We’re glad to inform everyone we’re launching a new blog section called Reply Q&A. During these sessions we will be publishing our clients’ answers to the most appealing questions in regards of them using Reply for scaling their business and increasing sales.

The first Q&A customer success session is going to include The App Solutions, one of mobile app development leaders in B2B market.

Can you tell us a bit about your process? What do you use Reply for and how things have been working for you?

We are an app development company, offering the services of mobile app development to our clients. The App Solutions is operating on a B2B market and we are using a wide mix of marketing channels to drive leads for our sales team. One of the largest channels for us is PPC marketing that includes adwords, retargeting, facebook ads etc. We have manged to build many special, query-specific landing pages that are basically
designed to convert the traffic into leads.

The system was basically working, but as many B2B marketers know, most of the form submissions were of poor quality. In many cases the leads would not respond to the initial sales’ emails, so the sales managers had to schedule a lot of emails for each potential client via the CRM and simply type a new email when the time for a ping update was coming.

How were you doing this work before using Reply?

We’ve used simple manual labour. This was very time consuming and our sales managers were very uncomfortable with the workflow because of the massive volume of leads that we were receiving. So we started to look for the solution to automate the lead activation process. That is when we’ve found Reply app.

What are some Reply features that you like the most?

I can think of 5 features that stand out for us when using Reply:

1. Replies are delivered directly to our sales manager’s inbox. This is very convenient and saves a lot of time.
2. Speed of campaign configuration and the ability to run A/B tests. Setting up a campaign for the whole team can take as little as 30 minutes.
3. Analytics. It’s great to see the overall performance of our email campaigns and run A/B tests.
4. The feature that stops recipients from receiving emails after their reply. When working with large amounts of leads and prospects – this small feature is a deal breaker.
5. Ability to integrate the workflows with Zapier.

When it comes to cold emails, what’s your mindset, how do you approach it? Any tips you can share?

In most cases we do not use cold emails but in case we do – we try to make them as personal as possible. To do that, you need to carefully work with generating the email lists. It’s never a good idea to spam people, so it is best to try and make the first contact with the person on Linkedin or Facebook.Some of our cold email campaigns have 70% open rate because of a personalized email subject that includes the recipient’s name or a company name.

Could you tell more about integrations you have setup with Reply?

We have successfully integrated the Zapier automation for our workflows with Reply. The key objective was to automate the lead generation process up to the point when the lead responds to the initial email from the sales manager to make it easier and more comfortable for both parties. To do that we’ve used Zapier. Our lead forms are integrated with Mailchimp, so when a person is submitting a request, his data gets securely stored in Mailchimp list relevant to the landing page.

We have created a Zapier recipe that takes the data from new mailchimp list entry and transfers it into the relevant campaign in Reply. The person, that has submitted one of our forms would usually receive the first email from our sales manager within about 20-30 minutes.

But the best part is that as soon as the person responds to the email, his account is automatically being transferred to our CRM with a specified status and assigned to the relevant sales manager which also speeds up the process and makes everything seamless for both the prospect and the sales manager. After that, the process goes into manual mode and the usual sales process begins.

Can you share any ROI\conversion metrics?

Sorry, but I cannot disclose any of the following info 🙂 I can only say that the product is working great for us.

Anything else you would like to share?

Working with Reply has saved us a lot of time and effort. It is a great tool for outbound sales process as well as activating the inbound leads.