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Join hands to accelerate sales with Reply native functionality - Team Edition.
Available for all subscription types at no additional cost.

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Team Collaboration

Collaborate over prospects, campaigns, schedules, and templates within the team, and see detailed statistics of each team member.

Workload Management

Manage workload between team members and specify permissions by choosing between Public or Private modes within the Team Edition.

Account-Based Selling

Designed to supercharge account-based selling in teams - collaborate on prospect and company levels for better outreach.

What customers say
Finally, we can effectively collaborate on campaigns, prospects, manage schedules and perform account-based selling.

Collaborate within your team on prospects and campaigns. Depending on the mode (Public or Private), you can see the list of campaigns which belong to your teammates as well as campaign stats. The team owner can change the campaign owner and transfer contacts from one team member to another.

Depending on the mode (Public or Private), you can see prospect activities, current and historical campaigns, statuses in each campaign, emails sent to the prospect and prospect replies during communication between a team and a particular contact.

Explore filtering options to see your own prospects or those which belong to the company of you team member.

Manage team schedules on the organization level to send emails according to a specific delivery window. You can schedule specific weekdays and time frames to let Reply know when to send emails within your team campaigns.

Your best performing email templates are constantly available to your team or you can donate them to the community. Create as many templates as you want and use them for certain campaigns or all of them.

Create a library of campaign templates according to best practices in your industry for your team or use Reply’s pre populated templates.

Prevent your team from contacting unwanted prospects and companies by blacklisting contacts and domains on the team level.

Public mode

Ideal for non-hierarchical teams focusing on transparency and teamwork. Teammates can see the whole list of prospects and campaigns - create, edit, and delete prospects; access communication history about a particular prospect in the Contact Sidebar.

Private mode

Designed for teams with a hierarchical structure, with a team lead managing workload and permissions. Team members cannot access campaigns and contacts that belong to their teammates or use folders, filters, or integrations created by another team member.

Accelerate sales within your team

Make the most of the team work and maximize efforts to accelerate sales in Reply

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Teamwork on Account-Based Selling

Tune and coordinate ABS with Reply: once a decision maker is reached, the system notifies a Team owner or automatically pauses prospect in all campaigns or all contacts within the same organization in the account.

  • Filter prospects by clicking on the account or domain.
  • Pause a single prospect in all campaigns when a reply is received.
  • Pause all prospects from the same organization when any prospect from this organization replies in any campaign.

Team chat

Coming soon
Stay in touch with your team in real time whether you're in the office or on the other side of the world - collaborate on prospects and campaigns, share thoughts and ideas, or just say 'Hi!' to your teammates

Team Owner tools

Management tools: permission pages (Private and Public), ABS setup, campaign and prospect ownership assignment.

Step-by-step wizard to navigate the team owner through the Team Edition launch process.

As a bonus - automatic prospect duplicates and blacklists merge for current Reply users.

Admin features

User removal policy

To remove a member and their data from the team, prospects, campaigns, schedules, and templates should be assigned to other members prior to removal.

Team Management

Team owners have the ability to enable Team Edition functionality right from the Reply account if needed.

Team activity logs

With team mode enabled, most actions of team members will be logged and can be requested via Reply Support.

Some articles to help you start

Learn more about Team Edition functionality that lets you create a team, collaborate over prospects, campaigns, etc.

Explore our step-by-step guide on how to enable Team Edition feature within your Reply account.

Ideal Team Edition mode for non-hierarchical teams focusing on transparency and teamwork.

Designed for teams with a hierarchical structure, with a team lead managing workload and permissions.

In Private mode, regular members can see only the campaigns and the prospects, which they own.

Team Edition provides you with the following options that will help you with the account-based sales.

Email Automation

Reply takes care of your drip campaigns by automating email outreach workflows with your prospects and customers

Analytics and Tracking

Stay ahead of the game by tracking your campaigns’ progress with detailed in-depth campaign stats