Top Follow Up Practices for Enterprise Customers

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Real enterprise-level sales experts must have all the required skills at every stage of the sales route, from both prospecting up to following up. Top sales experts should realize that much time is usually invested in sales and closing deals. Successful follow ups are the cornerstone of every relationship. Therefore, they must do their best when the time for a follow up comes.

The greatest content and follow ups

The situation is the following. Your company spends much money for both content and marketing. Many managers usually try to restructure marketing content for follow ups. We should not use this method. Real sales experts can simply utilize the content that is already produced by the marketing department of your enterprise. You should understand that they use both analysis and info to generate evidence-proved content. Therefore, sales expert are to make the best benefit of it.

There are cases when your company is too big, and it becomes uneasy for a salesman to find and use applicable marketing content they need at the moment. You can always solve this problem with your social media accounts looking at your customers’ comments and knowing what they care about. This tool will also help a salesman in tailoring those suggestions to every definite sales situation. Finally, due to this marketing tip the company will get all the required info about the content.

Measuring the efficiency of your follow ups

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The founder of The Wackel Group, Tim Wackel, suggests 4 techniques for sales experts to measure the efficiency of their follow ups. They are:

  • Never put it off. Always remember that all your prospects are as well the competitions’ potential clients. Thus, you should always keep your word. To ease this task, use sales automation software that will help you set up everything once and then just enjoy the process.
  • Ask really important questions. Though for real sales professionals it is very vital to listen, nevertheless, when you ask important questions, your prospects know that you keep focus on them.
  • Be determined, but not annoying. Always remember that all your follow ups should carry additional value when your positional client is in the decision-making process.
  • Say “no” when you need to. If you have made up your mind to stop the conversation, just get in touch with your potential client immediately and tell him the truth.

Solutions for the best follow ups

A well-known sales trainer for LinkedIn, John Barrows, states that it is never easy to follow up successfully. Notwithstanding the fact that there are a few similar sales situations, and they are always different, John Barrows proposes top-5 solutions to deliver the best follow-ups. They will definitely enlarge chances to start advantageous communication.

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1. Always ask if you can contact them while adding up an additional value without being irritating. You may just ask your prospect the best time to communicate.

2. Get to know the most suitable way of communication with your prospect. On this stage it is high time for you to be precise. Being asked such a question, your client will be committed to a definite stage of responsiveness. There are cases when prospects immediately tell the salesmen how to title your mail to get it opened.

3. Always remember to end your talks with a distinct following step. In the process of conversation with your prospect mark the next time of your connection on the calendar.

4. Remember to have a motive to contact your client. Please, bear in mind that it you have no serious motive to contact your clients, they may never talk to your any more. Just find out a reasonable and vital reason for contacting them. It will help your clients realize that you are a serious sales professional and always focus on them.


To crown it all, no magical method exists guaranteeing the best sales follow up in history. However, we are sure that the practical usage of both sales automation software and all recommendations will allow closing more deals with the valuable use of follow ups.

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