Reply & Leadfeeder: 10 creative outreach plays to book more meetings


Gone are the days when you could simply shoot a “proven template” you’ve found online at a prospect and get a reply. The same applies to most traditional outreach channels as well.

The competition for the prospect’s attention is fierce. As a result, SDRs are getting more creative in an attempt to cut through the noise.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your sequences too, join Reply and Leedfeeder for a free masterclass to explore 10 creative outreach strategies that will help you book more meetings.

The webinar will cover:

  • 10 creative outreach strategies and why they work
  • The tools you need to use for each one of them
  • How to adopt the same strategies, step-by-step workflow
  • High-performing templates you can copy and customize
  • How to analyze and optimize their performance

Thijs Schutyser

Business Development Manager at Leadfeeder

Thijs has over 7 years of sales and marketing experience helping companies set up and implement sales and marketing processes with the help of the Leadfeeder platform.

William Oleksiienko

SDR Team Leader at Reply

With 6+ years of experience in the field, William is in charge of all things sales development at Reply, building creative outreach strategies for personalized engagement at scale.