The Ultimate List of Sales Automation Tools [2021 Update]

The Ultimate List of Sales Automation Tools [2021 Update]


Have sales left you feeling overwhelmed and burned out?

It used to seem so simple. Now there are hundreds of millions of potential clients, along with millions of competitors vying for their attention.

The world of sales is moving faster than anyone can keep track of, leaving only one thing for certain: If you’re using the same methods and tools you were using a few years ago, you’re going to be left behind.

If you’ve spent any time with us at Reply, you’ll know we’re big fans of automation. We’re constantly looking for ways to take care of all the boring or repetitive tasks in sales and marketing, so you can focus on what matters most.

New sales automation tools are released every day, which is another challenge. Some of those apps will make your life easier, while others will waste your time and money.

How are you meant to keep up with it all? We have a solution.

The Sales Automation Tools List by

Here we put together a list of some of our favorite sales automation tools, many of which we use at Reply on a daily basis.

Save yourself some time and learn from our experiences, with this list of 46 tools that will supercharge your sales process. You’ll be able to generate more leads, connect with them, and make more sales, all in less time. Interface Screenshot

We’re going to start our list with our own solution.

In case you hadn’t realized, we’ve put together our own piece of sales automation software.

We’ve created it to deal with the challenges we’ve faced ourselves and tick all the boxes to automate your sales outreach playbook – personal emails, follow-ups, calls, tasks, social touch points and even custom email signatures. The overall idea is to save sales rep’s time for meaningful conversations and automate manual operations. After all, you can forget to send a follow-up, but Reply won’t.

We’ve also got a ton of integrations set up and ready to go, and we’re adding more all the time, so you can be sure it’ll fit in with your existing toolset and CRM. Best of all, we’re constantly working on making it even better, such as our latest update adding easy-to-use team management tools.

Bottom line, it’s kinda awesome. It’s a complete package, and you can sign up for a free trial today. Take it for a whirl and let me know what you think.

Use it to automate your inbound/outbound sales

Scale your 1:1 conversations, while keeping them 100% personal. Ready to try Reply?

Zoominfo: B2B Database

ZoomInfo makes the bold claim they’re backed by the world’s most comprehensive B2B database, ‘with access to more direct dials and email addresses than any other market intelligence provider.’ Customers praise them for the amount of information available for prospective clients, including the ability to easily find LinkedIn profiles.

However, be aware the ZoomInfo isn’t cheap, and tasks such as exporting results will cost you extra. Still, the ability to find direct dial numbers for your prospects is a massive advantage and can save you significant time if cold calling is a part of your sales process.

Use this to find additional information including direct contact numbers


Winmo: Advertising Database

What, yet another tool for finding contact information? Yes but, before you skip to the next tool, Winmo has some impressive features that make it worth a look.

For a start, if you’ve grown tired of outdated information from other providers, you’ll be glad to know Winmo verify their details every 60 days. They do this using actual human beings (not bots) to make sure everything is up-to-date.

However, their real claim-to-fame is their sales prediction tool, WinmoEdge. According to the site, WinmoEdge analyzes industry shifts and is proven to predict sales opportunities up to 18 months in advance, helping you contact the right prospects at the right time.

Use this if you’re looking to see the future of your sales


Leadiro: Database to reach leads in emerging markets

Leadiro boasts an impressive number of complete and validated business contacts, from 98 countries. They pride themselves on continuously refreshing and updating their database, and focus on reaching emerging markets.

So, if you haven’t had luck with other sources it may be worth checking them out. You can give it a go and select five contacts a month for free, or their packages range up to the enterprise level offering 100,000+ contacts a year.

Use it to find hard to reach leads in emerging markets



LeadFuze functions as a search engine for leads; you can search against a large selection of different criteria and reveal verified email addresses, phone numbers, and social network profiles.

Along with access to leads and their contact details, you’ll also be able to use the AI assistant to automate the process. ‘Fuzebot’ searches the web for new leads on a daily basis, verifies their email, and adds them to your list. Prices start at $132.30/mo for 500 leads for the starter package.

Use it to automate your search for leads


Email addresses and contact details are obviously important for any sales team. However, to be truly effective, you need more. In sales, information really is power, which makes PredictLeads a supercharged power source.

By continuously searching through millions of different sources (such as websites, articles, and job postings), every single day, PredictLeads can help you find potentials leads and gain the insights you need to make your pitch stand out. Beyond the usual press releases and announcements, they also reveal details on what technologies companies are using—extremely useful information for SaaS companies (among others).

While their AI does an impressive job of extracting and distilling information, they also have an in-house team that verifies the data on a daily basis, so you can be sure the information is reliable.

Use it if you’re spending too much time researching your prospects


LeadGibbon: Chrome extension to simplify how you find and manage your leads in Sales Navigator

Sales reps might be familiar with LeadGibbon’s extension that simplified prospecting on LinkedIn. The new product from the same team is a B2B database that aims to simplify all your prospecting efforts.

You can find leads based on a dozen parameters and export their data in a single click. The database includes emails, phone numbers, company information, LinkedIn URLs, and more. Plus, it’s updated in real-time, ensuring that you always access verified data.

LeadGibbon is a simple way to discover decision-makers at companies you target. Prices start at $39 per 1200 contacts.

Use this if you need to find new leads, fast



ContactOut is a Google Chrome extension that reveals your lead’s contact details right on their LinkedIn profiles — something Hunter and its other competitors used to do. While most of the lead prospecting tools mentioned in this list fetch your prospects’ business email addresses, ContactOut takes it to a more personal level. It will get you not just your leads’ work emails but also their personal email addresses, contact numbers, and their other social media profiles.

ContactOut takes pride in the volume of information in its databases and the accuracy of its results. It practically has 75% of the Western World’s email addresses, which is great if you are prospecting leads based in Western Europe and the United States, but certainly not if you are looking for the email address of someone in, say, China or the Eastern bloc.

You can sign up for ContactOut’s one month trial for free, and you will get 100 search credits during this period.

Use it to find personal email addresses for your prospects


Mobilemonkey site screenshot

MobileMonkey is an omnichannel chatbot marketing platform that instantly connects customers and prospects to brands through live chat, Messenger for Facebook and Instagram, SMS text messaging, and other popular messaging apps, all from one platform.

Having the ability to use chat marketing automation software that tracks prospects across social media platforms, your website, and other marketing channels that all tie into one unified inbox for your sales and live chat support teams can be a game-changer for many companies.

Some notable automation features for marketing and sales include Messenger ads, drip campaigns, and chat blasts.

Use it to grow your contact list, generate leads, and run interactive direct response marketing campaigns.

Chili Piper


How long does it take you to get in touch with your inbound leads? It’s important to act quickly in sales, with studies showing that the longer it takes to respond to a prospective customer inquiry, the more likely you are to lose that customer.

Chili Piper helps is an automated scheduling tool that reduces those response times to zero, allowing inbound leads to book a meeting instantly. They can either select a convenient time from your appointment calendar, or they can even start a phone call right away, dialing through and being routed to one of your reps (based on your criteria).

Of course, it’s likely that you’d be overwhelmed if everyone visiting your site decided to call you at once. That’s why Chili Piper helps qualify your leads for you. By filling out a form on your site, your best leads are given the option to call you instantly, while other leads can book their meeting. Either way, you reduce your response time and get to spend more of your time talking to high-intent, qualified leads.

As you’d expect, Chili Piper provides you with reporting and visibility into your pipeline. You can see how many people filled out the form, booked a meeting, or made a call. You can also see how many then canceled or rescheduled their calls, allowing you to identify (and fix) any holes in your funnel.

Use it to speak instantly with your high-intent qualified leads


Whatever sales methodology you use, we can all agree that selling to strangers is hard. However, it gets a lot easier when you’re selling to someone who knows about you and is interested in what you’re selling. Leadfeeder helps make lead generation a breeze by showing which companies are visiting your site, how they found you, and what they’re interested in. With the recent increase in working from home, Leadfeeder still helps with its unique database of static and dynamic IP addresses that can be used to identify remote workers.

Once you know who’s visiting your site, Leadfeeder also helps with qualifying those leads, with custom behavioral and demographic filters alongside automatic lead scoring based on their web activity. For those of you using Account-Based Marketing (ABM), you can then use the Contacts feature to search through the decision-makers at the company and determine who you should reach out to.

Use it to find warm leads who have already visited your website

Email Search & Verification


InsideView: get real-time access to social as well as business information

If you’re looking for more than just contact details, InsideView may be what you need. They gather real-time social and business sales intelligence, claiming to use more sources than ‘any competitor, by far.’ You then get the info sent right to your desktop or mobile device, either online or straight to your CRM.

One standout feature is their Social Insights. You can choose between an overview of any news about a prospect, or dig deeper for more details. Having recent articles and social media updates about your prospect all in one place can be invaluable, helping you quickly and easily personalize your prospecting with relevant details.

Use this if you want to real-time access to social as well as business information


Aeroleads platform screenshot

Aeroleads provides access to business email addresses and speeds up the lead generation process by 10X. With a single click of a button, you can get verified email addresses of key decision-makers of various companies from their websites and LinkedIn.

This tool gives access to 15 different data points, such as an address, contact number, full name, job title, business email address etc. All the extracted data can even be exported to different places as a CSV file.

AeroLeads comes with the option to be integrated with Mailchimp, Zapier and other email marketing tools for powerful and effective communication. With strong and efficient customer support any time of the day, AeroLeads makes its mark in the market as one of the most efficient lead generation & email finder tools.

Use to find emails and phone numbers

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator

One of the most popular sales tools today, Sales Navigator is a great way to get the most out of LinkedIn. You can use Sales Navigator to find new leads, keep up to date with any changes, and engage directly using InMail. It’ll also integrate with your CRM, automatically updating your leads’ details.

If you’re using LinkedIn, Sales Navigator transforms it from a social network into a bona fide sales platform. Prices start at $79.99/mo (or $64.99/mo if you opt for the annual plan).

Use it to get more leads through LinkedIn


Name2Email: free Chrome extension to find specific lead’s contact details within Gmail

Name2Email is a free Chrome extension from the lovely people at Reply (our middle name is generous).

By entering your prospect’s name and company into the recipient field in Gmail, Name2Email will automatically generate the most likely email address patterns.

You can then scan the results, with the correct one showing a picture of the contact. Click the email to select it and you’re all set. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s free. It’s rated 4/5 in the Chrome store, with over 60,000 users.

Use it to quickly find emails for free

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect: email integration with relevant information about your leads

With Rapportive’s recent changes, there’s been a gap in the market for an effective email integration that shows you relevant information about your contacts within your email. Including location, contact, business, and even financial company details.

Clearbit Connect works as an add-in for either Gmail or outlook, so you don’t have to leave your inbox, and it’s free! It also allows you to search for companies and people, so also doubles up as an effective tool for lead generation.

If you’ve missed the old Rapportive, then this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Use it to find and research your leads


Cart is abandoned process is an email marketing tool that provides various useful and necessary features like automated workflow. Automation comes handy for users looking to minimize workload by excluding simple tasks and creating sophisticated sequences for particular scenarios or sending pre-written messages over time. Drip campaigns, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and many more possible automated strategies are efficiently executed using sender's automation workflow feature.
Nonetheless, sender offers much more than an automation feature. All top-notch features are found on the platform, which means you will have a full arsenal of necessary tools, which will make your email campaigns even more powerful and compelling.

Use it to automate your email marketing process.


Hunter: find email addresses and patterns for your prospects

Hunter allows you to find email addresses in seconds for a specific company domain. A nice little touch is identifying the most common pattern for email addresses, so even if the email you’re looking for isn’t there, you can take an educated guess with a high chance of success.

You can sign up for free and get 50 requests a month, while those looking for more have a variety of options, ranging up to €399 a month for 60,000 requests. You can also use the service as a chrome extension, which has a rating of 4.7/5 stars, with over 400,000 users.

Use it to find email addresses and patterns for your prospects

Hunter is a crucial tool for bloggers and SaaS companies alike to scale their outreach and find accurate contact information. It’s a tool that helps make my blog more profitable and I use it almost daily for guest post outreach and link building.
Moonmail Email Verification and List Cleaning

While Moonmail offers a complete email marketing software solution, they also offer a free standalone email verification and list cleaning service.

Just tap in your list and Moonmail will go through and verify the details. Bonus points have been given for the simple interface. If you already have a list of potential email addresses, then Moonmail’s service can clean your recipients list for free using their artificial intelligence email list cleaning tool.

Use it to clean your existing list of email leads

Email Content

Drip Scripts

Drip Scripts: get your email sequence up to scratch quickly

Writing emails from scratch is a pain.

It’s time-consuming, and at least half your time will be spent staring at a blank screen. It’s also untested and can lead to a depressingly low open/click-through rates.

This is where Drip Scripts comes in, and it’s a lifesaver. You start with a series of email sequences to choose from.

Once you pick the one that fits your requirements you get to customize it with your unique information. They then send you a zip file with the customized sequence, a pdf of the original sequence, plus a handy readme that talks you through each step.

It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s free. Even better, all of the sequences have been successfully tested.

Use it to get your email sequence up to scratch quickly


Grammarly: avoid mistakes and make the best impression with your emails

The English language is pretty complex.

Even if you can get to grips with nouns, verbs and adverbs, if you can ignore the ‘rules’ that aren’t really rules (don’t get me started on ‘i before e except after c’), then there’s still plenty that the grammar police will gladly pick you up on.

Trust me, I still have to look up split infinitives to understand what they’re about. That’s why Grammarly is an essential part of my toolset. Their free account is great and integrates with Word, Outlook and a whole other bunch of places.

Even the best writers make mistakes, but if your potential clients pick one up in your email then all the other sales automation tools won’t matter at all.

Grammarly as a free app is more than enough for most people, and there's also a premium version of Grammarly you can get if you know where to look.

Use this to avoid mistakes and make the best impression with your emails.



If you’re happy enough with your spelling and grammar but are still keen to improve your written work, you’ll want to check out Hemingway. The web-based service is a great way to check your writing and see at a glance how you can improve it.

While it won’t correct you’re your grammar or spelling, Hemingway’s superpower is in helping you write more powerful sentences. For example, it will highlight adverbs, long meandering sentences, and the dreaded passive voice, all so you can write sales messages that are more persuasive.

And yes, that last sentence drove Hemingway crazy.

The app also shows you the overall reading grade for whatever you write, helping you keep your message simple and easy to follow, something that’s essential for successful sales. The web-browser version is free to use, but if you’d like an offline version with a few additional features (such as exporting in different formats), then a one-off payment of $19.99 will get you the desktop download.

Use it to tighten up your sales messages


EmailAnalyzer: test the spamminess of your emails

After creating the perfect sales email to the perfect client, the last thing you want is it to end up being blocked.

If you want to make sure your emails don’t set off alarm bells, you’ll want to try this nifty little tool from AnalyzerNetwork. No registration is required, and it will tell you quickly whether any issues exist with your email.

It works by giving you an email address to send your email too, then shows you a report within a minute. It’s currently in Beta but for ease of use and speedy results it’s incredible and well worth checking out.

Use this to make sure your email doesn’t end up in the junk folder


ToneAnalyzer: adjust the tone of your content to change your lead’s perception

How do your emails come across? How do you want them to come across? If you’d like a second opinion you can use the Tone Analyzer, for everything from your tweets to your email.

It’s incredibly easy to use, with no signup required: copy and paste your email or write it in from scratch, and the Analyzer will check it for emotional cues, language styles, and even social tendencies. Is that email you sent conveying anger or fear?

Are you unintentionally coming across as more tentative than confident? You’ll quickly find out, at both an overall and sentence level.

Then you can adjust the tone of your content to change your lead’s perceptions, or improve its effectiveness. You can also use it to quickly get a grasp on your prospect’s return communication, and respond appropriately.

Use this to make sure your emails come across to your leads as intended

Other Channels

Reply Now

Gryphon Sales Intelligence: gain insight into your organisation's sales performance across regions, offices, or sales reps in real-time

We’re big believers in the power of email. It’s what we’ve built our business around. However, the most important thing to remember is to be where your customers are, and communicating with your inbound leads in the channels they prefer.

Reply Now lets you communicate with your prospects in their favorite channels, all from a single inbox. Rather than having to manually log in and check multiple inboxes, your whole team can access and reply to any questions or queries in one place.

Whether you’re engaging with your prospects on Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram or other supported messaging apps, you’ll be able to see and respond quickly. There’s even a widget you can add to your site, allowing your site visitors to choose how they contact you. With support for Whatsapp, Line, Instagram and WeChat on its way, Reply Now is the ideal way to manage your communication.

Use it to keep track of and quickly respond to messages from prospects in multiple channels


PhoneBurner image

Lots of people ask me what sales channel they should use: email or phone calls? Usually, the best results come from using both. When it comes to sales calls, PhoneBurner offers a lot of useful features to automate your process, save you time, and up your game. Along with dialing your leads for you, PhoneBurner can also leave voicemails and email, all without the need for specialist equipment or even having to install any software.

All this helps you to be more productive; by up to 400%, according to PhoneBurner. Along with helping you make the call, you’ll also be able to take advantage of their sales CRM and powerful automation features, the ideal way to manage and grow your pipeline.

One particularly handy feature is the ability to display a local Caller ID when you dial, increasing the chances your leads will actually pick up the phone.

Use it to automate your sales calls


Talk Track analytics

If you’re making phone calls in your sales process, you’ll know it can be hard work tracking and measuring what goes into a winning call. While you can quickly see and analyze a successful email, it’s a lot more challenging to see the difference between a winning sales call and one that went nowhere.

That’s where Chorus comes in. By capturing and analyzing your sales team’s best talk tracks, you can uncover hidden insights and actions that help your team close the deal. From there, you can share those insights with the rest of your team, using them as onboarding for new team members so they can understand what a great call looks like for your unique situation. Chorus will also help you by automatically summarizing calls and highlighting key moments.

In short, Chorus has everything you need to see exactly what goes on with your sales calls and help you do more of what works.

Use it to analyze and improve your sales calls


Amplify your brand awareness

You can’t talk about sales automation and not mention social selling. While it may not have replaced email and other sales channels, no-one can deny the huge impact social media has had on sales.

With more people doing more research online before they get in touch with a sales rep, your online reputation is an important part of the process. While you can’t control what people are saying about your business, you can make sure you’re involved in the conversation. Mention lets companies monitor social media for any conversations about them.

Whether you want to find out what people are saying, gain insights into how your product is perceived, or simply join in with the conversations as they happen, Mention can make that happen. You can even get started for free, with one alert and 250 mentions monitored, without having to spend a cent.

Use it to monitor social media and engage with prospects


The phone system for modern business

For those who still use phone calls as part of your sales process, Aircall is a VoIP phone system that you should check out. Along with the dialer functionality and local numbers available for 100+ countries, there are other benefits that make this stand out. I particularly like its Call Whispering feature, where sales leaders can listen in on the call and offer support to their team members, helping them out in real time.

When it comes to automations, Aircall doesn’t disappoint. The dialer can automatically add numbers from any webpage, while the post-call workflows and click-to-dial features help you cut down on manual dialing and reduce the time between calls, so you can get on with what you do best.

Recordings of your calls can also be automatically saved to your CRM, where they can be tagged and organized for your review. The analytics allow you to easily review your calls, tracking your performance, and seeing what calls got the best results, all without wasting hours on data entry.

Use it to support your sales teams on calls



One of the biggest challenges in sales is standing out from all the noise. Many have found videos to be effective, but previously they’ve needed too much time and effort. Vidyard makes it easy and inexpensive to record your face and/or your screen, then use that video for everything from prospecting to closing deals.

Vidyard helps with all the essential elements of a video message: creating, hosting, and sharing. Once you’ve created your video, you can then add them to your emails or embed them on your sales pages. You can also keep track of how prospects engage with your video, so you can see what approach is most effective and know when’s best to follow up. Teams can take advantage of a shared library, so you always have access to the right video for the right occasion.

Another exciting feature is the ability to personalize at scale, automatically adding details like the prospect’s name, their company’s name, and so on to your videos. This is a great way to scale your personalization, keeping your outreach personal and increasing your impact without having to record individual videos for each prospect.

Note: You can now add personalized videos to your email with Vidyard
without leaving Reply
. You can add custom CTAs to your videos, allow prospects to book meetings right from the video, and analyze your results with real-time notifications and analytics. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see for yourself.

Use it to create, host, and share personalized video messages with prospects



While many sales teams will be familiar with cold calling and cold email, direct mail is usually seen as too time-consuming and expensive to be effective. However, for your most important prospects, sending something in the mail is a great way to stand out.

Sendoso is a platform for sourcing, storing, and shipping items through the post. This might be direct mail, but Sendoso encourages you to think bigger. This might mean sending a handwritten note, a book from Amazon, a nice potted plant for their desk, or pretty much anything else you can imagine sending through the post. You can even get the whole office’s attention with a delivery of cupcakes for them to share.

Whether you’re trying to make a great first impression or close the deal, sending something physical to their office that will land on their desk gets great results: a 60% response rate and a 5X increase in close rates, according to Sendoso. The key is personalization. Sending a prospect a book they mentioned, or a gift card to their favorite coffee place will be remembered for a long time.

Use it to send personalized items in the post and stand out from the crowd

Helpful Extras


Ambition: monitor and improve the performance of your sales team

Ambition is a tool for managing the sales performance of your team. It allows you sync any data source and track, benchmark, and broadcast employee performance, all in real-time.

Rather than a simple sales tracking tool, the company uses gamification principles to increase competition in a fun and exciting way. Managers can set and monitor the KPIs for their company, while salespeople compete with each other to hit the top of the board.

With the real-time stats, you can see at a glance how your team is performing and make sure they’re working at peak efficiency.

Use this to monitor and improve the performance of your sales team


Zapier: integrate and automate all the apps in your sales stack

Ah, Zapier, the not-so-secret weapon for sales automation. This clever tool allows you to create automations between over 3,000 apps. Best of all, it’s incredibly simple, allowing you to set up tasks with just a few clicks. No complicated coding or expensive developer fees!

For example, you could set up an integration automatically sending you a DM on Slack everytime you receive a new reply to your email, or add contacts to Reply every time a new row is added to a Google Sheet (for more ideas you can check up Reply’s most popular Zapier integrations).

It’s so easy to set up integrations, your only problem will be not getting carried away and automating everything. The possibilities are endless!

Use this to integrate and automate all the apps in your sales stack

Time Zone Converter

Time Zone Converter: make sure you’re contacting your prospects at the right time for them

International sales mean international times.

The Time Zone Converter makes it easy to quickly find out what time it is, either by place or time zone, all in real time as you type in a nice crisp interface.

Yes, Google has inbuilt time conversion, but if you’re looking for something outside of the Googleverse without a page of search results, Time Zone Converter will be just what you need.

Use this to make sure you’re contacting your prospects at the right time for them

Cirrus Insight

In our previous round-ups, we recommended for document sharing. Since then, has been acquired by Cirrus Insight. They still offer advanced document sharing features, such as seeing how prospects engage with documents, the ability to update documents after you send them, and version control to ensure you’re always using the latest documents.

However, as part of the Cirrus Insight sales productivity platform, you also get access to a whole suite of tools to cut down on the amount of work you do in your CRM. Aimed at Salesforce users, features include the ability to sync emails and meetings with leads in the CRM, automated scheduling, buyer signal tracking, and plenty more.

Use it to automate CRM-related tasks (including sharing documents)

UberConference: organize stress-free conference calls

Dialpad UberConference boasts that it’s the ‘stress-free conference call’ solution. They give you an easy, pain-free way to schedule and run audio conferences with your prospects.

Dialpad UberConference is free for unlimited calls with all the main features, with a Business version available for $15 a month that gives you your own local number.

One nice feature is how the software can be set to call you or your guests to make sure everything goes to schedule. It’s currently rated 4.4/5 on G2 Crowd, with some customers raising concerns on sound quality, but overall users have been highly satisfied.

International calls are limited to the paid plans, but if you’re looking for a free conference call solution in the USA this is worth a look.

Use this to organize conference calls with your prospects

PandaDoc Payments

PandaDoc Payments

Being a business owner means you’ve probably dealt with the huge hassle of collecting payments from your customers. If you’re lucky it only takes days but a majority of the time weeks go by and you still aren’t any closer to receiving payment.

Thankfully, PandaDoc Payments can rescue you.

When your customers electronically sign a document with PandaDoc, they input their method of payment immediately. PandaDoc payment not only helps you provide a better customer experience but it can also reduce payment time. Most PandaDoc customers report seeing payments in as little as two days thanks to PandaDoc Payments.

Perhaps the best part is that PandaDoc Payments are free with any plan. And with plans starting at just $19 per user per month, that’s a deal that anyone can get behind.

Use it to simplify collecting payments



Rumour has it that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. If your sales process revolves around calls as well, you might want to try automating some parts of it. Luckily, there are plenty of modern phone systems that can provide you with the right solutions to do so.

Take CloudTalk, as an example. It’s designed to help you make more inbound and outbound calls and let all the sales reps have more opportunities (and time) to close deals. How come? Basically, the software helps the whole sales team access relevant data, and serve more customers through auto dialers, advanced call analytics, and available system integrations – just to name a few. Not to mention that thanks to it, sales agents can take advantage of post-call automation and keep customer data consistent and up-to-date.

It has plenty of other features as well, that you leverage to facilitate all calls flowing through your organisation and improve the productivity of your sales team in the long run.

Use it to make and receive more sales-related calls and keep track of them at all times.


Revenue intelligence screenshot

If you want to understand your sales calls more, you might want to check out Gong. Described as a “revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams,” Gong records, transcribes and analyzes your sales conversations.

By integrating with your calendar, Gong will automatically join your sales calls as a virtual attendee and record the call, including any video, and prepare it for analysis. By capturing all your customer interactions, it can then deliver insights for you to improve your team’s approach. For example, see how long your reps talked for, their longest monologue, and how that compares with the team average.

You can then use these insights to improve the effectiveness of your entire team, training new hires, helping struggling team members, and ensuring you’re all consistently using the best approach. By seeing what works best, you can refine your processes and help your whole team get better results.

Use it to analyze and improve your sales calls

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

When you need to push your sales process to the next level, you need sales automation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales drives your sales team’s productivity, helping your whole team work more efficiently. One of the most important features of this tool is its 360-degree customer view, which gives everyone an in-depth and personalized understanding of each customer.

There are also practical features like business card scanning, predictive lead and opportunity scoring, seamless integration capabilities, and a unified sales process, all of which streamline the sales process to help your people drive more revenue more reliably.

Use it to push your sales process to the next level.


GetResponse marketing automation platform

GetResponse offers a complete suite of tools to help you build personalized customer journeys at scale. It’s a powerful marketing automation platform that streamlines lead generation and nurturing with customizable no-code template scenarios.
Using the tool, you can build effective lead magnets to drive traffic directly to your landing pages, and nurture your audience with triggered email campaigns.
The platform also offers advanced campaign analytics to make it easy to keep track of your leads, measure ROI, and understand what your customers want.

Use it to capture and nurture your leads with personalized customer journeys.

Process Street

Simple Process and workflow management

Process Street workflow software makes documenting and tracking your recurring processes and workflows easier than ever. Using super-powered checklists, Process Street lets you build out your sales processes in as much detail as needed, down to the smallest task. Within the process, you can assign sales team members specific tasks, set dynamic due dates and use conditional logic to determine “if this then that” variables. You can then use Zapier to integrate Process Street with your team’s other sales tools, CRMs, or collaborative platforms, in order to automate as much of the sales process as needed.

You can sign up for a Basic plan at $12.50 per user per month, a Standard plan at $25 per user per month, or an Enterprise plan which is completely customized to your capacity and needs.

Use it to document and track your recurring processes

Social Champ

social champ screenshot

Social Champ is a social media management tool supporting multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. With next-level automation features, such as bulk upload and Auto RSS feed, you can fully automate the social media processes that would take a lot of time. 

Social Champ also enables you to generate presentation-ready reports with beautiful graphs and charts customized with platform-centric metrics. Additionally, reply to all paid/organic comments, replies, and messages from one inbox. The pricing starts at $9/month.

Use it to support and streamline your social selling efforts


One of the most important sales tools of all is the CRM, the single source of truth that every salesperson works out of. For most modern sales teams, a solid CRM is a non-negotiable part of the sales stack. However, while the primary function is to manage and keep track of a customer’s status, the right CRM is far more than just a fancy spreadsheet.

Pipedrive stands out for its integrations and workflow automation, saving valuable time by taking care of the repetitive tasks and chores that come with nurturing a customer relationship. For example, Pipedrive can automatically create a new deal when a contact is added, send a personalized email based when a new deal is created, transfer ownership between reps when a deal reaches a certain stage, and so much more.

By streamlining your sales activities and eliminating mundane admin work from your to-do list, Pipedrive allows you to focus on actually selling without any of the distractions.

Use it to automate admin tasks and build stronger customer relationships


While generating leads and nurturing them are both important parts of the sales process, if there’s one thing we learned from our favorite sales movies, it’s that coffee is for closers. It doesn’t matter how many cold calls you make or emails you send; if you can’t close the deal then it won’t do you any good. That’s why the proposal is key.

Rather than sending hours designing the perfect proposal just to be ghosted, Proposify helps you build winning proposals that are in line with your brand in minutes. Then, rather than being left in the dark, you can see how your prospect is engaging with your proposal, with instant notifications and a deal dashboard that shows the most important metrics. That means you can reach out and engage with your prospect at just the right time.

It’s not just better for you though. Prospects also benefit from features such as easy electronic signatures (no more physically signing and scanning contracts) and interactive pricing that lets them tweak the contract within set parameters (no more endless revised proposals as you add and remove features).

Use it to streamline the proposal process and close more deals


Datanyze helps you gather hot contact data on cold prospects. Find and connect with B2B sales prospects by pulling contact details directly from LinkedIn. Using the Datanzye Google Chrome Extension, you’ll capture data such as email addresses, direct dial and mobile numbers directly from LinkedIn profiles without leaving your browser. Keep your prospecting fresh and your sales pipeline hot with over 120 million contacts, including over 84 million email addresses and 48 million direct dial numbers.

Use it to gather hot contact data on cold prospects.



EngageBay is a sales automation tool that helps companies in the B2B space to streamline their inbound marketing, lead nurturing, and follow-up processes. The product is designed for companies in high-growth markets with limited resources who want to automate their sales team's inbound efforts.

This all-in-one marketing & sales CRM enables you to attract targeted web visitors, engage them, capture leads, nurture them into sales then quickly convert them into long-term paying customers.

Use it to attract targeted traffic, engage and capture leads, nurture them into happy customers, then drive repeat business.

There you go, 46 of the best sales automation tools on the market.

Hopefully, you’ve found it helpful.

If you’re still unsure where to go from here, my recommendation is to pick just one of these tools and give it a go. Most of these tools either have free versions or trials available, so you’ve nothing to lose. Pick up one that’s relevant to a specific challenge you’re facing right now.

Sign up and get to grips with all the features. If it adds something worthwhile to your workflow, great. If not, move on to the next one. That way you can make sure you’re using the technology for your benefit, rather than jumping from one tool to the next without getting the results.

If you’ve found this list helpful, please share it with your network. If you’ve got any suggestions for other tools that have revolutionized your sales automation, we’d love to hear about them.

Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

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