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Data Marketplace: Planets

At Reply, we aspire to work and live at our maximum potential. From brainstorming ideas on new product features to building the team and keeping ourselves motivated - we believe there are no limits in what we can do.

So, why should you limit yourself to a single option for getting leads for your email outreach campaigns?

That’s why we’ve created the Reply Data marketplace - one place where one can find various lead generation and data enrichment options, available within your Reply accounts.

Reply's Data Markeplace

Choose from a number of partners to get the best data and prospect intelligence on the market:

  1. Lead generation tools with pre-built integrations to automatically add prospects to Reply, or push them directly to a particular Reply campaign.
  2. On request services, which collects a list of prospects according to required parameters.
  3. Platforms from the ‘Recommended’ section, which are well known market leaders that you should definitely give a try.

We are committed to increasing our pool of pre-integrated partners to provide customers with a variety of options in terms of data specialization, quality, and pricing.

If you’re in the market for an email outreach solution, we’d love you to try out Reply.

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