The First Premiere of 2017: Reply Launches Quick Direct Calls

The First Premiere of 2017: Reply Launches Quick Direct Calls


Although the winter holidays are over, the Reply team still has one more long-awaited gift for you — Direct Calls are now available!

As has been said before, email drip campaigns are the core of any outreach process — whether it be sales, recruiting, fundraising, or any other industry you’re a part of.

However, personal communication via the phone is crucial for building new relationships.

Reply’s Direct Calls easy-to-use functionality lets you quickly get in touch with contacts in the outreach process by making phone calls between you and your prospect using the VoIP system.

Connect with your contacts directly within Reply using Direct Calls functionality.

All you need to do to connect with your prospect is to click the Call button in the prospect Detail View. Once clicked, Reply makes a bridge call using a dedicated VoIP number calling your number first, and after that, calling your prospect once you take the phone call. Make sure your prospect’s Phone field contains a valid phone number, otherwise the Call button will be inactive.

If you are looking for more information or specifics in regards to this new update,
hop into our live chats and request a demo.

Request a Demo

Reply supports Direct Calls to 100+ countries; moreover, you can choose local phone numbers within 30+ countries, which is so important when you need to reach out to some of your contacts abroad.

Choose a local phone number to connect with your contacts and customers

Living in the US or Canada? Great news for you! You can choose local phone numbers within the particular state or province to become even closer to your contacts.

Having gone over how to operate the new system, let’s go over the pricing model. The price depends on the country of the routing number - you can learn more about tariffs here. For more details please contact our support team in chats or email to

Reply Direct Calls functionality is a quick and effective process and we are glad we found the right partners to bring you the service. This new feature is sure to add even more value to your well-tuned Reply campaigns, and will only serve as a positive in your future outreach.

Oleg Campbell

Founder @ Reply
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