Useful Content Useful Content

Use this template to establish a connection with prospects by providing highly relevant content and offering to discuss how your product can be valuable in that specific area.

Old Post Update Offer Old Post Update Offer

Offer to update and expand the content on a high-authority resource in exchange for a do-follow link to your website as a part of your SEO efforts.

Use Own Product Use Own Product

A concise and attention-grabbing email template highlighting how your product helps your own businesses grow and inviting the recipient to explore its potential for their own business.

Outreach Automation Outreach Automation

Make use of this concise email template for cold outreach to connect with prospective companies, emphasizing your product's value proposition and social proof.

Ruby Dev Ruby Dev

Reach out to top Ruby engineers with a personalized email from the CEO, expressing interest in their GitHub profile and inviting them to explore exciting opportunities at your company.

Appreciate Cold Follow-up Appreciate Cold Follow-up

A concise and attention-grabbing email template for following up on a previous email, expressing appreciation, and inviting the recipient to learn more about your product.

Problems They Face Problems They Face

Pick this email template to engage potential clients by acknowledging the challenges they face and highlighting how your company can help with an appealing value proposition.

Compliment Compliment

Sometimes the best way to break the ice is with a genuine compliment. Check out this email template that compliments the recipient’s company website design before getting straight down to business.

Hobby Outreach Hobby Outreach

Check out this personalized outbound sales email template linking your recipient's hobby to your product’s value proposition to spark interest.