How SDRs can drive engagement and lead conversion with interactive content

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91% of prospects prefer interactive content over static. Marketing with static PDFs and slides will simply leave you behind the competition. Earning our prospects’ attention requires our content to stand out.

Join us to learn how engagement and lead conversions are driven by creating content that is visually striking, asymmetrically navigable, multimedia in nature, simple on the surface and yet comprehensive in its depth, and enables CTAs at any point along the buyer’s journey.

Alex Shevelenko

CEO at Relayto

🔹Founder of RELAYTO, the first experience platform for interactive documents & presentations. Not all docs are created equal.
🔹 MD of Glocal Partners: advisory for innovation across borders. This is where we incubated RELAYTO/
🔹 Cloud Pioneer: pre-IPO at SuccessFactors (exit to SAP for $3.4B) &
🔹 Advisor: growth & marketing projects leader @ Oliver Wyman
🔹 Student & Mentor: Stanford MBA, Penn BSE, BA, speaker on Idea Science™ method
🔹 Author (upcoming): The Experience Is The Message. How To Turn Ideas Into Conversations & Actions