3 Reasons to Be Excited for Reply 3.0

Since the inception of Reply many months ago we have slowly introduced new features to the system, but the overall look and feel of the app has remained pretty consistent. That’s about to change! We’ve been listening to your feedback and now it’s time to start revealing what we’ve been working on.

Reply 3.0

Let’s skip over the technical details (We’re saving that for a different post) and jump right into it! Here are 3 reasons to get excited about upgrading to the newest version of Reply!

People Finder:

Any good cold outreach campaign lives or dies by the quality of your contact list, and in order to create a good contact list is to know exactly who it is you’re reaching out to. That’s where our new People Finder tool comes in.

You can now find new contacts from directly within the app and connect instantly with the people most interested in your services. You can search by Company, title, experience or a number of other different values to find the person that perfectly fits your ideal lead profile.

People Finder

Our People Finder uses 2 types of credit; People Credit and Company Credit. People credits are used to purchase individual email addresses (if you know precisely who you need to be talking to) while Company credits can be used to buy entire company databases (if you’re less sure).

Once an email has been purchased you will have access to it forever, no need to continue rebuying the same information. If you accidentally delete the contact from your People page, the address will still be available from our finder for free.

Prospect Activity:

Keeping in line with finding the perfect lead, our new suite of features surrounding prospect activity will go a long way to ensuring your outreach success. In the previous version you had to export tracking data to keep consistent records of your campaign progress. Now we will keep the entire history for you to view whenever you’d like.

In addition to the campaign history, you will also be able to see the entire history (all past communication and interaction) with a prospect from within the app. The new version offers a whole new level of detail that our users can analyze in order to further maximize their cold outreach campaigns.

Reply 3.0: invite team member

Sales reps and recruiters don’t spend enough time with each individual client to learn everything they need to know in order to answer every question a client can come up with on the spot. With our new history feature, all of the information recorded on the clients will be available in real time allowing for more personalization and customization.


We are changing the way we integrate with other systems. Right now it is not clear enough how our integrations work, despite the guides in our support section. In terms of the user experience, there is no clear way to understand what the system does from within the UI. With the new integrations we will offer a much clearer visual experience that will outline which steps need to be addressed in order to get the most out of your CRM.

Reply 3.0 Integrations

Long time customers will have a much easier experience with the new system and new users will not have to face the same barrier to entry as the original UI. No more fiddling around with field names and wondering if the sync will go through, everything is laid out to provide the smoothest experience possible.

We’re also integrating with more CRMs than ever before, offering more opportunities and opening up our system to even more users.

And More!

This is just the beginning of our unveiling of Reply 3.0. We will have a steady flow of information released over the next few weeks outlining in greater detail what the new version is all about.

And the best part about the new version is that it will continue to grow as even more of your feedback comes in, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment telling us what we can improve on (or how impressed you are, we know how to take a compliment).

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