2X Verified Emails & Paid Add-ons in Reply Data, Automatic InMails, and More Reply Updates

2X Verified Emails & Paid Add-ons in Reply Data, Automatic InMails, and More Reply Updates

Can you feel it? The hot summer days are getting closer, along with the dreaded slow season in the world of sales.

To help you prepare for the downturn, we’re bringing you some helpful features and improvements to our platform.

First of all, there are three major improvements to Reply Data – twice as many verified emails in the database, a smoother and more intuitive flow to add contacts from Data directly to your sequences, and paid Data add-ons to ramp up your prospecting.

Doubling the number of valid emails in Reply Data

Ever since we launched Reply Data, our free company and contacts B2B database, our main goal was to provide our users with valid contact data to fuel your outreach sequences. And we appreciate the feedback and suggestions we’ve been getting from our users. Rest assured that the quality of our data remains our key priority.

Thus, as a part of our ongoing effort to enhance the quality of data, we’ve recently verified the next batch of contacts and effectively doubled the number of valid emails in the database to ensure that our customers have access to the most accurate data possible. 

This means you now have over 17 million valid emails to build laser-focused prospect lists. No more risky emails and bounces! 

Just set the “Valid” email status in the filters (enabled by default) and start your search. If you want to reach a larger audience, remove this filter and tap into the full list of 140 million contacts.

Our team is committed to revalidating more contacts with our own validation script and growing our database in the next iterations, so stay tuned!

Pull contacts from Reply Data directly into the Sequence Wizard individually or in bulk 

One of the recent additions to our Sequence Wizard flow is the integration with Reply Data for effortless contact sourcing and speedy sequence setup. With this update, we bring another major improvement to this flow.

The process of adding the contacts after you pulled up the sample by set parameters is now super quick and convenient. In just one click, you add a contact to a sequence (or add it to the team) with a more transparent credits subtraction process.

What’s more, you can now add contacts from Reply Data to the sequence in bulk as well. Pulling a larger prospect list for your outreach is now a breeze. You can even select the matching contacts on multiple pages – we automatically store your selection to save you time and effort when it comes to building a contact list for your sequence.

Generate emails and sequences in seconds using AI

Get started

But there’s more to come! You’ll soon be able to search for the ideal contacts that match your customer profile automatically using our Jason AI assistant. So stay tuned for more updates 😉

Reply Data power-ups for prospecting at scale

More great news related to Reply data is that we’re lifting the limits of monthly free data credits. So starting today, you can supercharge your data capabilities with our new paid Data add-ons!

That’s right – you’re no longer bound by a cap of 1,000 credits (for paid plans) or 200 data credits (for Free plan). Instead, you can choose the credit amount that matches your current prospecting needs.

Here’s a quick overview of the new Data pricing structure:

  • Free and Trial users get 200 data credits to help you kickstart your prospecting journey with Reply.
  • Sales Engagement and Agency Plans come with 1,000 free data credits included in your subscription.
  • Regardless of your current subscription, you can now get Data add-ons of up to 100,000 email search credits to scale your prospecting.

A nice bonus for you: annual add-on plans come with a 25% discount ????

As you can see, there are plenty of options to suit your unique needs. We’re ready to support your growth every step of the way.

Please, note: The Data add-ons are available to the users on the current pricing plans. If you’re a long-term customer, feel free to reach out to support for more information.

Try hassle-free B2B email sourcing with Reply Data

Learn more

Automatic InMail step in Sequence (out of Beta) 

InMail step is one of the powerful ways to find and engage leads on social media outside of your network and without any prior connection.

While these messages can be sent manually from a member’s profile page and search results in Sales Navigator, being able to automate the whole process could save you time and help you reach a larger number of contacts more efficiently.

And we’re thrilled to announce that this is possible with Reply!

Using automatic InMail steps in your Reply sequences offers an efficient way to connect with the right prospects at scale while ensuring consistent messaging and personalization. The automation also provides valuable insights to inform and improve sales engagement strategies.

Namely, you can see the list of all activities related to sending all steps in your sequence, including InMail messages, on the Logs page (Sequence → Logs). This includes the exact time your InMail messages were sent and any errors that might occur (along with more details about the problem). All the records about the sent InMail message are also listed in the corresponding contact card. 

To track the progress of sending your InMail messages, click on Reports in the header menu and open the social media dashboard. Here you can check the stats related to every social touchpoint, including InMail.

To use the InMail step in your sequences, connect your account (with an active Sales Navigator subscription) to Reply.

Find more information about automated InMail messages here.

Important: Pay attention to your account limits to keep your account safe. The number of InMail messages that you can send daily is regulated by our safety limits. The limits are applicable to all social steps used in sequences and help you avoid blacklisting as a result of triggering a large number of connections every day.

More Reply updates: Improved registration flow

If you’re not a Reply user yet, we’re delighted to announce that our registration process is now a lot easier too. Now you can register with your Google account, select your business model, and jump straight into our Sequences page. 

Experience this revamped registration process and start your journey with Reply.io today!

And stay tuned for more updates next month. We have something really special in the works 😉

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