Reply Joins Zendesk’s Sell Apps Marketplace

Reply Joins Zendesk’s Sell Apps Marketplace


Today is a big day for Zendesk and its integration partners. The company launches the marketplace of 750+ apps that integrate with Zendesk Sell to help customers connect key business systems together.

Reply is honored to be featured in the Lead Generation category of the marketplace, and we are excited to share two business cases on how to use Reply and Zendesk Sell together to grow business faster.

Employ native Reply <> Zendesk Sell integrations and ready-to-use integrations via Zapier to create a seamless workflow of customer relationship management and proactive personalized communications.

Both native integrations and integrations via Zapier cover the most high-demand use cases and feature several integration types.

With the native Reply - Zendesk Sell integrations you can:

  • Add leads from Sell to Reply
  • Push leads from Sell to a Reply campaign
  • Update Reply contacts from Sell leads
  • Sync lead statuses from Reply to Sell

Reply + Zendesk native integrations

In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to connect Reply and Zendesk Sell, with as many as 114 possible integrations - check them out here.

Reply’s Chrome Extension can be used as a communication tool for Sell users, allowing users to get a detailed view of activities and communication history with a specific contact.

Moreover, users can make calls right from the extension, send contacts and leads to an outreach sequence in Reply, and create and execute daily tasks. The tasks in Reply’s Chrome Extension can be created manually or automatically, generated from sequence steps in Reply.

Reply’s Chrome Extension screenshot

At Reply, we are committed to proceeding the development of the Zendesk Sell integration. We are working on creating a built-in solution to automate personal communication with leads and contacts and help sales reps close more deals faster. Stay tuned!

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