7 Cold Email Frameworks to Boost Your Reply Rates [Reply Masterclass]

June 6, 12 PM EST

Tired of your cold emails getting left out in the cold? Struggling to stand out in a crowded inbox?

Join us on June 6, 12 PM EST for a free masterclass on cold email frameworks to boost your sales engagement. 

Vlad Oleksiienko, our VP of Growth (formerly – the SDR Lead) will be sharing some of the most effective tactics used by the top sales teams, along with the key takeaways on why they work and how to adopt them using AI.

The event will cover:

  • proven cold email frameworks from the top sales teams
  • real-life use cases and email templates
  • using AI to customize and implement these templates
  • industry best practices and useful tips 

Vlad Oleksiienko

VP of Growth, Reply

With 6+ years of experience in the field, Vlad is in charge of the entire sales development machine at Reply. He is keen on building creative outreach strategies and experimenting with different approaches for personalization at scale.