Validate Your Email List In-House with Reply!

Validate Your Email List In-House with Reply!


“Tis the season” as they say, and in the holiday spirit, we would like to give you a gift a bit early: Email Validation!

As has been said before on this very blog, cold outreach lives or dies by the quality of your leads list. We’ve decided to double down on this mantra and provide you with the tools necessary to make your lists the best they can be. Reply is introducing in-house email validation.

No need to look for the best email validation tools elsewhere or run to another app to sift through thousands of prospects — you can now ensure you are sending emails to the best addresses straight from our platform.

The email address validation process is also very straightforward.

Simply select the contact (s) you want to verify and select 'Validate Email' from the 'More' drop-down menu. After a few moments, you will be prompted with a notification in the top right corner of your screen — this is our new Notification Centre 🙂

You can now get back to the People page and you will see one of three icons next to the contact’s address; a check (a perfect email address), an exclamation point (a risky address), or a red 'X' (the address is invalid).

Once you've used our online tool to validate email address on your list,  you can also easily understand if you have a valid contact for a particular prospect when navigating our Contact sidebar (for more info or adding more information in the contact profile).

Looking for a tool to boost your prospecting? Reply has everything you need from email finder to a full deliverability suite, sequencing, and analytics.

Having gone over how to operate the new system, let’s talk about the pricing model for our bulk email validation tool. A few years ago we introduced the credit system alongside our People Finder tool. We’ve opted to go with a similar system for validation. If you make your way to 'Plans and Billing' under the 'Settings' menu, you will have an option to buy validation credits. $5 dollars will net you 1000 validations across that user account.

A few words here. If you're looking for a free tool to validate email addresses, I have to disappoint you. Quality comes at a price. While there are validation tools free to use, they typically offer limited capabilities (can only check one address at a time) or don't guarantee 100% accuracy. So every dollar invested in your tech stack can translate to the $10 ROI you get down the road thanks to the quality of your lead list.

Our new online email validation tool is sure to save you a ton of time navigating multiple subscriptions and apps and will only serve as a positive in your future outreach. Stop wasting valuable resources on bounces and protect your domain reputation by cleaning up your lists. Email Validation is a quick and effective process and we are glad we found the right partners to bring you the service.

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