17 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for SDRs

17 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for SDRs

The days of sales reps grabbing a phone and working their way through the yellow pages are thankfully a thing of the past. Today’s SDRs make full use of the latest tools and technology to find prospective customers, and reach out and qualify them.

Still, all the trendy apps in the world won’t help you if they’re hidden away. Chrome extensions bring the very best apps right to your browser, so they’re never more than a click away. 

Here are 17 essential Chrome extensions for SDRs that cover every aspect of the sales process.

Chrome extensions for prospect research

To be effective, messaging must be tailored to your prospect. However, that’s only possible if you can get to know them and what matters to them. These Chrome extensions will help you find all the details you need to connect with potential prospects.


Yes, we’re leading with our very own Chrome extension, but with 80,000+ users we’re not the only ones who think it’s pretty neat. Reply’s free Name2Email extension can find and verify anyone’s email address right in your Gmail.

Using it, you can build laser-focused lists and engage those prospects with automated outreach campaigns. 

To find anyone’s email address using it, simply type the person’s first and last name and a corporate domain in the “To:” field in your Gmail composer window. Name2Email will automatically generate several email options, highlighting the correct ones.

Once email address has been found, click on it and it will be inserted into your recipient’s “To:” field automatically.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a popular extension that displays useful information about your Gmail contacts, directly in your inbox. This includes their job title, location and social media profiles, along with business and financial details. You can also take advantage of Clearbit’s database to find completely new prospects and their contact details.

One concern is that, at the time of writing, the extension hasn’t been updated since 2020, so ongoing support may be an issue. However, as long as it still works it can provide a huge advantage. 


Technographics are increasingly important, especially for companies selling complementary or competing solutions. The WhatRuns extension is an easy way to find out what’s going on under the hood on any website, from developer tools and ad networks to WordPress plugins and themes. 

SDRs will particularly enjoy the ability to follow websites and get notifications of any changes, whether it’s a new framework or uninstalling a plugin. This can help you build targeted, intent-based sequences to reach out to your prospects with relevant messaging at the perfect time. 

Notion Web Clipper

Whether you’re trying to learn more about a prospect or looking for fresh industry insights, SDR research will usually involve going through lots of different websites. Manually capturing all that information can be time-consuming, but with the Notion Web Clipper you can save any page on the web to your Notion workspace. 

More than just saving information, Notion helps you implement what you’ve learned. Once you’ve saved a web page you can add the information to a dedicated project, turn it into an action item, and assign it to a teammate.

Chrome extensions for productivity

Sales is one of the few careers where your compensation is largely based on your performance, making productivity a priority. Whether you work remotely or in an office cubicle, there are always plenty of distractions. These Chrome extensions will help you focus on your sales activities to get better results.


Todoist is one of the most popular to-do list apps around, used by over 25 million people to organize their day, collaborate on projects, and plan for what comes next. The Todoist Chrome extension brings added functionality to the app. 

For example, you can easily add websites to your tasks, whether that’s a prospect’s site you want to research or a new blog post you can share with leads. You can also use the extension to organize your list, from planning out your day to ticking off completed tasks.

Toggl Track

The first step to making the most of your time is understanding how you’re currently spending it. The Toggl Track extension puts a timer in your browser so you can see exactly what you did with your day. 

One of the best features is the direct integration with over 100 popular web tools, including Slack, Trello, and Asana. Simply start the timer and the app will automatically record the task and project details in your Toggl account. You can also use the extension to set Pomodoro timers, a great way of overcoming procrastination and getting started on your to-do list.


Most people find it easier to be productive when they have a clean and tidy workspace. This applies to both your physical and digital space; it’s difficult to find the information you need when you have tons of tabs open in your browser. 

The Workona extension helps by helping you organize and manage your tabs. You can easily suspend, rearrange, and save tabs, organizing them by project to maintain focus without missing any details. Automatic backups mean you’ll never have to worry about losing your work again, while the sync feature means you can access your tabs from any device. 

Chrome extensions for writing content

Whether you’re sending a LinkedIn invitation, an SMS, or a follow-up email, even the most persuasive messaging will fall apart if it’s full of typos and other mistakes. These extensions will help you write your outreach with confidence. 


Far more than just a spell check, Grammarly for Chrome helps you with grammar, punctuation, and clarity. It’ll point out commonly confused words, analyze the tone of your message, and help improve your vocabulary. The extension checks your writing in real time across multiple apps — from Google Docs and Gmail to Facebook and LinkedIn — offering corrections and suggestions to make your message more concise and compelling.

Grammarly isn’t a substitute for good writing; it won’t catch every possible mistake and not every suggestion will be correct. For example, Grammarly is adamant that I should’ve written “Sales are one of the few careers…” earlier.  However, the real value comes in getting a second set of digital eyes on your work, so you can be confident that your prospect’s attention will be focused on your message, not the typos. 


Anyone who’s ever written any kind of sales message knows the struggle of staring at a blank screen. Sometimes forming even the simplest sentence can seem impossible. Enter Wordtune, an AI-powered writing companion that understands what you’re trying to say, then suggests ways to say it better. 

By considering the context and semantics of your message, Wordtune helps you rewrite your work with alternative words, phrases, and sentences. You can choose what kind of tone and length you’re aiming for and the Wordtune extension will get to work. 

You can even write your first attempt in a different language and get your suggestions in English, ideal if you’re more comfortable expressing yourself in another language. Wordtune frees up your mind so that you can focus on your message, rather than worrying about the exact words you should use. 

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Chrome extensions for managing customer relationships

Your relationship with your customers is your most valuable asset. The following Chrome extensions can help with this core part of your sales activities. 

Streak CRM for Gmail

Customer relationship management (CRM) is so important that most salespeople rely on dedicated CRM software. Streak CRM cuts out the need for separate software and brings CRM functionality directly to your Gmail inbox. 
Whether you’re working from your desktop or checking in on your mobile, Streak integrates with Gmail and other Google Workspace apps (including Google Drive, Sheets, Chat, and more). It’s also suitable for collaboration, allowing you to work together and share customer information with the rest of your team.

This is more than just a database of names though. Streak automatically records essential details from your emails, lets you know when leads view your emails, and notifies you as they progress through the pipeline. With a free plan available to get you started, there’s no excuse not to have a full CRM in your inbox.   

HubSpot Sales

Thanks to their free plan and a large suite of sales tools, HubSpot Sales is one of the most popular CRM solutions available. With the Chrome extension, you can manage your contacts and get all of the other benefits of the CRM in Gmail. 

With a free account, you’ll get access to email tracking, CRM management, meeting scheduling, and the ability to create and share email templates. If you’re on a paid plan, you’ll also be able to use their automated personal outreach. 

Reply users can get even more out of the CRM with our HubSpot integration.


Billed as the ultimate email productivity tool, Boomerang adds extra features to Gmail to take your emails to the next level. While Gmail already allows you to schedule emails to be sent later, Boomerang adds email tracking (to see when a prospect has opened your message) with a reminder function for more effective follow-upsYou’ll also get access to an AI-powered writing assistant that’ll analyze your emails and predict how likely it is that they’ll get a response.

For productivity though, Inbox Pause is a lifesaver. Rather than getting distracted every time you get an email, Boomerang allows you to “pause” incoming emails while still notifying you of the more important ones. 

Chrome extensions for communication

We’ve already talked about some of the best Chrome extensions to help with written content, but that’s only a small part of the communication that you can use in your sales. These extensions will help you make the most of all the different ways you can reach out to potential customers.

Zoom Scheduler

After exploding in popularity during the pandemic, Zoom has now become a part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally. If you’re using Zoom to meet with potential customers, then you’ll want to make the whole process as simple as possible. 

The Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension allows participants to schedule and start Zoom cloud meetings directly from Google Calendar. The meeting URL and login information are sent via a Google Calendar invitation, so the attendee can join with a single click.  


Visual prospecting is a particularly effective way of getting your message across, meaning you’re more likely to stand out in your prospect’s inbox. If you’re looking to get started with video, the free Vidyard Chrome extension enables you to capture your screen, share the video, and track who’s watching it. 

The recording process is fast and easy, allowing you to create high-quality videos that can then be sent directly from Gmail, shared on social media, or embedded on your website. You can add speaking notes for a polished presentation and draw on-screen while recording to highlight key points. 

Video Prospecting Cheatsheet [+scripts]

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Loom is another video-sharing app that lets you record your camera and screen and then share it via a link. You can even record videos on the go, with iOS and Android apps for your mobile phone. Anyone with the link can watch your videos for free and leave comments and emoji reactions.

Loom also comes with useful video hosting features. Along with storage for your Loom videos, you can also upload your Zoom and Google Meet recordings, using hashtags to keep track of videos for later. 


Designed specifically for sales demos, the Walnut Chrome extension helps sales leaders create outstanding presentations that increase conversion rates. By making it simple to prepare your demo in advance, you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing errors or product malfunctions during the presentation. 

Instead, you can create a customized demo, easily swapping out different messages and images in seconds. You can then use the analytics feature to see how leads engage with your demo and make any necessary adjustments. 


Sometimes all you need is a simple screenshot or screencast. The Nimbus Chrome extension lets you easily capture your screen, whether that’s a full webpage or a partial screenshot, to cut out any unnecessary elements. 

You can also record your video screen and webcam, which can then be trimmed and cropped to focus viewer attention on what really matters with annotations to clarify your message. 

Final thoughts

Being a high-performing SDR involves more than just what tools you use, but they certainly can help. However, with so many different Chrome extensions available (and more being released every day) it can be overwhelming. Which ones are worth your time and which ones are just another distraction? 

Start by identifying the key parts of the sales process you want to improve, then look for recommendations in those areas. By using the right Chrome extensions to speed up your process and scale up your selling, you can reach more people, more efficiently with better messaging.

Ready to power up your sales process? Reply’s Chrome extension helps you find the prospect details on social media, verify their address, and start your multichannel outreach. Try it out for free today.

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