How to find anyone's email (absolutely for free)

How to find anyone's email (absolutely for free)


Working as an SDR for the last 5 years, I’ve tried most of the email finder tools available on the market, including Hunter, Clearbit and several dozens of others.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that those tools can only find around 70-80% of all emails at best. However, in my experience the numbers are usually much lower.

If you don’t have any problems with the total addressable market and prioritize quantity over the quality, this shouldn’t be a problem. But for those of us focusing on quality (e.g. when trying to put together a list of VP of Sales for the top 100 SaaS startups), it’s extremely important to find as many valid emails on your list as you can.

Luckily, with a great attention to detail and the tactic I will share below you can increase your email research success rate to 90-95%. And the best thing about this tactic is that most of the operations can be performed without leaving your Gmail account tab.

It's quite easy to find anyone's corporate email address these days. In most cases, people use simple, standardized patterns like {firstName}@[] etc. So you can use tools like Hunter, Snovio or Name2Email to identify the majority of email addresses for your prospecting list.

In some cases, however, it could be harder to find the required email address. This is where my method comes in handy.

So let's get started.

To get started with the search, you will need the following tools:

  1. Chrome browser and your Gmail account
  2. Name2Email (Chrome extension)
  3. Clearbit Connect (Chrome extension)
  4. Google Spreadsheet

Once you’ve installed the required extensions, you’re good to go.

Step-by-step guide

Name2Email Extension

- Install the Name2Email extension using a direct link → Name2Email Chrome Extension or go to Chrome Webstore in your browser and look for Name2Email manually. Follow the instructions.

- Go to your Gmail account in a new tab and click Compose to open the New Message window. In the Recipients field, enter the person’s name and surname. Add to that @ symbol and the domain of the lead’s company. As a result, your input should look like this: FirstName Last Name @

- Once you’re done entering the company’s domain, the extension will automatically start generating the possible email address options. The valid ones will be highlighted in green. Here’s how it works:

Name2Email screencast

If at this stage you see at least one option highlighted in green (which happens in most cases), your research is finished and you don’t need to read this guide further 🙂

In case you didn’t get any valid email at this stage, try hovering your mouse over all generated email addresses one by one. If the email is linked to a GSuite account, you’ll see your target’s profile:

valid email screenshot

In case you’ve been able to find your prospect’s email using Name2Email (which will happen in most cases), there’s no need to read further. If you didn’t get the email, move on to the Step 2.

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Clearbit Connect

- Install the Clearbit Connect extension using the direct link → Chrome Extension or go to Chrome Webstore in your browser and look for it manually. Follow the instructions.

- Once you’ve installed the extension, you will be able to access the information of millions of companies and people. The database is indeed up-to-date and email addresses are almost always valid (unless a person has recently changed a company and that email address isn't available anymore).Clearbit connect

- Now, check the email address variants you’ve generated using Name2Email one by one using the Clearbit Connect Sidebar. If a corporate email is valid, Clearbit will show all the information about that contact.Clearbit Connect Sidebar

Pro tip: Clearbit Connect only offers 100 searches per month for free. So, use it wisely. You can earn additional 10 credits/month for each of your contacts who installs the extension.*

Google search

Googling an email might seem like a crazy and a time-consuming idea, but sometimes it works perfectly. Here is a simple workflow to follow:

- Copy and paste into a Search box the following query: “{FirstName} {LastName} @{Website}” For example, "William Oleksiienko"

google search screenshot 1

- If that doesn't work, try a simpler query: {FirstName} @{Website}
e.g. "William"google search screenshot 2

- If you know the company's email pattern, try searching different variants of that query as well:google search screenshot 3

Pro tips:

  • Use quote marks to search for an exact phrase.
  • Search the website for specific keywords using the “site:” query, e.g. William

Try other forms of the prospect’s name

Having found tens of thousands of emails manually, I’ve noticed that some people use alternate forms of their first name for corporate email address.

For example: Thomas → Tom, Matthew → Matt, Alexandr → Alex, Nicholas → Nick, Jonathan → Jo, Elizabeth → Liz.

So, when you search for a {First Name} that can have a few variants, try searching for all of them using the previous scenarios, including Name2Email and Google search.

Pro tips:

  • This approach works both ways: Will → William, William → Will
  • Search Google for all possible name variants first, because there are some names that may have 2+ alternate forms.

The "Double Name Hack"

Sometimes people might also have double names (2 given names) such as William John Oleksiienko. In this case, use the following tactics:

- Try searching for the person’s email address with Name2Email using only the first name, e.g. William Oleksiienko

- Try searching for the person’s email address with Name2Email using only the middle name, e.g. John Oleksiienko

Pro tip: Some people might also have prepositions between their first name and last name, e.g. van, van der, etc. Usually, they don't use these prepositions in their email addresses, but you can try searching for both options.

Try changing the company website address

If you still can’t find the required email address, double-check the company’s website and make sure there aren't any alternatives or website redirects.

For example, has been previously, so some of our contacts might be still using the old domain for their email boxes.

Take for example. When you check their contact us page, you can notice that they still use old domain for email addresses:

Another example here is (redirects to

Pro tip: The easiest way to check if they have alternative domains is to find their Corporate-wide inboxes like, hello@, support@, finance@, contact-us@, help@, info@ etc.

One more thing

Finding someone’s email address can be a real challenge. But so can be the list management process too. Here’s just a couple of tips that might be helpful for managing your email list:

  • Use Google Spreadsheet as a faster way to manage a bigger list of prospects. If you need to find just 5-10 contacts, you can just use your Gmail Account
  • Use =CONCATENATE Function to speed up the process of generating the Input format: e.g. FirstName LastName


Bottom line

For the last several years, I’ve tried almost every SaaS lead generation, email finder, email verification tool on the market (some of my favorites were included in the biggest catalog of sales tools

This helped me develop this approach and, as a result, maximize the number of emails I can find and generate highly targeted lists of potential prospects (with a bounce rate of 5% or lower).

Of course, manual research might seem like a time-consuming and wasteful process. Especially taking into account that there are tools that help you generate email lists in just a few clicks. And you are free to use them if you rely on the quantity of the contacts: even if only 60-80% of the emails on your list will be valid, you will still have several thousands of valid ones to work with.

However, if your goal is quality rather than quantity, I will definitely recommend you the approach described in this article, no matter if you are looking to connect with prospective customers, partners, investors, or co-workers.

Simplified Diagram

simplified diagram on how to find anyone's email
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