Warm-up, Deliverability, Reputation [LiveTraining Session]

On demand

Businesses often focus so much on crafting the perfect email that they forget one bitter truth – it will all be for nothing if the message won’t reach the recipient’s inbox. 

Our customer success webinar will focus on email warm-up and deliverability to help businesses maintain a positive sender reputation and avoid the many obstacles along the way. 

The CS live session will cover: 

  • Email warm-up – importance and actionable tips 
  • Protecting your sender reputation 
  • Email deliverability best practices 
  • How to configure inbox filters 
  • Automatic DNS check (beta)

Stefanie Jenkins

Director of Customer Success, Reply

Experienced Customer Success professional with a strong background in the information technology and services industry. Stefanie has been leading the CS team at Reply for the past 4+ years.

Joshua Melo

Client Success Account Manager, Reply

Proactive Success Manager with over 10 combined years of experience in live, online and telephone customer service. Joshua has been helping customers get the desired results with Reply for the past 6+ years.

Lina Podgaina

Email Deliverability Manager, Reply

Seasoned Email Deliverability Manager responsible for keeping Reply’s email communications fully functional, safe, and effective. Angelina has been a part of the Reply Customer Success team for over 2 years.