Cold Email Subject Lines Cheat Sheet (+70 Top-Performing Templates)

Cold Email Subject Lines Cheat Sheet (+70 Top-Performing Templates)

According to our data, shorter subject lines tend to drive the best results. But how do you capture the prospect’s attention in 4 words or less?

The answer is clear: you have to carefully choose what you put into your subject line.

To make sure you don’t ruin your outreach sequence with a single ill-fitted word, we’ve conducted an additional round of research. This time, we’ve looked into the data on how different words might affect your cold email subject line performance.

Please, use your work email

What’s inside

Words that will ruin your subject line

Find out which 10 common words and phrases you should avoid in your cold email subject lines.

Words to boost your cold email performance

Take note of the 8 words and phrases that are proven to improve your cold email open and reply rates.

70 top-performing subject line templates

Put the insights to use right away with the customizable subject line templates that guarantee the best results.

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