Intelligent Email Sorting

Benefit from Reply’s AI-backed algorithm that automatically categorises your replies.
Check out the ‘Interested’ folder for the hottest leads!

AI-backed algorithm

Reply automatically identifies the context of the response and sends it to the relevant folder of the Inbox

Default categorization

Emails are sorted into six default folders: Interested, Not Interested, Not Now, Do Not Contact, Forwarded & No Reply

Custom folders

Want more categories to send responses to? At Reply, you can create your own custom folders – as many as you need

How we can help


Focus on hot leads from the ‘Interested’ folder – these are the prospects interested in further communication. Try Zapier triggers to automate communication flow.

Not interested

Check this folder for prospect who are not interested in your offer or messaging. You can ignore them or move to a re-nurturing campaign later to warm up them.

Not now

Prospects from this folder are potentially interested, but probably missing budget or the timing is not right. Engage with them later by sending to another campaign.

Do not contact

Prospects who wish to opt-out and do not to receive more emails from you fall in this category – the ‘Opt out’ status automatically is applied to them as the campaign status.


Your initial email was or will be forwarded to a third person. Most likely, the person who got the email wasn’t the right one for further communication on the topic.

No reply

The prospect(s) didn’t respond to any email from the sequence. The best option for these contacts is to change tactics and send them to another campaign.

Get your emails sorted automatically

while you focus on the hottest leads from the ‘Interested’ folder

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AI algorithm behind the feature

Reply’s AI algorithm detects the initial intent and context of the email with over 90% of data accuracy for correct categorization.


The algorithm assigns specific category to an email, so that sales reps can focus on further communication with prospects who interested and ignore others vastly improving their results.

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