons who are at the forefront of revenue teams. Through highlighting their unique stories, journey, wins, and challenges, Taking the Lead helps tech professionals understand the industry, trends, and how to navigate the B2B Tech landscape.

Social Selling Simplified

How do I sell on social without being salesy or slimy? How do I reach new customers without sending "hey gurrrl" messages? Automate my online business and increase my sales with the clicky clack of a few buttons? These are just some of the big questions that leading online marketing & social selling expert, Ashley Shaw, digs into in the highly anticipated podcast, "Social Selling Simplified".

Social Selling Made Simple

Social Selling Made Simple with Marki is the place for REALTORS® to learn how to use social media and tech, so you can sell more homes and help more people. Each week you'll hear real conversations with industry leaders, successful agents, coaches and social media experts, who break down their best strategies to attract clients online.

Simplify Your Sales Podcas‪t‬

On the Simplify Your Sales podcast, the host, Morgan Nield, takes your most pressing Etsy marketing questions and dives deep into the tips, tricks, and step-by-step strategy to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. She covers topics like Pinterest marketing for Etsy sellers, Etsy SEO, social media strategy for ecommerce, productivity, motherhood + business (yes!), and more.

She Sells Radio

Each week, join Elyse Archer, mentor to female business owners and sales professionals, as she shares strategies and ideas on how to sell in a way that feels natural and aligned for you as a woman, break through the six figure income mark, and use your money in a way that creates real, positive change in the world. Because when women make more money, everyone wins.

Selling To Corporate

In a time when the corporate world is spending over a trillion dollars per year on external vendors and suppliers, the podcast will show you how you can be creating, selling, and delivering high ticket, high transformation offers to corporate organisations. So if you're a service based small business owner who is ready to learn the power of consultative selling to corporates, tune in.

Selling Social

Selling Social is your go-to podcast as a female entrepreneur with a massive desire to leverage social media to Sell a product, Sell a service, or Sell your knowledge/expertise. Join the hosts Sydney Lich & L’Erin Kelly on their mission to help you increase your sales, grow your income, and create more time and financial freedom while doing it.

Sell Without Selling

Join the host, Stacey O'Byrne - a sales, life mastery & leadership trainer - as she explains the art and science of how to sell without selling.

Sell Like a Mutha

No List. No Website. No Problem! Renee Hribar guides motivated, intelligent women through the "sales talk" so they regain their power and retain their kindness! With her one-of-a-kind "laugh & learn" teaching style, you will certainly walk away with a new view on the "softer side of sales” when you become one of her students.

Scale Your Sales Podcast

Scale Your Sales is a weekly podcast, dedicated to learning from amazing experts and influencers to help you on your journey to Scale Your Sales. A show created for B2B executives, sales leaders, key account managers and customer serving professionals, to engage with lively conversations on customer experiences, strategic revenue growth and modern sales know-how.

Sales Strategies with Shanelle

Listen and learn sales strategies with Shanelle, each and every Monday here in podcasts and on Youtube. Shanelle is equipped with over a decade of commission sales strategies, specific to women and she shares all of her strategiesl with you! From selling oxygen to humans at booths, phone sales, to 5 years in door to door sales and running successful door to door sales teams, she has seen and sold it all.

Sales NOT Selling

A podcast on how to be successful at sales while still being your authentic self. Stacy Garrett has created short podcasts that will give you quick tips and tricks to help you in sales and business. Topics include follow-up, communications, super-sizing your sales, referrals, goals and so much more.

Sales Maven

Do sales conversations make you feel awkward or pushy? It’s time to ditch the outdated salesy strategies. Nikki Rausch will show you how to combine kindness with selling skills to meet your prospects where they are. And in the process, how to uplevel your influence and income.

Sales Made Simple

Sales really is simple! It doesn't have to feel desperate, sleazy or pushy, nobody likes that right, ergh! Each week, the host, Helen Walker, breaks down what feels like complicated sales strategies so you can easily implement them in your business, attract your ideal client and make more sales.

Sales is NOT a Dirty Wor‪d‬

In this value-packed podcast, creator of the Matchmaker Sales method™, Aleasha Bahr, brings on expert guests with refreshing, alternative views on sales and reveals secrets normally only available in her high-end 1-on-1 coaching.

Sales is Not a Bad Word

Hosted by Erika Eastham, the show explores what sales and communication is really about and how it affects YOU.

Sales Insights with Sarah

In the world of business, sales can often be overlooked and undervalued, even though it’s the very thing that keeps us ‘in’ business. In this podcast, Sarah Downs will openly share the good, the bad and the ugly of her entrepreneurial journey to date and also interview others to share their own sales insights.

Quota Crusher Podcast

The Quota Crusher Podcast is hosted by the CEO of Sales BQ, Mary Grothe. She is not holding anything back on these episodes. Mary and her guests will share all of their knowledge on how to be a #1 Sales Rep. Each episode will have a different topic diving deep into the process of how to crush your quota.

Quantum Revenue Expansion

Ready to double your sales? Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to double, triple and quadruple their sales in a short amount of time—so you can do the same!

Predictable Prospecting

Tired of wondering where your next lead will come from? What if you had a reliable, and predictable, source of new potential customers coming into your sales funnel each month? The podcast explains how some of the best sales leaders in the industry are creating consistent, and measurable procedures to bring in fresh, qualified leads to their sales funnels each and every month.

Sales Prospecting Made Easy with America's #1 Sales Coach Tamara Bunte

Over the past 20 years, Tamara has excelled in the world of coaching, working with top peak performers and inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. Tune in to learn the proven & profitable action steps to increase your sales.

Master the Sales Game

Mastering the sales game can be hard when you don’t know the rules. Selling more than $600 million, Susan McVea shares weekly proven sales strategies to help expert coaches & consultants grow & scale your sales. Want to sell with more ease without the sleaze, this is the show that will teach you how!

Live it Love it Sell i‪t‬ (The Human Conversation Podcast)

Jules White, award winning international sales and business coach. The Human Conversation Podcast is where she shares her knowledge with others in an inspirational way that creates a lifetime of value.

Let's Talk Sales

This is the podcast for anyone who’s interested in growing sales! Tune in to hear business leaders, authors, and coaches share their best practices for sales leadership. The show is hosted by Elizabeth Frederick.

K2 Sales Podcast

Join Karen Kelly on the K2 sales podcast where she speaks with sales/marketing leaders, business owners and top performing sales professionals to break down what mindset, behaviours and actions are contributing to game changing results. This podcast will provide tactical steps that can be applied immediately to your specific, role, team and company that will put you on the path to elite performance.

Heart Sells! Podcast

Heart Sells! is the podcast for heart-centered, ambitious entrepreneurs who want to serve more people, grow a business they love, and create the lifestyle of their dreams. Christine Schlonski presents sales success stories of world-class entrepreneurs to inspire you, help you to thrive in your business, and sell authentically from your heart.

Golden Rule of Selling

This podcast will help you gain confidence so you feel more comfortable picking up the phone to make those scary prospecting calls. After listening to this podcast, you will be able to start treating YOUR customers with the Golden Rule: Treat them the way they want to be treated!

Conversations with Women in Sales

Women in Sales is a podcast dedicated to becoming the best resource in the world for female sales professionals. Every episode will feature a woman in sales that’s doing incredible work, and each guest will share practical advice for advancing your sales career.

Conversational Selling

The Conversational Selling podcast brings together successful sales leaders, executives and entrepreneurs, and experts to share successes, challenges, and what’s working now in sales management, outbound sales and prospecting, and marketing. It’s your GO-TO resource for insights from the world’s most effective and innovative sales leaders.

Ace the Sales

On this podcast, Roshni Baronia, a certified Strategic Sales expert, share sales expertise and biz growth mantras curated for women entrepreneurs. These are practical advice and management lessons on selling skills, strategies, and mindset to bring more ease, structure, and clarity to your sales process. She also interviews small business owners to deep dive into the sales strategies that have helped them grow their businesses.

Women in Sales Podcasts

The world of sales is expanding, and women are at the forefront. It's both inspiring and remarkable to see their numbers rise, and what's even more intriguing is their knack for consistently crushing their sales quotas.

Today, there are countless successful women in sales from all industries and walks of life, each contributing to the positive trend toward greater gender diversity and empowerment in the field. 

Lucky for us, some of these acclaimed women in sales podcast their journeys and teachings to inspire and educate other aspiring sales leaders. Whether it's closing deals with finesse or mastering effective outreach, women in sales keep thriving in the ever-evolving and complex sales landscape.

We’ve handpicked our favorite sales podcasts for women in business looking to gain practical insights and discover real-life successes and challenges that the modern-day sales world entails. They bring relatable yet unique perspectives and experiences, making each episode a treasure trove of insights.

We've witnessed a remarkable surge in the presence of women in business podcasts over the years. In fact, there are so many great women-led podcasts out there that it took us ages to sort through them all! 

While some of these podcasts are designed specifically for women in sales, others are created for the general audience but hosted by some of the most renowned women in sales leadership. 

Empowering all sales industries and niches with their expertise, women in sales and trading play a vital role in shaping our dynamic market landscapes with innovative thinking and a dedicated commitment to excellence.

For instance, those of you passionate about game-changing software can find dedicated podcasts of women in tech sales, with insightful stories about merging sales strategies with the latest technology. 

Explore our curated selection of the best podcasts for women in business and sales specifically for a source of inspiration and skill enhancement on your personal journey to success.

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