Introducing Reply Data Product (and More Updates)

Introducing Reply Data Product (and More Updates)

The “let’s circle back after the holidays” season is upon us. Which means it’s the perfect time to wrap up your 2022 goals and lay out the strategy for the next year.

But we couldn’t leave you, our customers, without some treats to fill your stocking this holiday season. 

No lump of coal for you! From our shiny new Data platform to consolidated inbox and team-wide CRM integrations (plus some extra ✨magic✨), the last batch of product updates is the gift that will keep on giving in 2023 and beyond.

Let’s unwrap it together!

Introducing Reply Data – the B2B company & contact database to fuel your pipeline

Reply has always tried to give more power to the salespeople. Whether it’s essentials such as multichannel sequences and advanced analytics or numerous useful extras, our platform has everything you need to build an effective prospecting process.

There’s just one thing that we’ve been lacking. But it’s about to change NOW.

Today, we are happy to make another huge step forward for our platform that will help tens of thousands of Reply users scale their outreach, get more replies, and book more meetings. 

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Reply Data ????.

Reply Data is a valuable addition to our core platform that will allow salespeople, SDRs, founders, marketers, and recruiters to easily find the right leads, contacts, candidates and partners, and instantly connect with them at scale.

In a nutshell, Reply Data is a B2B Company and Contacts database containing over 140 million verified, up-to-date contacts to fuel your pipeline and level up your prospecting efforts.

How to use Reply Data:

  1. Find the right audience – search the database using 10+ filters, such as Industry, Company Size, Company Location, Job Title, Department, etc. You can also save your search history and reuse the filtering rules whenever you need to.
  2. Save the contacts – add them to your Reply prospect list, export as a CSV file, sync to the CRMs, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, or any other tool you prefer using like Zapier, Make, and Integrately.
  3. Connect with the audience – instantly reach out to your prospects once you push the contacts to the suitable sequence in Reply and start building personal connections at scale.

Reply Data is in beta at the moment and we are going to roll it out for the larger audience in the coming weeks.

While in beta, Reply Data is free to use. All users (including trial and Free plans) will get 200 free email search credits per month. All paid Engagement plans also include 1,000 free search credits. You can also purchase up to 100,000 extra credits via paid add-ons to ramp up your prospecting.

Reply Data is a huge addition to the platform and an important milestone for Reply team. And we hope it will become a great asset for thousands of sales teams around the globe.

Build laser-focused prospect lists for free with Reply Data

Try it now

Social media automation is out of Beta

It’s been a few months since we launched the automated social media steps in Beta. Now that we’ve done the necessary tweaking, we’re ready to announce that this feature is out of Beta and available to everyone!

This means all Reply users can now put their social selling and engagement on autopilot for maximum impact with minimum effort. The available automatic touchpoints include:

  • Message – to send a direct message to your prospect (up to 8,000 symbols) to your 1st-degree connections.
  • Connect – to send a connection request with a short message (up to 300 symbols) to your 2nd and 3rd degree connections.
  • View Profile – to view the prospects’ profiles to draw their attention to you.
  • Like Recent Posts – to interact with the content published by the prospect.

Two more touchpoint types – InMail and Sales Navigator Connect – will be added with future updates.

You can find a complete guide to automated social steps in this article.

Please note: Social media automation is a paid option that comes at an extra cost of $49 per account. 

Also, make sure to check out the safety limits for social touchpoints to avoid any problems in the future.

In case you missed the announcement, there’s also a dedicated social activity dashboard that offers a bird’s-eye view of the key metrics so you can analyze your performance with this channel and improve your outreach strategy accordingly.

Magic Sequences (Beta)

As we’ve already witnessed with our Email Assistant, AI-powered text generation saves a lot of time! But we’re about to push this experience one step further with the AI-generated sequences in Reply.

With this new feature, we combine the power of GPT-3 text generation AI and insights from millions of top-performing templates to help you create unique outreach sequences “automagically” in just 5-15 minutes. So, instead of handcrafting your templates, testing different variants, and researching various channels, our Magic Sequence will do it all for you.

You can start by just writing “I want to…” and the tool will generate the first-step email and automatically detect the use case category. What’s more, once you approve the suggested use case and email, it will build the entire sequence combining different communication channels and crafting the best follow-up messages to appeal to your audience. 

Don’t worry, you still have 100% control over the sequence, so you can change any step, text, or variable during the setup. That way you have the full power adjust it to your particular needs. All you have to do is upload your list of contacts and launch your sequence! Exciting? For sure!????

The new Magic Sequence experience is coming to Beta on December 19. So stay tuned for the official announcement.

Besides all that, we’re planning an update for this new Magic Sequence experience in January/February 2023, which will incorporate the audience and contact data from the new Reply Data product.

Consolidated Email Inbox (Beta)

Two more focus areas for product improvements in Reply are personal productivity and team collaboration. 

That is why we’re super happy to introduce the Consolidated Inbox – the unified communication hub to allow you to have messages from all team members and Reply sequences in one place. As a result, you can easily check all the replies from automatic and manual emails and quickly respond to them. This will save a lot of time and facilitate team collaboration in handling replies.

The Inbox is available in the main top menu. That is also where you will see notifications about the new replies so you can engage with the relevant prospect in a matter of seconds.

Reply also will categorize email replies in the Inbox automatically based on their tone using AI. A huge benefit for SDR/BDR teams, this allows you to focus on the “warm” leads that are most likely to convert. You can also create custom categories to tag conversation threads with more precision. All categories, both standard and custom, are available in native integrations which makes it easy to sync the interested leads from Reply to your CRM or other apps in your sales stack.

See this post to learn more about the Consolidated Inbox.

The Consolidated Inbox will be of interest to the agencies, especially those with a separate team member responsible for monitoring the inbox and replying on behalf of all team members/clients. Using our Consolidated Inbox, they won’t have to jump from sequence to sequence. Having everything in one place could be a real game-changer for them!

However, any B2B SDR who’s tired of browsing through their sequences every morning looking for the new replies will appreciate the time it could save for them as well.

Team-wide Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce integrations (Beta)

Speaking of  the collaborative capabilities in Reply, there’s one more huge addition to the platform. Our integrations with the top CRMs, including Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce, are fully team-wide now!

We know that many SDR teams have a separate person responsible for integrations across the sales tech stack. So we’re adding the team-wide integrations in Reply to make it easy for a single person to handle these processes for the rest of the team, minimizing the chance of technical issues and setup errors. No need to arrange the sync for each team member. Now one team member can handle the sync of contacts for all the team members to and from Pipedrive, Salesforce, and HubSpot.

  • Salesforce

We’re offering the ability for a single user to sync Statuses and Inbox categories of the contacts to the CRM for all the teammates – just make sure to use the Ownership mapping block when setting up the integration to pair up team members from two different platforms and start synchronization. 

Namely, you can now sync People Statuses in Reply to Lead Statuses in Salesforce. Inbox categories in Reply can also be synced to Lead Statuses in Salesforce. Depending on the contact activity, the system will move them to the corresponding inbox categories automatically or update lead statuses in Salesforce for all team members depending on their inbox categories in the Reply sequence.

  • Pipedrive

We’ve also added owner mappings in Pipedrive integration, so you can sync contacts of the other team members and assign these contacts to the appropriate team members on the other side. This is a bidirectional integration. 

Triggers and actions in the Pipedrive integration do not have owner mappings as such but they work team-wide, meaning a user can sync all actions that they can view. There is also an opportunity to select different sequences where the contacts of each team member should land.

  • HubSpot

Now, all sync steps have owner mappings in HubSpot as well. This gives users the ability to sync all available objects from Reply – contacts, emails, calls, tasks, statuses, and inbox categories – with owner mappings to and from HubSpot for all the team members, for example:

    • Reply → HubSpot – use ownership mappings to assign contacts from Reply to specific team members in HubSpot. 
    • HubSpot → Reply – use ownership mappings to assign people from HubSpot to specific team members or even sequences in Reply. 

Other Reply updates

But there are more “toys and goodies” we’re delivering with this release! Here are some of the highlights to be aware of:

  • Individual account page to provide you with all the details related to the company and your interactions with it, as well as the interactions of your team members on the Reply platform. You can easily check all the updates on the account and have easy access to contacts that belong to it. 
  • Ability to revoke the connection request. Due to the existing platform limits, having a large amount of “pending” connection requests can put your account at risk. This new feature will help you solve this problem. Enable this toggle in your safety limits and set the delay after which all pending connection requests should be revoked.
  • CRM icons in the contact sidebar. Teams that use CRM integration in Reply can now easily switch between their CRM and Reply by using icons at the top of the contact sidebar.
  • Sign up for Reply without adding an email account. From now on, Reply allows signing up without a mandatory email account! This is aimed at minimizing the obstacles for getting started with the platform. The customers who are planning to use other features, not the email outreach, will appreciate this update as well.
  • Delete your default sending email account in case you don’t use it for outreach and don’t want to be charged for it. Additionally, this saves the time spent on managing sending email accounts when you need to delete a poorly performing email account (which appears to be default) and replace it with the new one.

Happy holidays from Reply team 

As you can see, December has been a really productive month for us at Reply. We hope these improvements and new features will bring some cheer to you this holiday season. But there’s more to come in 2023, so stay tuned!

From our family at Reply to yours – happy holidays ???? 

May the next year be filled with positive replies and booked meetings. And we’ll do our best to make that happen ????

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