Top 10 Writing Tools for an Effective Email Campaign

Top 10 Writing Tools for an Effective Email Campaign


Email marketing is one of the pillars of contemporary marketing.

With its global reach and various customization possibilities, it is perfect for companies to address a large number of potential consumers.

This is extremely important if we bear in mind that email communication doesn’t seem to lose pace.

On the contrary, as much as 269 billion business or consumer emails are sent or received each day in 2017, with the numbers only expected to grow in the next four years.

“In such an email-oriented global market, it is crucial to create and conduct an effective campaign to make business successful.”

Email campaign strategists are looking for new ways to approach consumers. They modify message contents and target specific groups or even a few persons, using state-of-the-art tools to increase user engagement.

In this blog post, we will check out the top writing tools for an effective email campaign.

What makes the campaign successful?

With thousands of email marketing campaigns active all the time, it is hard to differentiate your own style and think of something revolutionary. Recent research revealed that an average user sends and receives more than 120 emails daily.

That’s why email marketers tend to implement small but important improvements to existing campaign features. In general, modern email campaigns add value to old models through new and more convenient features.

Let’s see a couple of fresh examples in that regard:


Writing emails doesn’t mean that you have to write all the time. It is completely legit to use other forms of communication, such as GIFs. They are very attractive due to their simplicity, clear message, short format, and humor.

Postmates use this model to create extraordinary emails, both entertaining and effective at the same time. Once you get to see their email messages, you will immediately wish to order one of their food specialties.


Runkeeper is an app which serves to boost encouragement and prevent runners from giving up. It gives the users motivation to keep working.

Their friendly approach to email communication makes a great ice-breaker to introduce consumers to new app elements.

“It may sound too simple but it actually works - users need but a straight and friendly message to engage.”

They are open and write freely, using informal communication to get closer to the app purchasers.

Runkeeper proves that simple and minimalistic approach is often the best.

Top 10 email writing tools

Since email marketing campaigns became extremely important for all sorts of businesses, it is no wonder that many writing tools were invented to help entrepreneurs write better emails.

These tools give you alternative solutions and fresh ideas, which is why you should consider using them to improve your campaign.

Investments in email marketing really pay off, as reports suggest that ROI reaches $44 for each dollar you spend on your campaign. Here are the top 10 writing tools for email campaigns!


Google Keyword Planner

Search engine optimization rules the Internet nowadays, so everything you do should fulfill some basic principles of this process. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool which analyzes the keywords you have in mind and makes suggestions to boost your PPC advertising.

Once you search the desired keyword, it will give you an overview of synonyms and phrases that are most suitable for your business. It also provides a feedback on competitors and their keywords, product types, and other relevant data.


Constant Contact

This tool is an all-around marketing helper. It’s like an Outlook manager that reminds you of all things you need to do to make a successful campaign.

From event announcements and product launch to social media messaging and attracting user information, Constant Contact is always there to support you.

The tool is perfect to help you gain new followers, especially when you are preparing for the upcoming event. And when you use its editor, it allows you to customize any given template in order to fit the preferences of your target group.



If you need a well-written email, aimed at distinguished and eloquent clients, you may as well use some external help.

This type of email campaign, with somewhat more demanding rhetorical skills, can take too much time and drag you away from everyday duties. In that case, Essaygeeks help its clients by writing a very suitable and precise email messages.

All you need to do is give their team clear instructions and you will be surprised to see how efficient this tool is in providing you with distinguished mail content.



Infusionsoft is a great tool to help you grow your small-sized business. It provides companies with all sorts of relevant data based on traffic analysis, earlier email communication, browsing history, and clicks.

It can suggest a more personalized approach, which attracts new leads and encourages bigger customer engagement.

Infusionsoft monitors your email activities to the smallest detail and sets you free from unnecessary workload, enabling you to concentrate on the most important parts of marketing campaign.



When you are dealing with large contact groups but don’t want to send generic emails, Vero is your app of choice.

It personalizes the content that you send to users, focusing on their specific interests. This is crucial because brands that customize marketing campaigns to fit purchasers have 27% higher unique click rates.

It is not the simplest writing tool but it is definitely one of the most efficient.



Everything you need to know about email marketing, you will find at the Litmus Community page.

According to page creators, there is no better place to ask a question or clear your doubts regarding any email-related topic.

“Unlike the vast majority of social groups or platforms, Community is full of experts in the field who are willing to give you valuable advice 24/7.”

If you find yourself stuck and unable to develop a decent marketing solution, simply ask for help. Community maybe won’t give you ideal answers each time but it will at least provide you with a new point of view to get you started.



Whenever you write professionally, it is important to remember good ideas that strike us all from time to time.

However, you can’t control your inspiration, as creative ideas show up mostly when we don’t expect them. Evernote knows this very well and it gives you a way to overcome the problem.

You can use the tool to make a reminder, write down a short message, or create any other kind of note. The most important thing is that you will not forget it.

Additionally, you can access Evernote storage from any device because it is compatible with all types of online platforms.



Although modern business adopts some more casual features, it is still very important to play it professionally all the time.

This is especially the case when it comes to written communication.

Therefore, you as an entrepreneur are not allowed to make writing mistakes in email campaigns.

Grammarly is the best tool that can help you deal with this problem. Just copy and paste your text to the dashboard and you will see what you should correct.



When you are running a serious business, delivering thousands of emails on a daily basis, you need a more complex tool.

That’s where MailUp steps in. It ads automation to the process, setting you free from caring about every single email that you have to send.

MailUp is taking care of sending mails, keeping it all on time and determining the frequency of messages sent to users. In case you demand more features, you can also ask for personalized advice with a broader scope of options.



Receiving an email is only the first step of the consumer journey.

If you want to know the number of clicks inspired by your messages, or how they convert into user engagement – try Interakt.

It detects relations between multiple communication and interaction channels, providing you with the full-spectrum analysis.

This app is great if you need a variety of tools to capture potential buyers and turn them into regular customers.


Contemporary businesses are impossible without email marketing campaigns. However, it is not easy to come up with fresh ideas and attract users in a traditional manner.

It takes a full set of tools to make a reliable email campaign. Writing tools are crucial here, as they give entrepreneurs all sorts of input and information on how to create an efficient strategy.

We gave you the overview of top 10 such tools, so make sure to use this guide to improve your email marketing. It will pay off big time!

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