Rules of Affiliate Promo, q2 2024

50% affiliate commissions

One Apple Vision Pro to one top affiliate partner per quarter (based on net new revenue)

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Duration: Apr 1, 2024Jun 30, 2024

Who’s eligible to enter?

  • Existing Affiliate Partners.
  • New Affiliate Partners

Promo Duration

  • April 1st to June 30 2024
  • After June 30 sales commissions change to:
    • For existing partners – their prior commissions that they had prior to April 1st
    • For new partners joining April 1st to June 30 2024 – 15% commission for 1 year.


  • Commissions are paid for 1 year from the moment a referral purchases a subscription of or until they unsubscribe, if the latter happens sooner than 1 year expires.
  • Commissions are paid only on the cost of subscription, add-ons excluded
  • Payouts in Partnerstack are delayed by 2 months on average from the moment of transaction taking place.

How to qualify?

  1. Register in Reply’s Affiliate program on Partnerstack if you haven’t already
  2. Get your affiliate link in Partnerstack.
  3. Share your affiliate links with your audience.
  4. For every NEW referral subscribing April 1st to June 30 2024, get rewarded 50% for 1 year.
  5. The affiliate with the highest net new revenue at the end of Q2 2024 wins one Apple Vision Pro!

Who doesn’t qualify?

  1. Deal not valid for partners offering discounts to their referrals.
  2. Deal not valid for partners with custom incentives other than affiliate commissions;
  3. Deal only applies to new customers buying a new subscription from April 1st to June 30
  4. Existing customers re-subscribing (including under a different email ID) – will be removed from the list of referrals and the partner will be removed from the 50% commission promo.
  5. reserves the right to disqualify submissions .

How many articles should I publish?

You can make as many articles as you want; the main criterion is the number of new paid referrals you bring during the contest’s duration.

We encourage you to explore our content library to publish content that’s highly sought after by’s target audience

All communication will be conducted through email newsletters and our leaderboard.

Winner will be selected based on the total amount of revenue they generate from new paid referrals they bring during the contest duration.



If you have any questions, concerns, or disputes, please contact