Email Validation

Benefit from Reply’s secure email validation feature to ensure your emails are
delivered directly to the Inbox folder, without falling into spam

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Three levels of validation

Maintain the highest delivery rates of your email campaigns and get rid of invalid or risky emails

Free validations

Benefit from free email validation during CSV file import and before emails are sent

Paid email validation

Initiate full email validation (by more than 30 checks) to ensure your emails never fall into a spam trap

Maximize deliverability rates with built-in email validation

Validation during CSV import

During import from a CSV file, Reply automatically checks all contacts’ emails for validity against Reply’s internal database. Free of charge.

Email syntax validation

Reply checks the syntax of emails during campaign processing (before emails are sent out), marking them invalid if any issues occur. Free of charge.

Paid email validation

Once initiated, Reply verifies an email by more than 30 parameters on deliverability, bounce rate, and other criteria.

System notifications

After the system validates the emails, you will receive a notification in the notification area. Reply marks email addresses as Valid, Risky and Invalid.

Email validation statuses


The Valid status means that the verification was completed and no high-risk factors were detected.


The Risky status means the recipient’s email exists, however it may still result in a bounce.


The email address is considered as Invalid if there are syntax, DNS or Mailbox errors found.

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