Top 15 AI Software Tools for a Future-Ready Sales Team

Top 15 AI Software Tools for a Future-Ready Sales Team

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. As sales teams continually adapt to shifting customer expectations and market demands, one key asset has emerged as a game changer — artificial intelligence. Harnessing the power of AI can revolutionize the way your sales team operates, helping it become more efficient, agile, and productive.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 15 of the best sales AI tools that can transform your team into a productivity powerhouse and help it thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

AI sales assistants

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to streamline their operations, AI sales assistants have emerged as a game-changing tool. These intelligent tools use machine learning and natural language processing to take care of your daily activities and provide valuable insights for guided selling and better decision-making.

By automating time-consuming tasks and offering personalized recommendations, AI sales assistants can help sales teams improve their performance, close more deals, and ultimately drive revenue growth. 

Jason AI by Reply

Jason AI is Reply’s personal AI B2B assistant, designed to streamline your entire sales process. Powered by ChatGPT, Jason AI can help you set up your multichannel outreach sequences, manage prospect responses, and schedule meetings on your behalf. 

Once you’ve defined your ideal customer and shared your product details, Jason AI gets to work and creates a multichannel sequence tailored to this specific audience and use case. It will contain initial emails, follow-ups, and social touches, along with suggestions for other channels to use. Jason even knows which channels work best in different scenarios, so you can be certain that your outreach is as effective as possible. 

Reply’s AI does far more than just plan out your email sequences though. This versatile assistant will kick off your sequence and then handle the replies as well. Jason can respond to basic customer inquiries and address common sales objections such as lack of interest or “not now” responses. It can also explain product features and provide more information on request or automatically book meetings for you. 

In short, Jason AI deals takes all the basic responses off your sales team’s plate so you can focus on more complex responses and high-touch activities.

Generate emails, sequences, and handle responses automatically in Reply with Jason AI

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Crystal Knows 

Crystal Knows is an AI-powered sales assistant designed to help salespeople understand their prospects and communicate with them more effectively. Using a combination of natural language processing, machine learning, and personality psychology, Crystal Knows generates accurate personality profiles for individuals based on their online presence, such as social media profiles and public data. 

This AI software provides a wealth of information about prospects, including common phrases they use, their level of assertiveness, and even their values and interests. Armed with this information, sales reps can tailor their messaging to resonate with their prospects on a deeper level, increasing the chances of a successful sale. 

The platform also offers coaching and feedback to help salespeople improve their communication skills and build better relationships with prospects. 

AI email writing assistants

While new technologies and communication channels come along every day, email still plays an essential part in the sales process. As one of the most popular and reliable channels around, email enables SDRs and AEs to create personalized, direct communication with prospects and customers, fostering trust and rapport. 

However, crafting effective emails can be time-consuming and challenging. AI tools are revolutionizing this process, enabling sales teams to get past the blank page and write more persuasive emails.


Lavender is an AI coach for your sales emails, designed to help you craft more effective emails in record time and receive positive responses. 

Lavender evaluates your emails in real time and provides helpful suggestions to improve your chances of receiving a reply. You’ll also get access to the Personalization Assistant feature, with tailored intros and valuable prospect information, such as news, data, and insights to enrich your email content.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, Lavender can be used to start and refine your emails. It’ll spot anything that might hurt your chance of getting a reply, ensuring your emails are well-crafted and engaging. Plus, Lavender’s Team Email Intelligence feature enables managers to offer data-backed coaching, empowering the entire team to upgrade their email communication.


If you need a fantastic AI email writer with added features to streamline sales and marketing content creation, look no further than Narrato. With over 100+ AI tools and templates (and new ones being added every other week), this AI content creation and marketing platform is a one-stop solution. Whether you need to generate catchy subject lines, draft cold outreach and promotional emails, or build email newsletters from scratch, Narrato has an AI template for everything. 

The level of personalization it offers is impressive as well. There are options to specify your target audience and desired tone for every content asset you create using the AI writing assistant. You can even create custom AI templates with your own prompts for any specific types of email (or content) you need to write frequently. You can create and add your custom brand voice on the platform too, and apply it to all the AI content generation tools here. 

There’s also an AI image generator, AI product description generator, and several other AI content creation and enhancement tools to optimize your emails for campaign success.

Humantic AI

Even in a world where AI and other technologies seem to be taking over, connecting with prospects at a human level is still essential to win deals. Humantic AI is a Buyer Intelligence platform that aims to fill that need. 

Humantic AI stands out among sales tools by focusing on the people behind decision-making, using insights into your buyers to create authentic personalization that connects with prospects at a deeper level. The software can instantly transform LinkedIn pages into accurate personality profiles and then use that information to personalize sales communications.

Humantic AI’s Chrome extension offers a Personality AI assistant that integrates with your LinkedIn, email, and leading CRMs, ensuring that personality insights are accessible to every rep for every interaction. Whether you’re emailing a potential customer or jumping on a call, Humantic AI helps cut down on research and eliminate the guesswork from your communication.

While many of the popular AI tools will come with a few templates and use cases, few can compete with’s collection of over 90 different tools and templates. This broad selection makes it easy for both sales and marketing teams to create content for emails, social posts, long-form blog posts and more. 

Just provide a few sentences about your brand and products and’s AI content generator will present multiple options for each campaign. Sales teams will particularly like the ability to craft nurture sequences, lifecycle emails, promotional emails, follow-ups and outbound cold email campaigns.

AI-driven email personalization

In the world of sales, personalization is key. However, crafting tailored emails for every single prospect can be a time-consuming task. 

Enter AI email personalization at scale. These powerful software solutions leverage advanced algorithms and data analysis to create highly targeted emails that resonate with your audience to skyrocket your conversion rates.


Sonnet can help with every aspect of your email personalization, streamlining the research, writing, and sending process. Its AI generates cold emails from scratch for each prospect, offering infinite customization options so you can focus on closing deals.

Sonnet’s free plan allows you to generate up to 1,000 words per month. It goes beyond generic templates by incorporating research and offering a bulk generation feature capable of creating thousands of personalized messages simultaneously. 

You can also ask the AI complex questions about potential leads and get answers fast, speeding up your research time considerably!


Reach is an AI personalization assistant that promises to change the way you craft hyper-personalized emails. By gathering data from multiple sources, Reach enables reps to research leads faster and generate tailored openings from relevant information.

Reach consolidates prospect data from over 20 sources, including LinkedIn, websites, and blogs, then organizes it for quick review in a single tab — no more jumping between windows or copying/pasting details. 

Reach specializes in generating personalized openings with 1-2 sentences, known as “icebreakers”. These can then be combined with your email sequencing software’s templates to create compelling cold emails. Simply select the data that appeals to you, review the icebreaker suggestions, and make any necessary tweaks before adding them to your messages.

Persana AI

Persana AI describes itself as your intelligent sales co-pilot, promising to boost your sales productivity by 10x. Its AI engine integrates historical email campaign data, CRM and internal data, and publicly available data points to build holistic customer profiles and generate compelling emails.

By using your data, Persana AI writes in your voice, so your emails will still sound like they came from you and stand out from other generic messages. It also works quickly, generating 100 emails in less than a minute.

Persana AI also helps you reach out to the right people, notifying your team when there’s any kind of intent signal, such as a lead visiting your company website or receiving funding. By identifying the right leads at the right time, you can capitalize on ripe opportunities.

Join experts from Persana AI, Reach, Humantic AI, and more to explore real-life use cases for AI in sales at the Sales AI Summit

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AI personalized lines at scale

Creating personalized, attention-grabbing subject lines and openers can be the difference between a potential client opening your email or marking it as spam. AI-driven personalized lines take the guesswork out of this small but important step, enabling your sales team to craft compelling messages that truly connect with your audience.


Smartwriter is an AI-powered tool that generates thousands of personalized emails, resulting in getting more replies, faster and cheaper than you’d be able to do manually.

The app offers a truly staggering number of ways to tailor your emails, including:

  • LinkedIn activity,
  • LinkedIn recommendations,
  • Achievements,
  • Job descriptions,
  • Recent news,
  • Case studies,
  • Blog posts,
  • Podcasts,
  • Interviews, and more!

All of this can be minded to create unique contextual messages that grab your prospects’ attention.

Sales teams trying to find leads on LinkedIn will also want to check out the SmartWriter Chrome extension. You can scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator for unlimited leads in any niche, build verified lead lists, and automatically schedule personalized LinkedIn outreach messages. simplifies the process of creating highly personalized emails. You start by selecting your email objective, such as booking a meeting, gauging interest, or getting a prospect to click a link. 

You then enter the relevant LinkedIn or website information and the sales AI will get to work analyzing your prospect’s data to craft engaging emails. Its ability to read and process insights is astounding, finding key details in case studies and blog posts that can be used as hooks in less time than it would take to read the title.


Many sales teams and SDRs already use Grammarly to ensure that their messages don’t contain any spelling or grammatical errors. The tool has expanded over the years, using AI to detect tone of voice and improve your clarity. 

Now GrammarlyGo takes this a step further, using generative AI to make your messages even more compelling. Simply click on the green lightbulb and the AI will make recommendations and suggestions on different ways to compose, ideate, rewrite, and reply to customer messages. 

One big advantage is the ability to personalize GrammarlyGO, with profile options for tone, formality, and professional relevance. As a result, you can be sure that any suggestions will actually sound like you, creating messages that are more likely to resonate with your customers.

AI meeting recording and notes

Keeping track of crucial information from meetings is vital for the success of any sales team. AI meeting recording and note-taking solutions are transforming the way sales professionals capture and organize these valuable insights. Say goodbye to manually taking notes or missing out on essential details — these AI-powered tools ensure every piece of information is accounted for.


Bluedot is a cutting-edge AI-powered Chrome extension designed to record, transcribe, and summarize your Google Meet calls. With simplicity at its core, Bluedot seamlessly generates AI meeting notes adapted to your unique requirements with a simple click. Simply choose the type of notes you’d like AI to craft, for instance — general notes, sales notes, customer notes, etc., then hit the blue dot and carry on with your meeting.    

By the end of your call, Bluedot will have a pitch-perfect summary of your call, ready for you to review and share with your team. You can take it a step further and only share specific parts of the meeting by highlighting the relevant keywords within the AI-generated transcript. This dynamic tool will then trim the full meeting recording to those specific parts, creating shorter, more digestible clips for efficient consumption. 

Moreover, Bluedot has all the key features you may need during your meetings, such as leaving real-time annotations and comments directly on your screen. 


Grain is an AI-powered meeting recording solution designed for all teams, including sales. It automates note-taking, record-keeping, and insight capture from every customer conversation, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything.

With Grain’s AI, you can focus on being present in the conversation while it captures, analyzes, and synthesizes your customer meetings into accurate summaries. These allow you to easily recall, clip, and share key moments without the need for manual notes. You also get native integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Notion, and other popular tools, making it effortless to share customer insights.

Grain provides a deeper understanding of prospects, enabling more effective sales strategies. It facilitates coaching, sales enablement, and crafting more impactful follow-up emails. Additionally, Grain helps you discover and organize key themes from your calls, leading to a deeper understanding of your customers and their pain points.


tl;dv is a meeting recorder that transcribes and summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and team members. It automatically records and transcribes Zoom and Google Meet calls in high-quality video and audio, while international sales teams will appreciate the 20+ languages supported.

This AI software will summarize key moments from your videos with a simple click or shortcut. You can then easily share those clips with clients or your team, while the search feature allows you to instantly find and summarize discussions using relevant keywords.

With seamless integration into popular collaboration platforms including Notion, Google Docs, Slack, Salesforce, and HubSpot, tl;dv enables you to share meeting moments and insights with workflow automation.

AI proposal software

With proposal software, you can create appealing presentation decks and convey your pitches in a more compelling way. AI-powered proposal software has emerged as a game-changer, equipping sales teams with advanced tools and automation to craft persuasive and personalized proposals that drive conversions.


Storydoc is an interactive AI proposal maker that empowers sales teams to close more deals through engaging content and personalization.

Storydoc’s strengths stem from its mix of AI-directed design and content (such as infographics and charts). Storydoc’s effectiveness as a sales tool is tied to its integration with leading CRMs which make it possible to personalize proposals or sales decks at scale, and send them directly from the CRM. Sales reps can also add their personal Calendlys to their presentations and stand out with an actionable CTA.

Storydoc automates your deck design including the company logo, brand colors, and appropriate AI-generated media. You can populate each slide with engaging copy that needs minimum editing, thanks to its integration with OpenAI’s Chat GPT API. 

Final thoughts

While AI tools have been around for years, the latest advances in technology mean that they are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. From AI email assistants that’ll map out entire campaigns to researching personalized lines, these cutting-edge tools not only improve efficiency but also empower your team to make more informed decisions and build stronger connections with prospects. 

By investing in the right artificial intelligence software for your sales team, you’ll be paving the way for a more agile, innovative, and high-performing salesforce.

Take advantage of the latest technology with Reply’s AI-powered sales engagement platform. Try it out for yourself with a 14-day free trial.

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