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Francis Kinder

Francis Kinder

Head of Performance Sales
Company is the umbrella brand for an extensive list of highly performant companies, services and products in the traffic monetization space.


Francis Kinder Francis Kinder

Francis helps businesses to define sales and marketing strategies in an interconnected world, supporting companies’ revenue growth and market penetration.

I’m the Head of Performance Sales at Traffic Partner, which means I’m responsible for acquiring new partners for our diverse range of products.

Traffic Partners was originally founded in 1998 and has grown to an international company that employs more than 400 people, with offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and in the USA.

Traffic Partners is an umbrella brand, with many other companies, services, and products all included under that name.

In my role, I’m responsible for reaching out to different companies that can work with us, especially traffic providers in dating.

‘Constant juggle’

Dealing with the volume of work I have is like constantly juggling multiple tasks. Every day I have to interact with different people and keep track of everything going on in the different divisions of the company. That means I have a lot of different, important tasks filling up my to-do list, so I need to be very organized and get as much done in the minimum amount of time.

As I’m responsible for new business I have to deal with a lot of leads. Typically that might involve getting in touch with inbound B2B leads and following up with leads from the trade shows or conferences I attend. On top of that, I also do proactive sales for new business.

I always have a large volume of leads to process, so it was very important for me to automatize my email sequences and follow ups.

Finding the solution

A former colleague of mine here at Traffic Partner had used Reply before. When we were deciding which tool to use, she was very confident that Reply was one of the best value for money tools out there, and we should give it a try. So we tried the free trial and it was fantastic, so we’ve been using it ever since.

The main way we use Reply is for people who reach out to us through our website; a lot of publishers in the industry reach out to us that way, and I have to process all those leads. Some days, on top of all my other daily tasks, I’ll end up getting in touch with ten or more people who’ve reached out to us. By being able to just place them in a continuously active Reply campaign saves me a lot of time. I can automatically ask them questions about their business and find out more about them, talking to them on a one-to-one level.

For those people who were just casually looking up the site and don’t respond to the emails, I can automatically archive those accounts and know it’s not something I’m going to have to chase up.

Support you can rely on

My favorite feature of Reply has to be the support. Anytime I had a problem, it was solved quickly (which is the first time I’ve been able to say that about any software). The in-app chat works very well and their support team is well trained and prepared to solve any problems fast.

It helps a lot knowing I can count on the support to answer my questions.

The interface is so easy to use. It has suggestions on how to improve your campaigns as well, how to make them more engaging, which is always very helpful.

My job has many repetitive aspects that have to be done but aren’t necessarily valuable in themselves. I prefer saving as much time as I can on those tasks. Wasted time has a real effect on my productivity.

For example, this week I’ve been struggling with a problem with my email (because of a server connection we had) and I noticed how that significantly affected my productivity. My results for the month are down because of something taking up unnecessary time.

When I’m dealing with incoming leads, unresponsive leads, reactivation lists or sending out cold emails, I want to save as much time as possible. So when I can upload a list of 100 leads via a CSV file to a campaign with a good response rate that I’ve already tailored before, I feel secure. I know it’s going to save me a lot more time than if I were manually writing to each one of those contacts.

Sending a cold email that gets noticed

As well as keeping in touch with leads, we’ve also used Reply for outbound prospecting. In general, those campaigns are less successful, because these people are not expecting our emails. Still, it can open the door to communication with our leads. In many cases, it helps to create that first contact with the lead. Additionally, by creating a sequence of four/five emails, they realize I’m not going to stop until I get an answer. Even if they reply with ‘stop sending me emails’ I’ve gotten an answer, so that’s a success.

However, if you’re looking for a more positive reply, I’ve found the following four tips the most helpful:

Keep it short and simple. Otherwise, you will lose people’s interest. You don’t know what people are doing when they open your email. People are looking at their email on their phones or while they’re on the go. They’re probably in the middle of something else when your email arrives. If you start going too deep into anything, you will lose people’s attention.

Personalize. Use as much personalization as possible in your cold emails. Personalized emails get more clicks, but most brands don’t use them.

Make the email mutually profitable. It’s important to know where the business opportunity is that’s profitable for both of you. Leads are more likely to want to answer your email if they see they can also profit as a result.

Finish with a question. Finally, here’s a little secret I use that I don’t mind sharing. Always end your emails with a question. It increases the chances of people answering because it’s a natural instinct to answer every question. Finishing your email with a question mark will result in a better success rate.

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