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The 5 Best Cold Sales Blogs To Become An Expert


While the principles of sales may stay the same, the actual strategies and tactics don’t. What worked a few years ago now seem hopelessly outdated. When it comes to sales, if you’re not right at the cutting edge, you’re going to struggle to make quota. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of cold sales. New technologies come and go, and the scripts and subject lines that used to work like magic can’t even get a single response. 

To become a true cold sales expert, you need to keep sharpening your skills. The good news is that it’s easy to get an education from some of the greatest minds in cold sales, all for free, just by stopping by the right blog. Here are the best blogs for cold sales experts to read, all with the Reply stamp of approval.


Who: LeadFuze is lead generation software that aggregates the world’s professional data and the companies they work for, to give you an easy way to build the most targeted, and accurate list of leads imaginable.

Why you should check it out: According to the site, “Justin McGill is the Founder of LeadFuze and is determined to kill the cold call. We plan on doing it with punchy, to the point, easy to implement tactics, drenched with useful visuals. Informal, personal, conversational tone.”

The blog’s divided into helpful categories like Behind the Scenes, Lead Generation Strategies, Sales Skills, and Sales Terminology. Along with Justin, you’ll be able to read insights from the rest of the LeadFuze team along with guests. The posts themselves cover everything you could want to know about cold sales, from getting started to top-level strategies. You’ll find articles on overall best practices alongside questions on specific practices. Whether you want to top-up your cold call skills or you’re wondering about personalized images in emails, you’ll find something for you here. 

Top cold sales post: Email Subject Lines: 5 proven methods for mastering sales-centric subject lines

A quick read from Josh Sloane, with advice on how to write better subject lines that you can start putting into practice right away, including lessons from click-bait and experimenting with emojis. 

Sales Hacker

Who: Sales Hacker has become the world’s largest community for B2B sales. Max Altschuler, the company’s founder and CEO, is also the VP of Marketing at Alongside their events and conferences, they also produce free content (including blog posts) at 

Why you should check it out: The site is a fire hose of information, with new top-notch content published throughout the week. This is produced in more categories than I’ve seen before, covering every conceivable aspect of the sales process, from technology to psychology. Again, Max has plenty of guests adding their expertise. Whatever your role in cold sales, whether you’re just starting or managing a team, you’ll benefit from a visit to the sales hacker blog 

Top cold sales post: Cold Outreach Pro Tips (6 Horror-Movie Villains You Don’t Want to Be) 

A guest post from Becc Holland, which manages to combine an entertaining perspective alongside genuine insights you can use in all of your cold outreach. I’ll certainly be careful to avoid being like Jigsaw in my next email…


Who: Salesflare describes themselves as a simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B. It’s a zero-input sales pipeline tool, with no manual data entry required.

Why you should check them out: While many of the other blogs mentioned offer general sales advice, Salesflare caters specifically to small businesses in the B2B space. The blog reflects that, with plenty of posts designed to help small businesses grow. For cold sales experts working in this niche, you’ll find plenty of high-quality posts put together by the team. Posts vary from giving a concise overview of a topic to in-depth guides and masterclasses, all of which with plenty of pics and gifs to break up the knowledge bombs. 

Top cold sales post: The Subtle Art Of Following Up With Automation 

The Salesflare Growth Strategist, Gilles DC, has produced one of the most complete and comprehensive guides on follow-ups, answering every question you ever had and a few more besides. The level of detail makes it perfect for cold sales experts. 


Who: G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is a resource for business software and services reviews. In their own words: “We’re changing the way decisions are made. Until recently, selecting business solutions was hard, risky, and inherently biased. G2’s real-time and unbiased user reviews help you objectively assess what is best for your business.”

Why you should check them out: Come for the software reviews, stay for the sales advice. While many of us have probably used G2 to check out what tool to add to our sales stack, they have far more to offer. Their learning hub covers a wider range of categories, including design and productivity, but they also offer plenty of posts on sales that can help you level up from a range of experts (including Reply’s very own Lucy Literado!). 

Top cold sales post: Avoid Bad Sales Practices With Psychological Email Techniques

In this post, James Riddle goes beyond the surface level tips and tricks and delves into the underlying psychological triggers that we can use to write more effective cold emails. 


Who: Hubspot offers marketing, sales, and service software that “helps your business grow without compromise.” 

Why you should check them out: Hubspot has built a reputation for producing a serious amount of education content around the sales and marketing space. Along with their certifications, they also offer plenty of blog posts. The presentation is great, with plenty of templates and examples to help you get started, or infographics to visually convey tricky subjects. I particularly liked that not only can you filter by topic (Marketing, Service, Website and, yes, Sales), but you also have the option to see the topics relevant to your expertise. So, if you head on over to their Sales Process section, you can go through the process from beginner to intermediate to expert level. 

Top cold sales post: 5 Reasons Your Objection Handling is Falling Short (And How to Fix It)

In this post, Jeff Seely dives into how to handle objections, something that is going to come up a lot in cold sales. Learn how to handle objections without getting defensive or becoming negative.


Cold sales is always going to be a challenging field, but you can make it easier by staying on top of the latest trends and strategies. By regularly investing time into learning from others and sharpening your skills, you close more cold sales with better prospects. Making the time to read blogs like the ones above will help you to become a true cold sales expert. 

While I love all the above sites, a post about helpful blogs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning you can find everything you need to know about cold sales, from tutorials to templates, right here on the Reply blog. Have a look through our recent posts and be sure to sign up to hear about the newest posts first. 

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