On this very day, August 1st, 2014, something magical happened. It was the day when the first line of Reply code was written.

Three years later we’re a profitable company with over 1,500 businesses as customers, mentions in BusinessInsider and Forbes, and lots of happy customers.

Was it hard? Definitely yes. Would we do anything different? Definitely no.

Today, we want to share our company journey with all of you who made it happen – our customers, partners and, especially, our team.

December 2014 – Beta & First Customers

Four months after the first line of code was written, our CTO made it to the point where we could release a simple beta version and introduce it – well, not to the world, but at least to some people.

That’s when we got our first customers. Each member of the team embraced several roles at that time – marketing & sales, development & support, project management, and partnership relations.

There was still a lot to do to make the app production ready and worth using by every one of our customers. This was when we began our quest to conquer the market of sales automation software.

August 2015 – First Release & ProductHunt

Developing an app like Reply wasn’t easy.

All this time, we were focusing on keeping our customers happy and listening carefully to their feature requests. It was their inspiration and willing to take part that made us improve Reply for the long run.

Once we were done with testing and getting feedback from our early adopters, it was time to introduce our product to the rest of the world.

That’s when we got featured on ProductHunt, and that changed the way things were happening at that time.

The very same day we started getting a lot more traffic, sign ups and, eventually, subscriptions.

We also got covered in several very reputable online media publications which gave us more social proof along with another boost in traffic. That was the point when we realized that it was time for intensive scaling and product development to make it to the top.

October 2016 – Reply 3.0 Is Released

Treating our beta as version #1 and our official release as version #2 made us call our next release Reply 3.0 – since we managed to build a whole new design and a lot of requested features, while still keeping our customers’ emails warm and personal – this is what Reply is all about.

By that time we raised a seed round of $400,000. We received it from our customers’ investors that saw them using Reply and getting outstanding results. We also knew our market, and we tailored our product to fulfill our audience’s needs.

We improved functionality, added new core features, and worked on perfecting the UI/UX impression. We also had to expand our Support and Sales teams since we were overloaded with potential customers and their demo or help requests which are always good signs for any business.

By the end of the year, the number of employees had tripled, and that number is still growing.

Where We Are Now

It’s been less than a year since the previous touch point.

During this time, we’ve scaled our team significantly, exceeded 1,000 business customers mark, received even more media coverage and social proof, published lots of case studies and expert content.

We try our best to continuously improve our product use and performance rate, be ‘top notch’ with our sales and customer support work, provide unique and super valuable content to educate and nurture our audience and always be there to help when you need it.

Thanks for being there for us from the whole Reply team. We’ve always tried our best to make our customers happy and we’ll continue striving to do more.