An email list is an incredibly valuable tool to have at your disposal, but you’ve got to be able to use it to its full potential in order to truly see its value. Writing engaging emails will not only have your subscribers opening and reading your messages, but will also be incredibly effective in converting readers to customers and repeat customers.

Get some assistance in putting together highly effective email messages and campaigns with these editing and proofreading resources.

Mail Mentor

Write better emails using this online tool that helps point to your errors, make recommendations for improvements and lets you know what grade level you’re writing at.

It also gives you an estimate of how long it will take readers to get through your email, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Remembering important factors, like the average person’s short 8-second attention span, can help you shape the message you’re crafting, ensuring that the most engaging information is contained within those first few seconds of reading.

Markdown Here

Formatting emails is time consuming and can be a complete hassle, but it’s important if you’re hoping to highlight certain components of your message, and just make it more visually appealing to your readers.

Simply by using dashes, asterisks and spaces, you can quickly format messages while you type.

There’s no need to stop what you’re typing to do your formatting, because it’s all done through simple shortcuts on your keyboard.


If you want to send out regular emails to stay in front of your readers’ eyes, you may start getting stuck on what topics to write about.

When writer’s block starts to get the best of you, get some help from a professional at EssayRoo.

They can find new and engaging ways to approach a topic, and create enticing subject lines that subscribers can’t help but want to open and read.


Before sending out any email, you will want to reference the resources at Academized to ensure that you haven’t made any grammar or punctuation mistakes.

A mistake can make you and your brand look silly and careless – and a mistake in plagiarizing someone else’s work can be completely devastating to a company.

Once your message is sent, it can’t be taken back, so before you hit that ‘send’ button, check to make sure your messages are flawless and completely original.

Gorgias Template

Put together your email messages quickly, without compromising the look of them, with the help of Gorgias Template.

You’ll reduce the amount of time it takes you to write your messages by allowing you to create templates and keyboard shortcuts you can quickly access and use.

Assignment help

Reference the library of information at Australian Help when you’ve got a writing-related question you just don’t know the answer to.

It’s always better to double check when you’re unsure, before you go ahead and send out a message that’s filled with errors.

Easy Word Count

Keep your emails concise and to the point, in order to keep the attention of your readers.

This Easy Word Count tool can help you stay on track, and within a certain word count, so you aren’t rambling on and losing readers and subscribers in the process.

This can also be a highly useful tool to make use of when putting together your email subject lines, since you are usually quite limited to the number of characters that will actually be visible to subscribers in their inboxes.


When you understand the recipient of your email messages, you can adapt those messages to be better received by them.

If you’re working with a team online, Crystal helps you gain some insight into the members of that team, so you can make your email communication with them as effective as possible.

Understanding your peers can help you better communicate with them, and can help your messages have their best possible reception.


Don’t skip the proofreading step, before you send anything to your email list. This is an essential step in the editing process, and should ideally be done by an expert in proofreading.

There are computerized checkers that can be used to pull out some of the more obvious errors, but for in-depth editing, a professional from UK Writings is going to be able to find more errors than any computer, as well as make suggestions for bettering the content overall.

Cite It In

Including references to outside sources in your email is a great idea, because it shows readers that you care about providing useful information to them.

But, it also gives them a reason to hang on to the email you’ve sent, so they can come back to it again, when they want to reference those resources once again.

Make it as easy as possible for them to get the information they want, by putting together perfect citations for your references.

With Cite It In, all you’ve got to do is put in the information you’re asked for, and you will get a flawless reference in return.

Just Not Sorry

Don’t let your own words diminish the message you’re trying to send. Just Not Sorry is a GMail plug-in that scans the email messages you’re composing to point out anything that could be diminishing your voice and undermining your message.

These questionable phrases are highlighted for you to see, and information is given about how this wording may be perceived by your recipients.


For services from content creation to editing, Boom Essays can help you create high quality written content that your email subscribers will look forward to receiving in their inboxes.

When people start receiving emails that are uninteresting or have no value to them, they will stop opening them and are more likely to unsubscribe from them altogether.

Keep them interested in what you’ve got to say with the help of a writer from Boom Essays.

Communicating through email has become a part of everyday life and business.


But, effectively communicating is something that does not always come easily.

With the help of these editing and proofreading tools, you can create the most engaging emails to effectively get your message across to customers, co-workers and collaborative team members.

Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp

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