Top 7 AI Email Generators to Try in 2024

Top 7 AI Email Generators to Try in 2024

Emails remain the primary business communication channel, and it will stay that way for quite some time. Yet, manually writing emails is slowly becoming a thing of the past, with more and more individuals and businesses leveraging the powers of AI to automate their outreach. 

Writing pitch-perfect business emails is a specialized craft that often involves lots of hit-and-miss effort, but now, you can skip that tedious stage altogether. Besides, most B2B and B2C businesses have begun automating their email outreach with AI, and as a result — crushing those that don’t.  

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the functionality of AI email generators and explore 7 of our top picks to help you better understand how they work, and which one(s) best suit your individual or business needs.

What is an AI email generator? 

AI has the superpower of analyzing vast amounts of data, recognizing patterns, and emulating human intelligence and decision-making, making it highly applicable In the context of email outreach.

For this reason, we’ve seen a sudden boom in dedicated AI email generators—tools that compose highly engaging emails on your behalf at lightning speed, taking into account any relevant data such as past interactions, prospect/company data, and top-performing email formatting for each use case. 

With their natural language processing (or NLP) features, an AI email writer interprets your desired outreach outcome, for instance—establishing a connection with potential customers, and with its virtually unlimited knowledge database, picks the most effective subject line, message content, tone, etc.

What email generator AI features should you look for?

On top of that, there are numerous other features to look for when choosing an AI email generator, regardless of your industry or business needs: 

  • Versatility →  go for a generator that can generate emails from scratch, from a prompt, and from interpreting previously received emails.
  • Personalization → go for an AI email reply generator that has the ability to scrape external data from LinkedIn profiles, company websites, email signatures, etc.
  • Optimization → go for an AI email generator that will suggest actionable improvements to your emails, should you choose to write some manually. 
  • Training → go for an AI email generator that has machine learning algorithms, ensuring it will swiftly learn your business, audience, goals, and tone for continuous improvement.
  • API technology → bonus (and usually not such a crucial) feature to look for, but some companies provide APIs for other companies to power up their products with AI email capabilities.

Why use an AI email writer? 

Before diving into our top 7 picks, here are just some of the many reasons why an email writer AI is an absolute must for each and every modern business: 

  • Efficiency → reduces time spent on email outreach by generating humanized emails in seconds, without reducing the quality of your message in any way. 
  • Scalability → considering most outreach campaigns contain large volumes of emails, this efficiency quickly turns into scalability, a key factor in business growth. 
  • Personalization → customizes emails based on prospect/recipient data, significantly enhancing engagement metrics with tailored content. 
  • Consistency → ensures a consistent and uniform writing tone and style for cohesive brand messaging, while also eliminating the risk of human error. 
  • Optimization → analyzes past performance metrics to continuously improve email content, suggesting data-backed improvements. 
  • Multilingual support → English is the standard business language worldwide, but not all professionals are fluent speakers; don’t worry—AI will take care of that as well. 

Top 7 AI email generators in 2024 

Our top picks are battle-tested solutions that have generated positive user reviews, have specialized features for different use cases, and, most importantly—get the job done exceptionally well. 

It’s worth mentioning that if you rarely send emails yet still want to leverage the powers of AI without investing in a dedicated tool, there are numerous online cold email generators that may be sufficient. 

If you work with a larger volume of emails, gearing up with dedicated AI email software is a must, and here are our favorites.

Jason, AI SDR

ai email response generator

First in line, we have our very own Jason AI—an intelligent AI sales agent that generates hyper-personalized emails at scale, leveraging relevant external prospect data. Without any exaggeration—it’s a complete game-changer! 

For starters, Jason will use AI to constantly source the most relevant prospects for your business, generate tailored multichannel outreach sequences (with automated follow-ups) for each unique prospect, personalize all your messages, and drum roll…handle responses on your behalf! 

Jason AI is a standalone SDR agent, but should you choose to get the full suite—you can automate the entire inbound and outbound sales process from prospecting to closing deals and beyond, all in one platform. You can check it out for free 😉

Noteworthy features:

  • Email hyper-personalization at scale with relevant external data, including LinkedIn 
  • Continuous flow of targeted prospects on autopilot 
  • Tailored multichannel outreach sequences for each unique prospect 
  • Handling responses, including common objections and booking meetings 

Pros and cons:

✅Highly-converting email engagement metrics (open, interest, reply rates)
✅Cost-efficiency considering this AI SDR has higher ROI compared to human (salary-paid) SDRs
✅Seamless integration with sales automation platforms 

❎Business-focused software that may be excessive for personal email outreach   


plans start at $259/month, depending on your business size and needs 

User reviews: 

“Reply helps us create messages that feel highly personal while distributing them to a large, diverse audience.” 

“Reply provides simple and powerful features for outbound email campaigns and comprehensible analytics, so our SDRs can easily manage the process of driving leads.”

P.S. → check out some more awesome AI sales tools to boost your sales efforts.


ai email reply generator

Next in line is Shortwave, a dedicated AI-powered email assistant that not only generates emails but also fully manages Gmail inboxes. 

Shortwave’s main selling point is leveraging AI to categorize and prioritize your emails, keeping your inbox organized and clutter-free at all times. 

It also acts as an AI email response generator by swiftly analyzing incoming emails and suggesting relevant replies, along with email-scheduling features to ensure your emails are sent at the optimal times for maximum engagement.

Noteworthy features:

  • Smart inbox categorization and prioritization
  • AI-powered quick replies for efficient responses
  • Email scheduling for optimal send times

Pros and cons: 

✅Seamless integration with Gmail
✅Efficient email management features

❎Limited to Gmail users
❎May take some time to get used to a ‘cluttered’ UI 


Paid plans start at $7/month, with a free limited version available.

User reviews: 

“Shortwave focuses on organizing emails and securing them along with prioritizing features. Not only the functionalities, Shortwave is very pleasing with its simple user-interface. The customer support is also appreciative.”

“The quick replies save me so much time. It’s like having a personal assistant for my emails.”

Smartwriter AI 

ai professional email generator

Next, we have Smartwriter AI, a powerful AI writing assistant ideal for crafting personalized and engaging emails for numerous use cases, including cold sales and marketing emails and follow-ups. 

Like other top AI email generators, it extracts and analyzes recipient data to generate tailored messages that resonate with your audience, increasing the chances of engagement. 

With its AI copywriting capabilities, it creates persuasive and effective email content, and it automates follow-up sequences to ensure consistent communication.

Noteworthy features:

  • Personalized email generation based on recipient data
  • AI-powered copywriting for persuasive content
  • Automated follow-up sequences

Pros and cons: 

✅High level of personalization
✅Effective for cold outreach and sales emails
✅Saves time with automated follow-ups

❎Initial setup and learning curve
❎Premium pricing can be high for small businesses

Pricing: Plans start at $49/month, with advanced features available in higher-tier plans.

User reviews:

“SmartWriter works incredibly well by creating unique, personalized email openers almost automatically. It helps make the outreach email” 

“The SmartWriter is an amazing tool for writing first lines since it allows me to simply provide the URL of the website I’m trying to reach out to. In addition, it finds the LinkedIn profile associated with the website, which is helpful when selling my service to other businesses.”


email writer AI

Built for business teams using Gmail or Outlook, Superhuman is a lightning-fast AI email generator that prioritizes efficiency and productivity. 

What’s really cool about this tool is that you can start dotting down some words or phrases in your message, and Superhuman AI will swiftly turn it into a full, engaging email right away. 

Superhuman AI is also meticulously trained to mimic your writing style and tone to ensure consistency and a cohesive brand voice at all times. On top of that, users can enjoy its extensive inbox sorting and prioritization features to focus exclusively on important incoming emails. 

Oh, and don’t worry about ever missing a follow-up with Superhuman’s neat reminders! 

Noteworthy features:

  • Speed and efficiency with keyboard shortcuts
  • Read statuses for tracking email opens
  • Follow-up reminders for important emails

Pros and cons: 

✅Extremely fast and efficient
✅Intuitive interface with useful shortcuts
✅Enhances productivity with follow-up reminders

❎Premium pricing
❎Limited AI features (though many cool non-AI features are included) 

Pricing: Plans start at $30/user/month, with an enterprise plan available for larger teams. 

User reviews:

“Absolutely transformative—Superhuman is the future of email. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it has completely revolutionized the way I manage my inbox. The speed is unparalleled; it’s lightning-fast, and the user interface is sleek and intuitive.” 

“My email has been a source of anxiety and frustration for the past couple of years, as I have grown my business. SuperHuman allows me to get through all of the BS much faster and gives me tools to more easily get rid of some of the garbage.”


ChatGPT as an ai email generator

No introduction needed, next on our roster is OpenAI’s very own ChatGPT. It’s an incredibly versatile AI model that can do hundreds of different tasks, including generating effective human-like emails. 

Whether it’s for personal or business use, ChatGPT can definitely be more than sufficient to generate impactful emails, BUT—this is only the case if you make sure to use the right prompts! 

Don’t worry, even there we’ve got you covered with our AI prompt generator.

Noteworthy features:

  • Versatile text generation for emails, reports, and more
  • Customizable prompts for specific email needs
  • Natural language understanding for coherent emails

Pros and cons: 

✅Highly versatile and flexible
✅Can be used for a wide range of email types
✅Continuously improving with updates

❎Requires knowledge of prompt engineering
❎May need manual tweaking for best results

Pricing: Free tier available, with premium plans starting at $20/month.

Feeling ChatGPT fatigue? Our AI Prompt Generator writes high-converting sales emails. Stop wasting credits, start winning today!

Power up now →


ai email reply generator on autopilot

Suitable for both individuals and business teams, Flowrite is a lightweight AI email generator solution that puts simplicity at the forefront. It acts as a plugin running in the background, analyzing your incoming emails and suggesting multiple response options, which you can then tweak to your liking or enrich with other data. 

Alternatively, you can simply enter your desired prompt, as detailed or generalized as you wish (even a few phrases would be enough), and Flowrite will instantaneously create a unique email based on your instructions. 

Noteworthy features:

  • Automated email writing from brief inputs
  • Personalized responses tailored to the recipient
  • Easy integration with existing tools

Pros and cons: 

✅Saves time with automated email writing
✅Produces high-quality, personalized emails
✅Easy to integrate with existing tools

❎Not the best solution for sales and marketing email campaigns
❎Limited customization options for some users

Pricing: Plans start at $4/month, with a free 14-day trial available.

User reviews:

“Flowrite has had a great impact on my productivity as a Writer. I use it across various platforms. I quite liked its performance on emails and LinkedIn – so I will definitely recommend this for professional communication.”

Lavender AI

AI email updater

Designed for sales teams and business professionals of all kinds, Lavender is the go-to AI email software for optimizing email copy to ensure greater conversion rates. 

It does this by analyzing your previous email performance and determining what works and what doesn’t, and supplied with its very own intelligent algorithms—it puts the pieces together to generate emails that will produce better open and reply rates. 

Intent-based and personality-based personalization, data-driven optimization, machine learning, real-time improvement suggestions, and seamless integrations with your CRM—Lavender’s got you covered.  

Noteworthy features:

  • Real-time email content optimization
  • Personalization suggestions for better engagement
  • Performance analytics and insights

Pros and cons: 

✅Enhances email effectiveness with real-time suggestions
✅Provides valuable insights and analytics
✅Easy to integrate with email clients

❎Primarily focused on optimization, not full email generation
❎Can be pricey for small businesses

Pricing: Plans start at $29/month, though, with a free (but very limited) plan available. 

User reviews:

“Lavender has completely changed my email writing workflow. The email coach is great as it clearly highlights the score of the email along with detailed ways to improve it. The gif feature and mobile viewer have also immensely helped me in crafting more visually appealing emails, ensuring my follow ups are read more.”

“Most products write the emails for you while Lavender teaches you the principles of what makes a good email so you learn to write it yourself.”

How to find the best AI email writer?

As with most software, the ‘best’ solution is the one that best suits your individual/business needs. 

For instance, if you’re in the market for an AI professional email generator for your sales outreach campaigns, you should prioritize dedicated sales AI email writers rather than a generalized solution like ChatGPT, and the same goes vice versa. 

Besides alignment with your personal or business objectives, here are a few more things to consider before committing to a purchase: 

  • Integration capabilitiesAI and data go hand-in-hand, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that the email generator you commit to seamlessly integrates with your existing tool stack. It’s for this reason that we always recommend leveraging consolidated software like, an all-in-one sales automation platform with a built-in AI email assistant.

Sales on autopilot? Yes, please!

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  • External data extraction → all AI email generators are great at generating humanized, effective emails, but our advice is to prioritize those that take it a step further by leveraging external recipient data to make messages more relevant and personalized. 
  • Pricing → most AI email writers get the job done exceptionally well, and while some may have a bunch of add-on features making them more expensive, it’s always best to be mindful of your budget. 

Elevate your outreach with an AI email generator  

There you have it! Hopefully, this article answered any questions you had about leveraging AI for generating emails and perhaps inspired you to elevate your outreach with one of the above-mentioned tools.

These are just our top 7 picks, but whether it’s for personal or business use, there are many more options out there to choose from. 

And if you’re looking for a dedicated AI email generator for your business and/or sales outreach—look no further than From personalized opening lines (based on company or personal LinkedIn data) to generating unique, top-performing emails at scale—we’ve got you covered. 

Until next time 🙂 


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